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Future Tense Newsletter: Could a New Data Privacy Bill Rein in Facebook?

April 25 2018 4:15 PMWhat’s Happened Since Russia Banned TelegramAn interview on the chaos that has followed and what happens next.
April 24 2018 4:10 PM13 Going on Old Enough to Share Your Personal DataWhy do users 12 and younger get basic digital data protections than teens and adults don’t?
April 20 2018 9:00 AMHow Much Is Facebook Really to Blame for Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar?The notion that it’s wholly responsible may be a bridge too far.
April 19 2018 9:41 AMThere’s No Easy Tech Fix for Online Hate SpeechMark Zuckerberg says A.I. is on the way to help. But you should be skeptical.
April 18 2018 4:34 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: What Happens When the Government Deletes Its Tweets?
April 17 2018 2:31 PMGeorgia’s Governor Is About to Sign a Terrible Cybersecurity BillIt would put networks in the state at greater risk.
April 17 2018 12:39 PMHow Many Wireless Emergency Alerts Are Too Many?
April 17 2018 8:01 AMTrouble @JTFGTMOWhy did the Joint Task Force of Guantánamo start deleting its tweets?
April 16 2018 8:07 AMBefore Facebook, There Was GeoCitiesThe FTC’s 1998 case against an early web pioneer laid the groundwork for data privacy discussions today.
April 12 2018 4:46 PMIgnore Mark ZuckerbergHis promise that new EU data privacy guidelines will be “rolled out” to American users is misleading.
April 11 2018 6:21 PMElection Meddling Doesn’t Just Happen in the U.S.The topic didn’t come up in Zuckerberg’s congressional hearings, but it has global importance.
April 11 2018 3:51 PMLawmakers Press Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Diversity Problem—and He Had an Answer Ready
April 11 2018 2:55 PMWatch Mark Zuckerberg Squirm When a Congressman Asks About the Infamous Facemash
April 10 2018 5:33 PMSen. Dick Durbin Proves Mark Zuckerberg Is As Awkward As the Rest of Us
April 10 2018 1:20 PMAre Algorithms the New Campaign Donation?It’s difficult to assess their market value, and they can move between organizations easily. That’s a problem.
April 25 2018 9:00 AMA Documentary Reveals the Dangerous Fickleness of Online Fame in ChinaIn The People’s Republic of Desire, Hao Wu films the lonely shadows where the lines between online and offline dissolve.
April 24 2018 1:02 PMThere’s a New Bill to Regulate Facebook and Google’s Data Collection
April 19 2018 11:51 AMHow Facebook Can Prove It Doesn’t Discriminate Against ConservativesMore transparent moderation policies would help everyone.
April 19 2018 7:34 AMWhat the Manic Market for Trading Technicolor Blockchain Cats May Tell Us About the Future of ArtThe “cryptocollectibles” frenzy may be coming for fine art, music, film, and more.
April 18 2018 9:00 AMThe U.S. Is Finally Getting a System to Warn When an Earthquake Is ComingBut will its alerts come in enough time to make a difference?
April 17 2018 1:40 PMIRS Delays Tax Deadline by One Day Because of Online Filing System Failure
April 17 2018 9:30 AMThe EU Is Trying to Decide Whether to Grant Robots Personhood
April 17 2018 8:00 AMCan They Really Delete That?One writer’s weird, tedious, and infuriating attempt to track down federal agencies’ policies around deleting tweets.
April 13 2018 4:44 PMGmail May Soon Let Users Send Self-Destructing Emails
April 12 2018 7:00 AMSecuring the Future VoteWe have to look beyond 2018 and 2020 when it comes to protecting the integrity of our elections.
April 11 2018 6:12 PMWas Facebook’s Work With the Trump Campaign Illegal?
April 11 2018 2:56 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Congress Took on Mark Zuckerberg and Lost
April 11 2018 10:15 AMCities Need to Band Together on Self-Driving CarsWe need a modern-day Hanseatic League to give local governments bargaining power.
April 10 2018 5:32 PMWatch Zuckerberg Struggle to Answer Sharp, Uncomfortable Questions About Peter Thiel’s Creepy Company
April 10 2018 1:12 PMWhat Will Congress Do to Facebook After It Grills Mark Zuckerberg?We asked Republicans and Democrats.