Future Tense
Future Tense
June 17 2015 8:31 AMPipeline DreamThere’s no such thing as a spill-proof way to transport oil.
June 16 2015 6:22 PMDesigners of Our New Connected World, We Beseech You: Please Don’t Make Crap
June 16 2015 3:29 PMFacebook Knows How Much Time You Spend Looking at Each Post
June 16 2015 1:58 PMWhat Does It Mean When a Password Manager Gets Hacked?
June 16 2015 12:13 PMHow My Apple Watch Brought Me a Serenity I Haven’t Had In Years
June 16 2015 8:30 AMSTEAM RisingWhy we need to put the arts into STEM education.
June 15 2015 7:23 PMGoogle Sheep View Is Just What It Sounds Like. You’re Welcome.
June 15 2015 5:24 PMTeen Pleads Guilty to Teaching ISIS How to Use Bitcoin
June 15 2015 5:07 PMJeb Bush’s Campaign Website Included Hidden Die Hard Synopsis
June 15 2015 9:30 AMOn This Day, Nothing HappenedHistory used to be collective. Facebook is making it selfish.
June 12 2015 5:17 PMThe Pope’s Climate Encyclical Now Has an Epic Hollywood Trailer
June 12 2015 3:19 PMThe Beard That Explains Twitter
June 12 2015 10:10 AMA Different Abstinence EducationA class of teenagers gave up smartphones for a week and lived.
June 11 2015 6:43 PMTo Understand Code, Don’t Read 38,000 Words. Just Start Coding.
June 11 2015 5:34 PMFTC Fines Kickstarter Campaign Creator Who “Used Most of the Funds on Himself”
June 16 2015 7:04 PMFrustrated Privacy Advocates Say Industry Has No Interest in Facial Recognition Safeguards
June 16 2015 5:37 PMIn Defense of AutoplayOnline videos are getting less annoying. Quietly.
June 16 2015 2:39 PMTerrifying Action Movie Plots About … Encryption
June 16 2015 12:50 PMThe OPM Breach Is a CatastropheFirst the government must own up to its failure. Then the feds should follow this plan to fix it.
June 16 2015 10:30 AMComing to E-StoniaI became a virtual resident of a country I’ve never been to. Now what?
June 16 2015 7:30 AMAutonomous Vehicles Will Cost Local Governments Big Bucks
June 15 2015 6:40 PMPope on Climate Change: We’re on a Path “to Not Only Destroy Creation but Humanity as Well”
June 15 2015 5:22 PMSmart Water Meters Shame You for How Much Water You’re Wasting
June 15 2015 4:04 PMDon’t Call It RetroA new style of design marries the analog and the digital, without being kitschy.
June 15 2015 9:19 AMPeople Are Going to Film Vertical Videos. Deal With It.
June 12 2015 5:06 PMPotholes in Panama City Tweet at the Local Government Until They Get Fixed
June 12 2015 2:42 PMThe FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules Take Effect ... Right Now
June 12 2015 8:35 AMThe Weather Channel Confronts Republicans on Climate Change
June 11 2015 6:30 PMUnion Says Every Federal Employee’s Social Security Number Was Compromised in Hack
June 11 2015 4:00 PMThe Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Is Finally Coming. Here’s What It Looks Like.