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Tell Us What You Think About Artificial Intelligence

All month, we’ve run pieces on the risks and rewards of A.I. Now we want to hear from you.

April 29 2016 7:08 AMHow Much Do You Know About Killer A.I.?Take our Futurography quiz!
April 28 2016 5:16 PMTrust but Verify: A Future Tense Event Recap
April 28 2016 9:00 AMKiller Robots? Lost Jobs?The threats that artificial intelligence researchers actually worry about.
April 27 2016 4:28 PMEncryption Technology Could Help Corporate Fraudsters. We Still Need to Fight for It.
April 27 2016 1:26 PMThis Bacteria Strain Offers a Curious Mix of Hope and DangerThe Elizabethkingia strain could cure malaria, but it’s also sickened dozens in Wisconsin.
April 26 2016 10:10 AMWhen a Robot Kills, Is It Murder or Product Liability?An expert on robotics law responds to Paolo Bacigalupi’s short story “Mika Model.”
April 25 2016 1:01 PM87 Million Mexican Voter Records Discovered in Unprotected Online Database
April 21 2016 6:10 PMThe FBI Paid More Than $1.3 Million to Unlock the San Bernardino iPhone. Is That a Good Deal?
April 20 2016 8:23 PMEU Brings More Antitrust Charges Against Google for Pushing Its Mobile Services
April 20 2016 11:18 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Evolved Consciousness and Its Discontents
April 19 2016 9:21 AMCancer Research Is BrokenThere’s a replication crisis in biomedicine—and no one even knows how deep it runs.
April 18 2016 12:06 PMLet Artificial Intelligence EvolveThat way, it’ll be moral.
April 18 2016 8:32 AMThe Unintended Consequences of Trying to Replicate ResearchAnd how to fix them.
April 15 2016 7:08 AMThe Reproducibility Crisis Is Good for ScienceWeak statistics are getting called out, and replication is gaining respect. 
April 14 2016 3:30 PMIf the Apple Car Looks Anything Like This, Apple Is in Big Trouble
April 28 2016 6:03 PMWebsites Ending In “.AS” Have Been Vulnerable to Takeovers Since the '90s
April 28 2016 10:57 AMWhy Does It Still Take Five Hours to Fly Cross-Country?!
April 27 2016 5:36 PMHouse Unanimously Passes Bill to Safeguard Email Privacy
April 27 2016 2:51 PMHundreds of Active Spotify Credentials Showed Up Online. Here's How to Protect Yourself.
April 27 2016 10:56 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Responsible Robots, Mechanical Doping, and Educational Technology
April 26 2016 10:04 AM“Mika Model”A new short story from sci-fi great Paolo Bacigalupi. 
April 22 2016 12:57 PMDigital GeniesA.I. researcher Stuart Russell discusses the uncertain work of helping artificial intelligence understand human values.
April 21 2016 8:00 AMCan an App Prevent Students From Getting Distracted?Teachers hope mobile tech will help monitor their students’ behavior and attention in the classroom.
April 20 2016 12:21 PM“Mechanical Doping” Reaches Absurd New Low in Cycling World
April 20 2016 8:30 AMHow to Be GoodWhy you can’t teach human values to artificial intelligence.
April 18 2016 5:09 PMThe Supreme Court Won’t Stop Google From Scanning Every Book in Existence
April 18 2016 9:59 AMThe Legal Arms Race Threatening the Future of the Global Internet
April 15 2016 9:03 AMJoin Future Tense for a Free Screening of The Terminator
April 14 2016 3:51 PMFAA Confirms It’s a Federal Crime to Shoot Down a Drone
April 14 2016 1:54 PMWhy Computer Science Programs Don’t Require Cybersecurity ClassesThere’s actually a very good reason.