Future Tense
Future Tense

Today's Leap Second Won't Break the Internet. Probably.

June 30 2015 12:13 PMGoogle Scrambles After Software IDs Photo of Two Black People as “Gorillas”
June 29 2015 7:02 PMMaybe Don’t Shoot Down Your Neighbor’s Drone When It’s Not Even Over Your Property
June 29 2015 3:02 PMWhat Does It All Mean? Google’s New Philosophical Chatbot Can Take a Stab.
June 29 2015 8:45 AMCan an Online Teaching Tool Solve One of Higher Education’s Biggest Headaches?
June 26 2015 3:00 PMAfter Nixing Every Title With a Confederate Flag, Apple Will Restore Some Games
June 26 2015 1:47 PMWebsite Owners Deserve the Right to Stay Anonymous
June 25 2015 1:55 PMThe Navy Is Paying $9 Million to Keep Using Windows XP
June 24 2015 6:40 PMResearchers Sharing Data Was Supposed to Change Science Forever. Did It?
June 24 2015 2:02 PMReport: 18 Million People May Be Affected by OPM Hack
June 23 2015 5:48 PMThis System Lets You See in Front of That Enormous Semi on the Highway
June 23 2015 3:41 PMGmail’s Unbelievably Useful “Undo Send” Feature Is Out of Experimental Testing
June 23 2015 1:54 PMFacebook Can Even ID You in Photos Where Your Face Isn’t Showing
June 22 2015 10:12 PMNorthern Lights Surge as Huge Solar Storm Reaches Earth
June 22 2015 5:16 PMA Hacking Group Has Been Undermining Anti-Virus Software, but It’s Not Who You Think
June 22 2015 1:03 PMDesign Isn’t About Making Products. It’s About People’s Lives.
June 30 2015 11:56 AMWhy I Walked Out of Facial Recognition NegotiationsIndustry lobbying is shutting down Washington’s ability to protect consumer privacy.
June 29 2015 6:24 PMBad News: Supreme Court Blocked Power Plant Rules. Good News: The Era of Coal Is Over.
June 29 2015 1:00 PMFCC Commissioner Says Internet Access Is “Not a Necessity”
June 26 2015 4:45 PMWant a Same-Sex Marriage? Make Sure Your County’s Software Is Up to Date.
June 26 2015 2:36 PMThe Internet’s Dad Emailed 97,931 People to Let Them Know Their Passwords Were Compromised
June 26 2015 9:40 AMChinese Router Maker Implies That Wi-Fi Can Hurt Fetuses, Sparks Absurd Debate
June 25 2015 12:42 PMDon’t Blame the VictimOPM was negligent. But it’s the perpetrators who should be held responsible for the data breach.
June 24 2015 3:34 PMChevy Issues Press Release Written Entirely in Emojis, Tries Way Too Hard
June 24 2015 1:56 PMNetizen Report: U.K. Spied on Human Rights Organizations in Egypt, South Africa
June 23 2015 4:04 PMJury Awards $2.2 Million to Employees Over DNA Tests in “Devious Defecator” Case
June 23 2015 3:37 PMThe Lessons of the Crypto WarsThe right to strong encryption almost became law in the ’90s. Here’s what happened.
June 23 2015 1:08 PMMan Accused of Using Drone to Spy on Hospital Patients Is Acquitted
June 22 2015 5:59 PMAmazon Will Start Paying Some E-Book Authors by "Pages Read." That’s Smarter Than It Sounds.    
June 22 2015 3:15 PMHow OK Cupid-Style Algorithms Can Increase Gender Diversity in Tech
June 19 2015 6:38 PMOPM Hackers Used Rare, Recognizable Malware to Infiltrate