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There Was No Emoji Flag for Australia’s Indigenous Peoples. Twitter Just Made One.

May 25 2017 8:10 PMMaybe It’s Time for Reporters to Start Wearing Body Cameras
May 25 2017 1:57 PMNetizen Report: In India and Jamaica, Women Face Threats for Resisting Misogyny Online
May 24 2017 3:59 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Expect More Massive Cyberattacks
May 24 2017 1:28 PMRepublicans Want the FCC to Let Them Drop Messages Directly Into Your Voicemail Inbox
May 23 2017 3:01 PMAfter the Bombing in Manchester, Heartless People Tweeted Fake Stories About Missing Loved Ones
May 23 2017 11:21 AMDon’t Freak Out About the FCC’s New Approach to Net NeutralityAt least, not yet.
May 22 2017 7:30 AMI’ve Created a Monster!And so can you.
May 19 2017 9:30 AMThe Relationship Between Social Media and Organ Donation? It’s Complicated.Facebook posts soliciting living donors are going viral—and causing problems for transplant centers.
May 18 2017 10:24 AMWhat Did Iranian President Rouhani Actually Achieve?He ran—and won—on a campaign of openness and internet freedom. But implementing it has been complicated.
May 17 2017 3:01 PMCould San Francisco Ban Those Adorable Food-Delivery Robots?
May 17 2017 10:56 AMMalicious Cyber Capability Is Spreading. How Do We Stop It?It’s easier than ever to launch a large-scale attack using leaked information.
May 16 2017 3:56 PMIt Took a Specialist Less Than Half an Hour to Hack Into a Superyacht
May 16 2017 10:00 AMWhat Slate Readers Think About Synthetic Biology
May 12 2017 4:20 PMThe Malware Attacking the U.K.’s National Health Service Could’ve Been Stopped. Here’s Why It Wasn’t.
May 11 2017 6:50 PMEverything You Need to Know About the “Digital” “Catapults” Donald Trump Thinks the Navy Doesn't Need
May 25 2017 2:58 PMDocuments Suggest Vermont’s DMV Illegally Used Facial Recognition Software
May 24 2017 6:31 PMChina’s Best Go Player Lost a Game to an A.I. The Chinese Government Censored It.
May 24 2017 2:24 PMThe Trump Administration Reportedly Wants Authority to Track and Destroy Drones. That Could Be a Problem.
May 23 2017 5:44 PMGoogle’s Weird Little Blob Emojis Will Soon Be No More
May 23 2017 2:18 PMWho Owns Your Genetic Data After a Home DNA Test?
May 23 2017 10:57 AMBefore WannaCry Was Unleashed, Hackers Plotted About It on the Dark Web
May 19 2017 11:15 AMTo Disclose or Not to DiscloseWe need to revamp the system the government uses to decide whether to stockpile vulnerabilities like the one behind the WannaCry ransomware.
May 18 2017 11:15 AMPatching Is Hard, and Windows XP Will Die HarderUpdates can keep networks safe—but it’s more complicated than it sounds.
May 17 2017 7:57 PMGoogle’s New Lens Feature Turns Your Smartphone Camera Into a Search Engine
May 17 2017 12:06 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Comey Leaves Behind a Damaged Tech Legacy at the FBI
May 17 2017 9:30 AMHow Movie Magic Could Help Translate for Deaf StudentsLife-like computer avatars can translate written and spoken words into sign language.
May 16 2017 10:56 AMComey Leaves Behind an FBI With More Technical Expertise—and Less Technical CredibilityHe badly misjudged public perception of the bureau’s use of technology.
May 15 2017 4:21 PMSo Far, That Enormous Ransomware Attack Has Only Netted About $55,000 for the Hackers
May 12 2017 2:23 PMTrump Threatened to End Press Briefings. Twitter Saw a Chance to Profit.
May 11 2017 3:44 PMSelf-Driving-Car Experts Are Reportedly Trying to Flee Uber Before Google Kneecaps It in Court