Future Tense
Future Tense
April 2 2015 5:38 PMReddit’s Bizarre, Surreal, Maddening, Hypnotic, Divisive, and Possibly Evil April Fools’ Joke
April 2 2015 2:34 PMEvery New Software Service Should Bake Strong Security In From the Start
April 2 2015 10:41 AMThis Identity Suite Says It’s an All-in-One Cybersecurity Solution. Is That What We Need?
April 1 2015 4:40 PMWhy Scientists Need to Give Up on the Passive Voice
April 1 2015 11:32 AMVirtual Reality Simulation Tries to Teach Cops When to Shoot
March 31 2015 11:45 AMThe Dark, Twisted Tale of How a DEA Agent Became a Paid Mole for Silk Road
March 31 2015 10:53 AMSatellite Images Don’t LieWhat it’s like to be an archaeologist watching ISIS and other groups destroy important sites in the Middle East.
March 30 2015 2:43 PMAmazon Is Doing Clandestine Drone Tests in Canada
March 29 2015 6:39 PMIs This Thing On?The fierce debate over whether we should try to contact extraterrestrial life or wait for aliens to contact us.
March 27 2015 2:03 PMApple Watch Could Make You a Walking Weather Station
March 26 2015 2:12 PMThe HTML Tags the New York Times, CNN Use During Tragedies
March 26 2015 11:30 AMCongressional Republicans Are Risking the Internet Economy
March 25 2015 2:27 PMReddit Users Should Be Very Worried About Changes to the Site 
March 25 2015 9:40 AMNo ExitJacob Silverman’s Terms of Service and the Opt-In Culture of Social Media.
March 24 2015 4:40 PMEvery Police Department Needs to Have a Wikipedia Policy
April 2 2015 2:53 PMSiberia’s Permafrost Is Exploding. Is Alaska’s Next?
April 2 2015 11:31 AMNetizen Report: Two Bangladeshi Bloggers Assassinated for Critical Speech
April 2 2015 10:30 AMWhat Have You Learned, Target?We still have no idea how to make companies take data breaches seriously.
April 1 2015 1:57 PMMake a Game Out of LearningBut don’t gamify it.
March 31 2015 7:08 PMA Year Later, Americans Have Forgotten About Heartbleed
March 31 2015 11:34 AMPlay Pac-Man in Google Maps Right Now. Go.
March 31 2015 10:10 AMOur Data, Our Health. A Future Tense Event Recap.
March 30 2015 1:18 PMOf Daisies and the Robot ApocalypseLegendary scientist James Lovelock contemplates humanity’s future and SimEarth.
March 27 2015 6:22 PMFCC Finally Releases (Heavily Redacted) Manual for Controversial Surveillance Device
March 26 2015 6:50 PMInstapaper Joins the Slow Creep of Speed Reading
March 26 2015 12:43 PMGiant Leap: The Race to Mars and Back—a Future Tense Event
March 25 2015 3:46 PMNetizen Report: Are France’s Human Rights Commitments Crumbling Post-Charlie?
March 25 2015 12:50 PMGrandma Got HackedThe very old will be the guinea pigs of the Internet of Things.
March 24 2015 6:53 PMUgh, This Awesome Augmented Reality Video Is Probably Fake
March 24 2015 3:04 PMYour Right to Take Your Phone Number to a New Carrier Is in Jeopardy