Future Tense
Future Tense
March 28 2018 3:20 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Read a New Short Story From Sci-Fi Writer Madeline Ashby
March 28 2018 12:10 PMFacebook Is Making Its Privacy Controls Easier to Use
March 28 2018 9:00 AMAnalog Regulators Can’t Keep Up With the Digital AgeTo regulate new technologies like self-driving cars, we need new policymaking tools.
March 27 2018 2:37 PMMark Zuckerberg Reportedly Plans to Testify Before Congress
March 27 2018 11:25 AMEmbracing Mechanical LoveA robot designed to assist children with autism is a glimmer of the best possible future for social A.I.
March 26 2018 7:52 PMLack of FocusSafety drivers are supposed to be our bridge to a self-driving world. They might not have the attention spans for it.
March 26 2018 1:41 PMThere’s Officially a Federal Investigation Into Facebook. What Could Come of It?
March 26 2018 11:29 AM“Domestic Violence”A new short story from science-fiction writer and futurist Madeline Ashby.
March 23 2018 4:35 PMWhy University Networks Are So Tempting to Foreign HackersIt’s actually kind of sweet.
March 23 2018 12:50 PMWhat the Fatal Uber Crash Doesn’t Tell Us About Self-Driving CarsThis sad accident won’t set any useful precedents.
March 22 2018 8:00 PMHow to Regulate FacebookMark Zuckerberg says he’s open to more oversight. What should it look like?
March 22 2018 2:58 PMA Weather App Glitch Made it Look Like the World Was Ending
March 22 2018 12:58 PMCongress Put the Controversial CLOUD Act in Its Spending Bill. What Does That Mean For Data Privacy?
March 21 2018 7:02 PMVideo From the Fatal Uber Self-Driving Car Crash Has Been Released
March 21 2018 4:12 PMThe Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Isn’t a Hero. He’s Just Another Tech Bro.He comes from the same tradition as Mark Zuckerberg himself.
March 28 2018 2:19 PMApple CEO Tim Cook Takes a Shot a Mark Zuckerberg: “I Wouldn’t Be in This Situation.”
March 28 2018 11:26 AMWhy Can’t the U.S. Government Make a Decent Broadband Map?It all comes down to incomplete data.
March 27 2018 6:44 PMArizona’s Lax Approach to Regulating Self-Driving Cars Is Dangerous—and Paying OffAt least in the short term.
March 27 2018 12:37 PMThe Government Is Finally Investing in Election SecurityThere’s still much more to do.
March 26 2018 8:01 PMPeople Don’t Trust Facebook. Here’s Why They’re Staying On It Anyway.
March 26 2018 2:01 PMThe Roots of the Cambridge Analytica ScandalHow FarmVille helped users become comfortable giving away their Facebook data.
March 26 2018 1:40 PMFacebook Admits It Has Been Keeping Records of Android Users’ Calls and Texts
March 26 2018 11:28 AMThe Complicated Relationship Between Abuse and TechAn expert on domestic violence and technology responds to Madeline Ashby’s short story.
March 23 2018 1:35 PMThe Courts Can Handle the Deadly Uber Self-Driving Car CrashBut that doesn’t mean the law is ready for autonomous vehicles.
March 23 2018 11:25 AMJustice Department Indicts Iranian Hackers for Allegedly Stealing Research From Hundreds of Universities
March 22 2018 6:43 PMSelf-Driving Cars Are Being Tested on My Community’s Streets, but I Didn’t Have a Say
March 22 2018 1:21 PMThe Many Mea Culpas of Mark ZuckerbergThe Facebook founder has this down to a formula.
March 22 2018 7:43 AMHow Stephen Hawking Reclaimed His Voice—and Helped Others Do the SameOne of Hawking’s greatest legacies is the work he did on technologies to assist people with disabilities.
March 21 2018 4:41 PMThe Future of Experience?Join us in Washington for a virtual reality pop-up event.
March 21 2018 3:19 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Everything We Know About the Cambridge Analytica Scandal