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The Next iOS Update Has a Feature to Prevent Cops From Searching Your iPhone

Aug. 17 2017 7:29 PMFacebook's Bar for Banning Speech Seems to Get a Lot Lower When Its Users Insult Mark Zuckerberg
Aug. 17 2017 9:00 AMThe Science PoliceIn highly controversial fields, researchers have to balance science and advocacy.
Aug. 16 2017 4:36 PMMeet Mappy, a Software System That Automatically Maps Old-School Nintendo Games
Aug. 16 2017 12:51 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: How Doxxing, Data, and DNA Are Disrupting Our Future
Aug. 15 2017 12:44 PMThe Department of Justice Demands Records on Every Visit to Anti-Trump Protest Site DisruptJ20
Aug. 15 2017 9:28 AMCost Shouldn’t Keep Students From Taking AP ExamsOne possible solution? Online textbooks.
Aug. 14 2017 3:01 PMWannaCry Hero Pleads Not Guilty to Malware Charges
Aug. 13 2017 9:00 AMOrphan Black Was Never About CloningThe show’s examination of science ethics went far beyond a single technology.
Aug. 10 2017 4:48 PMDon’t Take Away Your Teen’s PhoneSmartphones are linked to problems, but they haven’t “destroyed a generation.”
Aug. 10 2017 5:55 AMWhy Data About the Opioid Epidemic Is So UnreliableAnd how to fix it.
Aug. 9 2017 2:47 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: How Facebook Is Coming to Terms With Its Political Influence
Aug. 8 2017 7:43 PMThe HBO Hackers Are Demanding $7.5 Million to Stop Leaking Game of Thrones
Aug. 8 2017 12:30 PMHave You Noticed Facebook Never Says “Fake News” Anymore?
Aug. 7 2017 7:15 AMIs My Smartphone Now a Quran?Apps to help Muslims practice their faith can create new conundrums.
Aug. 4 2017 6:08 PMIt Would Be Great if Celebrities Could Stop Talking About the Joys of “Unplugging”
Aug. 17 2017 6:21 PMThis Little-Known Tech Company Is Appalled at Its Own Power Over the Internet
Aug. 17 2017 8:47 AMThe Damage Caused by the 93-Day Internet Blackout in Cameroon
Aug. 16 2017 4:17 PMListening for the Public VoiceDiscussions about genetic engineering in humans need input from nonexperts.
Aug. 16 2017 7:45 AMThe U.S. Military Shouldn’t Use Commercial DronesFor now, at least.
Aug. 15 2017 12:11 PMA Proposed Anti-Doxxing Law in the U.K. Could Make Personal Data Less Secure
Aug. 15 2017 8:57 AMNew Fabric Interfaces Weave Together Textiles and Computers in Unexpected Ways
Aug. 14 2017 12:10 PMAmazon Is Refunding Some (Possibly Defective) Eclipse-Viewing Products
Aug. 11 2017 7:06 AMThe Quiet Rise of Killer TechnologyWe’re designing new ways to off ourselves, and no one seems to be worried about it.
Aug. 10 2017 4:28 PMHackers Can Now Store Malware on DNA
Aug. 9 2017 6:54 PMHey, Tech Companies: Knock It Off With the Apps That Let People Change Their Skin Color
Aug. 9 2017 9:00 AMOut of the LoopMachine learning hobbyist Janelle Shane talks about artificial intelligence, algorithmic biases, and why it’s funny when computers mess up.
Aug. 8 2017 1:40 PMICE Wants to Use Predictive Policing Technology for Its “Extreme Vetting” Program
Aug. 8 2017 7:15 AMA Civics Lesson for FacebookWhy there’s reason to be wary of the social network’s new democratic-minded tools.
Aug. 4 2017 6:52 PMFacebook Is Using an “NRA Approach” to Defend Its Creepy Facial Recognition Programs
Aug. 4 2017 12:19 PMA Bill Intended to Stop Sex Trafficking Could Significantly Curtail Internet Freedom