Future Tense
Future Tense
May 4 2015 4:30 PMAlgorithms Can Be Lousy FortunetellersBut potential employers could take them seriously anyway.
May 1 2015 6:42 PMObama Administration Puts $20 Million Toward Police Body Cams
April 30 2015 4:51 PMClimate Change Joins Terrorism, the Economy as a Top Diplomatic Issue
April 30 2015 2:32 PMNIH Won’t Fund Research That Involves Editing DNA in Human Embryos
April 30 2015 12:29 PMNetizen Report: Jailed Ethiopian Blogger Asks John Kerry for Justice
April 29 2015 6:38 PMThe Ghost of Internet Explorer Haunts Microsoft’s New Browser
April 29 2015 1:44 PMPay Attention, RobotHaving students teach an avatar helps them learn.
April 29 2015 8:37 AMGoogle Is My Co-ParentWhat Slate’s senior tech writer learned in his first four weeks of parenting.
April 28 2015 3:26 PMNew Traffic-Enforcement Tech Peers Into Your Car and Counts Passengers
April 27 2015 3:33 PMIs Crowdfunded Science Crap?
April 25 2015 6:59 PMAfter Nepal Earthquake, Facebook and Google Offer Safety Check-In Features
April 24 2015 1:41 PMMicrosoft Word Spells the Names of Game of Thrones Characters Better Than You Can
April 24 2015 11:22 AMWhy Don’t Computers Care More About Our Happiness?
April 23 2015 12:35 PMSwiss Postal Service Will Start Using Delivery Drones in Pilot Program This Summer
April 23 2015 10:36 AMNauseous? Take This Virtual Nose And Come Back In The Morning
May 4 2015 3:49 PMExtremely Hopeful and Incredibly Freaked Out: How We Feel About Designer Babies
May 1 2015 10:00 AMDoctors' Appointments Are Going Virtual. Is That Good News or Bad?
April 30 2015 3:32 PMMicrosoft Thinks It Can Guess Your Age. It Probably Can’t.
April 30 2015 1:55 PMThe Policy MachineThe dangers of letting algorithms make decisions in law enforcement, welfare, and child protection.
April 30 2015 11:29 AMGoogle Chrome Wants to Save Careless Password Users From Themselves
April 29 2015 5:16 PMIn Nepal, Earthquake Relief Effort Leans on Ham Radio
April 29 2015 11:05 AMCybersecurity Legislation Is Too Short-Sighted
April 28 2015 3:44 PMHow Drones Can Help Nepal Recover From the Earthquake
April 27 2015 6:46 PMGoogle Is Testing a Creative New Way to Thwart Patent Trolls
April 27 2015 9:04 AMConspicuous Consumption for the Smug EnvironmentalistMy week driving the BMW i8, an insanely sexy electric car.
April 24 2015 6:46 PMCustomers Aren’t Happy With Their Data Security. Execs Are the Only Ones Surprised.
April 24 2015 11:28 AMDo Robots Urinate? And Other Questions Raised by This Google Maps Prank.
April 23 2015 3:34 PMTab Roulette!Slate’s business and tech writers share what they’re reading, whether they want to or not.
April 23 2015 12:22 PMDeleting the Family TreeWhen Ancestry.com shuttered its social network for relatives, it erased 10 years’ worth of my family’s correspondence and memories.
April 22 2015 4:10 PMUnited Should Thank, Not Ban, Researcher Who Pointed Out a Major Security Flaw