Future Tense
Future Tense
Aug. 8 2016 12:58 PMHow a Driver’s Death Could Put Self-Driving Cars on the Fast Track
Aug. 8 2016 9:32 AMWhere’d My Map Go?When maps across the internet broke recently, help arrived almost immediately.
Aug. 8 2016 7:28 AMThere’s No Such Thing as Innocuous Personal DataWhy you should keep your heart rate, sleep patterns, and other seemingly boring info to yourself.
Aug. 5 2016 8:18 AMCan Sports Survive Our Environmental Crisis?The polluted waters of Rio de Janeiro are only a harbinger of the threat to outdoor athletics.
Aug. 4 2016 5:17 PMFacebook Has a New Algorithm to Identify “Clickbait” Headlines—and Punish Them
Aug. 3 2016 10:02 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Algorithmic Expectations
July 29 2016 6:02 PMHow The Handmaid’s Tale Taught Me to Imagine Many Possible Futures
July 28 2016 7:04 PMCould Fsociety Pull Off the DNC Hack?What Mr. Robot gets right about hackers, according to one member of 1990s hacking collective the L0pht.
July 27 2016 4:18 PMHow the GOP Ruined a Great MemeThe story of “This is fine” dog.
July 27 2016 10:10 AMWhy Didn’t Google Include Donald Trump in Its List of Presidential Candidates?
July 26 2016 6:54 PMHow the U.S. Could Respond to the DNC BreachSanctions are an option. So’s heckling.
July 26 2016 12:00 PMThe Democrats’ Other Server ProblemThe DNC should have outsourced its email to Google, Yahoo, or another major company.
July 22 2016 5:36 PMWikiLeaks’ DNC Email Trove Includes Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Info
July 22 2016 10:52 AMCanada’s Carbon Policies Try to Provide Something for Everyone
July 21 2016 6:27 PMNetizen Report: Some Iranian Hardliners Want the Government to Stop Blocking Twitter
Aug. 8 2016 10:47 AMDon’t Blame Hackers Every Time Airlines Have Computer Trouble. They Mess Up All on Their Own.
Aug. 8 2016 9:03 AMThe FCC Needs to Make Broadband Affordable for Schools, Hospitals, and Businesses
Aug. 5 2016 8:55 AMHacking Mr. Robot, Week 4What the show gets right about logic bombs, the dark web, and the geopolitics of cybersecurity.
Aug. 4 2016 6:48 PMNetizen Report: In China and the Middle East, Pokémon Go Is Not All Fun and Games
Aug. 4 2016 2:39 PMCode Is My Co-pilotTesla insists its controversial autopilot software is saving lives. Can it convince the rest of us?
Aug. 2 2016 12:39 PMWill North America Become the Next Saudi Arabia? A Future Tense Event Recap.
July 29 2016 3:42 PM“Real Donkeys” Uses Digital Donkey Translator at London Event (for Some Reason)
July 27 2016 5:19 PMFacebook Is So Afraid of Controversy, It May Take the News Out of Its Trending News Section
July 27 2016 3:34 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Lessons of the DNC Hack
July 27 2016 8:32 AMAll Maps Are Biased. Google Maps’ New Redesign Doesn’t Hide It.
July 26 2016 2:35 PMIt’s Official: Using Text Messages to Secure Your Passwords Is a Bad Idea
July 25 2016 2:52 PMWas Russia Behind the DNC Leaks? It Sure Seems Like It.
July 22 2016 11:24 AMRIP to the VCRA scholar of video technology reflects on the death of an analog medium.
July 21 2016 6:33 PMTed Cruz Keeps Trying to Protect Internet Freedom in Weirdly Wrong Ways
July 21 2016 3:34 PMThe Absurd Excuses Countries Give for Shutting Off Internet Access