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Future Tense

The Malware Museum Shows Just How Cute the Internet Was in the ’80s and ’90s

Feb. 11 2016 3:18 PMIndia Doesn’t Need Facebook’s Free Mobile Internet Access. It Needs Nationwide Broadband.
Feb. 11 2016 1:13 PMMicrosoft’s Fetch! App Is Terrible at Identifying Dog Breeds. That’s What Makes It Great.
Feb. 11 2016 10:10 AMFuture Tense Event: Can We Engineer Away the Zika Virus?
Feb. 10 2016 5:53 PMCan You Be an Environmentalist Without Embracing Nuclear Energy?
Feb. 10 2016 4:38 PMHighway Safety Admin. Says A.I. in Autonomous Cars Can Legally Count as the Driver
Feb. 10 2016 9:00 AM#RIPTwitter? Hardly. Here’s What’s Really Changing.
Feb. 9 2016 3:36 PMWhere Genius Comes FromWhether it’s Silicon Valley today or 1900 Vienna, the places that spur true innovation have a few things in common.
Feb. 9 2016 7:00 AMWhere Did Your Egg Come From?This company is using gold laser engraving to help you track your eggs—and maybe fight foodborne illness.
Feb. 8 2016 5:49 PMWhat Slate Readers Think About Geoengineering
Feb. 8 2016 7:32 AMThe Anthropocene: Great Marketing, Wrong ProductAre we living in a new geological epoch? Not exactly.
Feb. 5 2016 9:54 AMHere’s How to Stream the Super Bowl Even if You Don’t Have a Cable Login
Feb. 4 2016 5:38 PMThe FAA Plan to Prevent A Modern-Day “Fan Man” from Crashing the Super Bowl
Feb. 4 2016 8:30 AMThe Ethical Data ScientistPeople have too much trust in numbers to be intrinsically objective.
Feb. 3 2016 3:59 PMThe Dutch Have Devised the Best Drone Defense System: Trained Eagles
Feb. 3 2016 9:00 AMBody-Worn Cameras Alone Won’t Bring Transparency to the Border PatrolThe agency’s historical lack of transparency suggests that without good policies, the cameras will become another tool for surveillance.
Feb. 11 2016 2:11 PMAmazon Hides a Zombie-Outbreak Reference in New Terms of Service. Hilarious.
Feb. 11 2016 11:14 AMNetizen Report: The EU Wrestles With Facebook Over Privacy
Feb. 11 2016 8:00 AMHow to Hold Governments Accountable for the Algorithms They UseAlgorithms determine prison sentences and Social Security benefits. So we need to know how they work.
Feb. 10 2016 5:34 PM325,000 People Have Now Registered Drones With the FAA. That’s Not Enough.
Feb. 10 2016 1:17 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Timeline Trouble and Competitive Complaints
Feb. 10 2016 7:00 AMA Digital Twin of Your Body Could Become a Critical Part of Your Health CareAt least, that’s what this French company thinks.
Feb. 9 2016 9:45 AMHow to Teach Yourself About Algorithms It involves a Car Talk Puzzler.
Feb. 8 2016 6:40 PMIndian Facebook Users School Mark Zuckerberg on the Kind of Internet Their Country Needs
Feb. 8 2016 9:29 AMZero-Rating, Explained Activists are fighting Facebook and T-Mobile over zero-rating. But what is that?
Feb. 5 2016 5:21 PMApple Is Killing Some iPhones Repaired by Third Parties. But There’s Sort of a Good Reason.
Feb. 5 2016 7:08 AMThe Search for Schizophrenia GenesLarger and larger samples are showing smaller and smaller effect sizes. What does this mean for drug development, clinical practice, and our view of mental illness?
Feb. 4 2016 2:12 PMA University Hack Exposed 63,000 Social Security Numbers. Face, Meet Palm.
Feb. 3 2016 5:02 PMEurope’s Brand-New Data Transfer Agreement With the U.S. Is Already Drawing Criticism
Feb. 3 2016 10:46 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: A Hypothetical Climate
Feb. 3 2016 8:19 AMThis Company Waited More Than a Decade for People to Get Serious About Virtual Reality