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Don’t Take Ultrasounds for Granted

In South Sudan, a new, affordable machine is saving lives.

June 22 2018 7:26 AMWhat Happens in Space Happens on EarthTrump’s stated desire to create a Space Force has a lot to do with his terrestrial border obsession.
June 21 2018 5:55 AMWhat It’s Like to Be Google’s Poster Child for “Crying Liberal” or “Basic Bitch”They have a good sense of humor about it.
June 20 2018 3:49 PMThe Feds Love to Stack Charges When It Comes to CybercrimeThe many indictments of former CIA employee Joshua Schulte aren’t just about leaking information.
June 20 2018 10:30 AMHow Google Uses Wi-Fi Networks to Figure Out Your Exact LocationA Google Home security issue underscores how much Google knows about you.
June 19 2018 4:16 PMDo You Always Blink When a Picture Is Taken? Facebook Wants to Fix Those Photos.
June 18 2018 9:30 AMManaging Your Health Records Should Be As Easy As Managing Your MoneyApple wants to make that happen. But will it succeed?
June 17 2018 9:30 AMFive Ways Apple Is Making Its Devices More Secure in iOS 12How Apple plans to protect your data.
June 15 2018 1:58 PMIn the Race for Our Skies, a New Drone Testing Program Just Gave a Big Boost to Big BusinessDrone projects recently greenlit by the DOT give corporations a major leg up. And law enforcement may not be far behind.
June 15 2018 9:00 AMKeeping It RealWhy the airline industry is sticking with its old flight simulators.
June 14 2018 12:12 PMSteve Bannon’s New Master Plan For “Disruptive Populism” Is Comically On Brand
June 14 2018 8:09 AMWhen School Registration Software Fails at the Worst Possible TimeParents get angry.
June 12 2018 12:25 PMWhy the Gift Bags at the North Korea Summit Could Pose a Cybersecurity Threat
June 11 2018 8:06 PMAjit Pai Is Twisting the Meaning of the “Open Internet”Don’t be fooled by the FCC chairman’s Orwellian argument justifying the repeal of net neutrality.
June 11 2018 5:55 AMDay 1 of a Worse InternetNet neutrality is officially dead. Here’s how you’ll notice it’s gone.
June 8 2018 9:00 AMWill IT Know if I Watch Porn on My Work Computer?Introducing Slate’s IT advice column, Try Restarting.
June 21 2018 6:06 PMCan Self-Driving Cars Handle Boston’s Infamously Congested and Confusing Streets?
June 20 2018 3:54 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Google Home is Leaking
June 20 2018 3:19 PMA Rare Win for Privacy: Wireless Carriers Will Stop Sharing Your Location
June 20 2018 9:30 AMThe Federal Policy Loophole Supporting the Hacking-for-Hire MarketCan it be closed?
June 19 2018 7:30 AMThe Blockchain of ThingsBlockchain will vitalize our future machine-connected world, but the technology is also likely to advance robot autonomy before our laws can catch up to regulate them.
June 18 2018 8:00 AMWhen You Can’t Find Shelter From the HeatTemperatures elevated by climate change can be deadly for people experiencing homelessness.
June 15 2018 4:09 PMNew Cambodian Law Bans Journalists From Including “Personal Opinion” in Reporting
June 15 2018 12:10 PMClicking and ScreamingWhat if instead of updating my computer I just hit “Remind me tomorrow” forever?
June 14 2018 3:39 PMSee What Percentage of People in Your State Were Affected by Cambridge Analytica
June 14 2018 9:47 AMDigital Access Isn’t a Luxury for RefugeesIt’s a necessity.
June 13 2018 9:00 AMHow a Low-Tech Solution Helped Anchorage, Alaska’s GardenersSometimes buckets beat apps.
June 12 2018 11:00 AMThe Three Major Forms of Surveillance on FacebookDespite the promises Facebook makes to its users, there are many ways that it ensures users lack control over their information.
June 11 2018 11:21 AMCryptocurrencies Plunged by Billions of Dollars Because a Minor Exchange Got Hacked
June 8 2018 1:35 PMHow Did Investigators Read James Wolfe’s Signal Messages?
June 7 2018 5:00 PMThe Next Frontier of Police Surveillance Is DronesA major drone company and a major police-camera company are teaming up, and the possibilities are frightening.