Future Tense
Future Tense
Nov. 3 2017 1:43 PMHow Did Scientists Discover a Massive Hole in the Great Pyramid?It has to do with mysterious particles from outer space. Really.
Nov. 3 2017 11:21 AMRussia’s Election Meddling Targeted Activists and People of Color, Too
Nov. 2 2017 7:25 PMApple Plans to Share Some Data That the iPhone X Collects About Your Face. That’s a Huge Worry.
Nov. 2 2017 5:18 PM“We Never Saw This Coming”Antonio García Martínez, Facebook’s former ads manager, says the company couldn’t imagine its tools would ever be used to meddle in an election.
Nov. 2 2017 11:16 AMThe Ultimate EscapismSci-fi has been warning us about virtual reality addiction since the 1990s.
Nov. 1 2017 3:36 PMReading the Mind at RiskA group of researchers think a combination of fMRI scans and machine learning could help identify patients with suicidal ideation.
Nov. 1 2017 1:26 PMHistory of the Future: An Upcoming Future Tense Event
Oct. 31 2017 12:33 PMA Horrifying 1927 “Apparatus for Obtaining Criminal Confessions” and Other Spooky Patents
Oct. 30 2017 11:31 PMOnce Dismissive, Facebook Now Says 126 Million Users Shown Russian-Generated Election Propaganda
Oct. 30 2017 3:08 PMThe Trump Campaign Adviser Who Pleaded Guilty Was Very Bad at Facebook
Oct. 29 2017 7:35 PMDonald Trump’s Twitter Fight With Michael Moore Is an Emblem of Our Miserable Age
Oct. 27 2017 7:55 PMFacebook Is Finally Fixing the Ad System That Let Russia Secretly Influence Elections
Oct. 27 2017 5:06 PMDid You Know Spotify Had TV Shows? That’s Probably Why It's Ending Them
Oct. 27 2017 4:02 PMThe List of Things Blockchain Is Supposed to Revolutionize
Oct. 27 2017 11:14 AMMove Over, Stephen King. A.I. Take a Surprisingly Successful Stab at Writing Horror Fiction
Nov. 3 2017 1:01 PMHow Could a Lowly Customer Service Rep Delete Trump’s Twitter Account? Welcome to God Mode.
Nov. 3 2017 9:04 AMIndia Begins to Embrace Digital PrivacyA recent court ruling will have major ramifications in the world’s largest democracy.
Nov. 2 2017 6:22 PMStaff at Emoji HQ Are Going to Battle Over a “Frowning Pile of Poo”
Nov. 2 2017 12:54 PMReport: Trump Organization Compromised by Hackers Four Years Ago, Just Discovered It This Week
Nov. 2 2017 11:15 AMThis Startup Thinks It Can Train Crows to Clean Up Cigarette Butts. Here’s What Experts Say.
Nov. 1 2017 2:12 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Congress and Silicon Valley Collide
Nov. 1 2017 10:05 AMFacebook and Google Are Too Big to Stop Election Meddling on Their Own
Oct. 31 2017 8:00 AMAs the Waters Come, Will Our Politics Rise to the Challenge? A Future Tense Event Recap.
Oct. 30 2017 8:57 PMWhy People Keep Sharing Screenshots of Mueller’s Indictments
Oct. 30 2017 9:00 AMA Graveyard of Lost ChaptersThe five mind-blowing technologies we had to cut from our book about the future.
Oct. 28 2017 9:40 PMRoger Stone Has Been Permanently Banned From Twitter
Oct. 27 2017 5:11 PMIncompetence or a Cover-Up?Georgia destroyed election data right after a lawsuit alleged its voting system might have been hacked.
Oct. 27 2017 4:35 PMIs Kazakhstan Now Qazaqstan?
Oct. 27 2017 11:54 AMVoices of Yemen’s “Forgotten War” Speak Out, Despite Legal Barriers
Oct. 27 2017 9:45 AMPresident Trump Wants to Make Drone Delivery Happen. Don’t Expect Much (Besides Crashes).