Future Tense
Future Tense
June 21 2017 2:10 PMWe Finally Know Exactly What Happened in Last Year’s Fatal Tesla Autopilot CrashThere’s good news and bad news.
June 21 2017 10:18 AMCome for the Computers, Stay for the BooksLibraries are rebooting to become tech hubs for schools.
June 20 2017 11:07 AMColorado Ballot Measure Moves to Ban Smartphones for Kids Under 13
June 19 2017 6:44 PMThe Main Revelation from the GOP Data Firm’s Leak? Political Data Is Vastly Overvalued.
June 16 2017 3:53 PMNetflix Decides to Join the Net Neutrality Fight After All
June 16 2017 7:14 AMShould Social Networks Be Held Liable for Terrorism?A new legal theory says yes.
June 15 2017 3:58 PMFuture Tense Book Event: Machine, Platform, Crowd
June 15 2017 1:55 PMA Computer Just Pulled Off the Highest Possible Ms. Pac-Man Score
June 14 2017 3:33 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: How Science Fiction Can Create a Better Future
June 14 2017 9:30 AMShould Doctors Play Along With the Uberization of Health Care?Medical startups are creating networks of freelance M.D.s to treat patients on-demand.
June 13 2017 1:26 PMGeorgia Judge Throws Out Request to Use Paper Ballots in the Upcoming Special Election
June 12 2017 1:02 PMCan Dogs Have Autism?The answer could help humans.
June 9 2017 5:41 PMCNN Cuts Ties With Reza Aslan Over Anti-Trump Tweet
June 9 2017 2:57 PMScientists Say Cuba and the U.S. Need Each Other When It Comes to the Environment
June 9 2017 10:15 AMStop Stereotyping DogsLooking for a canine companion? That breed label won’t tell you much.
June 21 2017 12:30 PMShould the Patent and Trademark Office Be Allowed to Change Its Mind?The Supreme Court will decide soon.
June 20 2017 6:03 PMThere Have Already Been 20 Government-Mandated Internet Shutdowns in India This Year
June 19 2017 7:35 PMLyft Isn’t Reinventing City Buses. It’s Undermining Them.
June 19 2017 2:11 PMTheresa May's Ideas About Online Safety and Terrorism Might Backfire
June 16 2017 10:57 AMFacebook’s A.I. Messenger Now Se Habla Español
June 15 2017 5:13 PMPakistani Court Sentences a Man to Death Over Facebook Posts
June 15 2017 2:45 PMNetizen Report: China Has a New Cybersecurity Law
June 15 2017 1:45 PMChess.com App Crashes on Older Apple Devices After People Played One Game Too Many
June 14 2017 11:56 AMTwitter Wants us to Celebrate Trump’s Birthday. Here’s Why That Feels So Wrong.
June 13 2017 3:55 PMThe Company Behind WordPress Is Shutting Its Office Because Too Many Employees Work Remotely
June 12 2017 2:48 PMThe COVFEFE Act Would Make Trump’s Tweets a Matter of Official Record
June 12 2017 7:30 AMPrototyping a Better TomorrowHow science fiction can help us create a better future.
June 9 2017 4:15 PMFacebook Now Offers New Features to Help Elected Officials Talk to Their Constituents
June 9 2017 1:19 PMIs Amazon’s Discounted Prime Membership Really a Good Deal for Poor People?
June 9 2017 9:00 AMIn South Sudan, Fake News Has Deadly ConsequencesMisinformation can fuel bloodshed.