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Bitcoin Had a Strange Week. Does It Matter?

Jan. 19 2018 2:37 PMReddit Users Attempted to Imagine a Happy Alternative to Black Mirror
Jan. 18 2018 1:44 PMThe Internet Is for RobotsGoogle’s hilariously mundane infoboxes suggest that we no longer weave the web.
Jan. 18 2018 11:44 AMWant a Terrible Job? Facebook and Google May Be Hiring.
Jan. 17 2018 4:17 PMRussian Google Declared Putin the Winner of a March 2018 Presidential Election
Jan. 17 2018 1:55 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Read a New Short Story From Charlie Jane Anders
Jan. 17 2018 9:01 AMCan We Insulate Ourselves From Food Shortages?A food systems and security researcher responds to Charlie Jane Anders’ short story “The Minnesota Diet.”
Jan. 16 2018 7:27 PMYou’re a Work of ArtBut not necessarily a beautiful one, according to this Google app.
Jan. 16 2018 6:05 AMWhy Robots Deserve Free Speech RightsIt’s not about protecting them. It’s about protecting us.
Jan. 12 2018 2:23 PMA New “Wikileaks for Religion” Publishes Its First Trove of Documents
Jan. 11 2018 5:37 PMBrazilian and French Lawmakers Fearful of “Fake News” Want to Limit Free Speech
Jan. 11 2018 1:35 PMCan You Govern Via Skype? The Exiled Leader of Catalonia Wants to Try.
Jan. 11 2018 12:41 PMA Befuddled Donald Trump Almost Undermined the GOP’s Surveillance Agenda
Jan. 10 2018 4:13 PMThe U.S. Government Should Show Its WorkWashington is suspicious of Huawei smartphones—but it won’t tell us why.
Jan. 10 2018 2:09 PMSenate Democrats Are Trying to Save Net Neutrality. It’s Pure Political Theater.That doesn’t mean it won’t be effective.
Jan. 10 2018 11:10 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Why Do We Get So Itchy When We Can’t Use Our Cellphones?
Jan. 18 2018 8:35 PMFacebook Crushed Everyone’s “Pivot to Video”—Except Its OwnHow the shift from “passive” consumption to “meaningful interactions” could boost Facebook Live and Facebook Watch.
Jan. 18 2018 12:56 PMSpeech vs. SpeakersTwitter’s new rules about extremist speech blur the lines between people and words.
Jan. 18 2018 11:41 AMThe Evolution of the Modern-Day ZombieWhat tales of the undead say about our attitudes toward science.
Jan. 17 2018 3:55 PMEight Rules to Help You Stay Safe in Virtual Reality
Jan. 17 2018 1:10 PMBitConnect, a Bitcoin Exchange Long Accused of Being a Ponzi Scheme, Is Shutting Down
Jan. 17 2018 9:00 AMThe Minnesota DietA new short story from the author of the Nebula Award–winning All the Birds in the Sky.
Jan. 16 2018 4:52 PMNew Jersey Makes It Illegal to Fly Drones While Drunk
Jan. 16 2018 6:01 AMThe Air Traffic Control System of Our Low-Altitude FutureSomething will have to stop all the drones, flying cars, and floating warehouses (floating warehouses!) from colliding.
Jan. 12 2018 11:06 AMFacebook Announces Major Changes to the Newsfeed to Prioritize Friends and Family Over Professional Content
Jan. 11 2018 5:27 PMReport: Uber Used a Tool to Remotely Hide Data From Investigators on Two Dozen Occasions
Jan. 11 2018 12:54 PMYouTube Is Punishing Logan Paul for His Video of Japan’s “Suicide Forest”
Jan. 10 2018 5:11 PMThe North American Bitcoin Conference is No Longer Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Tickets
Jan. 10 2018 2:42 PMJack in the Box CEO Says It "Just Makes Sense" to Consider Replacing Human Cashiers with Robots If Wages Rise
Jan. 10 2018 12:46 PMHome Robots Still SuckAt CES, every robot meant to interact with humans either doesn’t work or only does pointless things.
Jan. 9 2018 5:38 PMA Spy Satellite Worth Billions of Dollars Was Reportedly Lost During a Botched SpaceX Mission. We Still Don’t Know Why.