Future Tense
Future Tense

France Wants to Punish Facebook for Censoring a Painting of a Vagina. Terrible Idea.

March 6 2015 1:23 PMPeople With Disabilities Shouldn’t Be Defined by the Technologies They Do or Don’t Use
March 5 2015 6:21 PMIf You Thought the Net Neutrality Debate Was Resolved, You Were Impressively Optimistic
March 5 2015 2:01 PMI Tried to Watch CSI: Cyber, I Really Did
March 4 2015 2:41 PMNetizen Report: China Continues to Crack Down on Virtual Private Networks
March 4 2015 8:48 AMChoose at Your Own RiskHow technology is changing our choices and the values that help us make them.
March 3 2015 5:52 PMCan a 3-D Printing Company Stop People From Printing Their Own Guns?
March 3 2015 10:05 AMFollowing the Digital BreadcrumbsHow to distinguish online nutcases from honest-to-God villains.
March 3 2015 9:00 AMThe Best Adaptive Technologies Are Designed by, Not for, People With Disabilities
March 2 2015 3:20 PMNew Study Says Climate Change Helped Spark Syrian Civil War
March 2 2015 3:12 PMStingray Side EffectsThe feds finally admit that a controversial surveillance device can disrupt your cell service.
March 2 2015 12:31 PMCould the Supreme Court’s Fish Case Decision Free the Boston Bomber’s Friend?
March 2 2015 8:19 AMHow to Mess With SurveillanceWhy you should search for random people on Facebook, and other tips.
Feb. 27 2015 4:54 PMPost-Adware Disaster, Lenovo Is Trying to Clean Up Its Act
Feb. 27 2015 12:38 PMCalifornia Is Finally Getting Its Hyperloop. No, It Won’t Help Your Commute.
Feb. 26 2015 5:47 PMWatch Inhofe Throw a Snowball on the Senate Floor to Disprove Global Warming
March 6 2015 11:25 AMThe Cops Can Pretty Much Always Search Your Smartphone in Canada
March 5 2015 3:23 PMCould Immersive Virtual Reality Tech Solve World Problems?
March 5 2015 11:09 AMTake a Picture. It’ll Last Longer.An experimental philosopher’s project to document 100 or even 1,000 years of change with a single photograph.
March 4 2015 11:20 AMA New Approach to Designing Educational TechnologyIs the biggest learning disability an emotional one? 
March 3 2015 7:06 PMDid Hillary Clinton Compromise Her Email Security or Make It Stronger?
March 3 2015 5:00 PMDesigning for Happiness: The Ultimate Sustainability Solution?
March 3 2015 9:44 AMWebMD Knows Best?How the digital era is changing the way we make medical decisions.
March 2 2015 7:13 PMIkea Wants You to Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone on Tables, Desks, and Lamps
March 2 2015 3:17 PMISIS Supporters Publicly Threaten Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey
March 2 2015 12:46 PMGoogle Is Thinking About Ranking Search Results Based on Facts Instead of Links
March 2 2015 10:08 AMStriking the Balance on Artificial IntelligenceWe need to be cautious about A.I. But that doesn’t mean you should fear it.
Feb. 27 2015 6:19 PMGoogle’s Plan for a New Googleplex Could Not Be Googlier
Feb. 27 2015 1:02 PMWhen Tech Companies Betray Consumers, Why Don’t They Own Up to It?
Feb. 27 2015 9:12 AMBig Doctor Is WatchingHow your fitness tracker could increase your health insurance costs someday.
Feb. 26 2015 2:40 PMDisabled by DesignHow a lack of imagination in technology keeps the world inaccessible to huge numbers of people.