Future Tense

More Than 3 Million Told the FCC What They Think About Net Neutrality. Why Hasn't Obama?

Sept. 16 2014 7:36 AMThe Inspiration DroughtWhy our science fiction needs new dreams.
Sept. 15 2014 1:59 PMSentinels and Skeptics of the Shale What can we learn from those who live closest to fracking?
Sept. 15 2014 11:54 AMTwenty-One Months’ Worth of Rain in Two Days for Baja California
Sept. 12 2014 3:53 PMWe Need to Pass Legislation on Artificial Intelligence Early and Often
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Sept. 12 2014 2:14 PMSotomayor Concerned About Drones and Privacy, Says You Should Be Too
Sept. 12 2014 8:08 AMForget the TricorderWhy gadgets aren’t the coolest part of science fiction.
Sept. 11 2014 5:19 PMOh No, This Is Exactly How Last Winter Started
Sept. 11 2014 4:19 PMJoin Neal Stephenson, NASA’s Chief Scientist, and More for a Future Tense Event on Sci-Fi
Sept. 11 2014 12:33 PMInsurance Companies Want to Use Your Personal Data to Determine Your Premiums
Sept. 11 2014 11:30 AMWhen Low-Tech Solutions Win
Sept. 11 2014 10:39 AMNetizen Report: Chinese Man Sues ISP Because He Can’t Access Google
Sept. 11 2014 7:42 AMYou Should Be Terrified of Superintelligent MachinesNot because they might develop the worst human characteristics, but because they’re nothing like humans at all.
Sept. 10 2014 5:54 PMYour Gmail Probably Wasn't Hacked. But That Doesn't Mean You're Safe.
Sept. 10 2014 3:59 PMNATO’s Empty Cybersecurity GestureIts new approach to cyberattacks misses some fundamental points.
Sept. 15 2014 4:49 PMCheetah Robot Is Now Wireless and Gallivanting on MIT’s Campus
Sept. 15 2014 1:55 PMMicrosoft Is Buying Minecraft for $2.5 Billion, but Its Founder Is Leaving
Sept. 15 2014 8:08 AMTechno Sapiens: The Tacocopter EditionA Future Tense podcast about whether machines will solve our problems, or make them worse.
Sept. 12 2014 3:48 PMHow Do You Say “Crack Down on Google” in German?
Sept. 12 2014 3:16 PMShould You Let Machines Edit Your Home Movies?
Sept. 12 2014 11:27 AMCyberspace Looks Pretty Menacing in This Japanese Music Video From 1989
Sept. 11 2014 7:35 PMThe Earth Is About to Be Bombarded by Two Solar Storms
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Sept. 11 2014 3:44 PMWhy Google Bought a Spoon
Sept. 11 2014 12:04 PMFire, Ice, and Crushing Force Are No Match for This Unstoppable Robot
Sept. 11 2014 11:07 AM“Covenant”A short story from Hieroglyph, a new science fiction anthology.
Sept. 11 2014 10:27 AMHoly CowWould lab-grown meat ever be kosher?
Sept. 10 2014 7:58 PMToday Was the “Go Slow” Protest of the FCC Net Neutrality Proposal. Did You Notice?
Sept. 10 2014 5:04 PMThe iPod Classic Is Dead: Mourn for Bygone Click Wheels
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