Future Tense
Future Tense
April 1 2016 7:02 AMYour Artificial Intelligence Cheat SheetWho are the leading thinkers? What are the ethical debates? And what’s an autonomous weapon?
March 31 2016 11:35 AMHow Much Do You Know About Cyberwar?Take our Futurography quiz!
March 31 2016 11:08 AMWebcams Are for the BirdsTechnology doesn’t have to interfere with our relationship to nature. It can enhance it.
March 30 2016 11:20 AMWhat Is “Google Dorking,” and How Did It Help an Iranian Hacker Compromise a U.S. Dam?
March 29 2016 1:33 PMWe Need to Keep Talking About Nanotechnology SafetyWhat happened to public interest in possible nanotech risks?
March 29 2016 7:30 AMChina’s E-Sports ParadoxThe nation is a world leader in competitive video games—yet officials and parents are suspicious of gaming.
March 28 2016 4:51 PMComputers Are Getting a Lot Better at Lip-Reading
March 25 2016 2:23 PM Netflix Has Been Degrading Video Quality on AT&T/Verizon and It’s Really Messed Up
March 24 2016 5:40 PMEven if the FBI Cracks the San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone, the Encryption Debate Won’t Be Over
March 23 2016 5:32 PMMicrosoft’s A.I. Chatbot Keeps Hitting On People It Barely Knows
March 23 2016 1:41 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Questions of Responsibility
March 22 2016 2:21 PMBe Like LeeGo champion Lee Sedol put up a brilliant fight against Google’s computer program. Regulators grappling with A.I. could learn from him.
March 21 2016 11:18 AMNew Apps Like Jornalero Aim to Protect Low-Income Workers. Here’s How They Could Backfire. 
March 17 2016 5:15 PMSurprise: People Really Like Twitter’s New “Algorithmic Timeline”
March 17 2016 9:30 AMWill We Ever Solve Cybersecurity’s “Attribution Problem?” Identifying the perpetrators of cyberattacks is important—but it’s no magic bullet. 
March 31 2016 2:44 PMIncubating Artificial Intelligence: A Future Tense Event Recap
March 31 2016 11:13 AMTell Us What You Think About CyberwarAll month, we’ve run pieces on the risks and realities of cyberwar. Now we want to hear from you.
March 31 2016 11:01 AMLessons From the Government’s 63 Prior Attempts to Make Tech Companies Unlock Devices
March 30 2016 11:10 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Privacy Woes and A.I. Errors
March 29 2016 10:26 AMUber Hid a Game in Its App to Scout Potential Employees 
March 28 2016 7:33 PMThe FBI Just Cracked the San Bernardino iPhone. Is the Showdown With Apple Over?
March 25 2016 4:26 PMAre E-Sports the Future of Entertainment?
March 25 2016 12:12 PMAn A.I. Competed for a Literary Prize, but Humans Still Did the Real Work
March 24 2016 10:41 AMSchool Reading UnboundA new project aims to bring e-books to lower-income students.
March 23 2016 3:43 PMParents Need to Listen to Their Kids When It Comes to Social Media Sharing
March 23 2016 12:11 PMNone of the AboveWhy is United using multiple-choice security questions?
March 21 2016 2:54 PMCuba Is One of the Least Connected Nations on Earth. Google Wants to Change That.
March 18 2016 7:07 AMShow Us the VideotapePolice have no excuse not to record interactions with civilians, and courts have no excuse not to demand that they do. 
March 17 2016 3:34 PMBe Careful. Mistyping a Website URL Could Expose You to Malware.
March 16 2016 6:08 PMNike Introduces Shoes With Power Laces. What Are Power Laces?