Future Tense
Future Tense
Aug. 11 2015 2:40 PMWhen Fear of Being Hacked Takes Hold
Aug. 10 2015 6:18 PMWait, Who Is Brand New Google CEO Sundar Pichai?
Aug. 10 2015 3:06 PMDid You Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Twitter? Twitter Turned Them Back On.
Aug. 7 2015 5:02 PMCode-Cracking Gadget Lets Hackers Break Into Your Car and Garage Without a Trace
Aug. 6 2015 8:28 PMMaybe Facebook’s Logo Shouldn’t Have Been So Prominent at the GOP Debates
Aug. 6 2015 5:54 PMNetizen Report: Bill Would Require Brazilians to Use Full Names on Blogs, Social Media
Aug. 6 2015 10:47 AMThis App Digitally Curates Your Messiest Past Relationships. Yay?
Aug. 5 2015 3:08 PMHackers Can Use Your Cellphone’s Battery Life to Follow You Around the Internet
Aug. 5 2015 1:55 PMHijacking Electric Skateboards to Make Them Safer 
Aug. 5 2015 8:40 AMA Printer That Sings Your Data for Hackers to Hear
Aug. 4 2015 3:13 PMThese Maps of Twitter Controversies Are Surprisingly Beautiful
Aug. 4 2015 11:58 AMIn Just Three Days, Pilots Spotted Three Drones Flying Illegally by JFK Airport
Aug. 3 2015 1:07 PMFriendly Canadian Hitchhiking Robot Decapitated While Visiting Philadelphia
July 31 2015 4:54 PMFrance Wants EU’s Right to Be Forgotten to Apply in Global Search Results
July 31 2015 10:18 AMAsset-Tracking Systems Vulnerable to Hacking
Aug. 11 2015 11:19 AMBreathtaking Simulation of a Tornado-Producing Thunderstorm Looks Amazingly Real
Aug. 10 2015 5:40 PMGoogle Is Now Alphabet. Here’s Why It Had to Evolve.
Aug. 10 2015 2:07 PMA.I. Thee WedHumans should be able to marry robots.
Aug. 7 2015 10:30 AMThe Hip Trend of 2015 Is Designer Government Malware
Aug. 6 2015 6:22 PMCarly Fiorina Calls on Apple and Google to Tear Down That Cyberwall
Aug. 6 2015 4:03 PMReport: Russian Hackers Infiltrated Pentagon Email System
Aug. 5 2015 5:25 PM“Algorithms Are Going to Make Life or Death Decisions About Us”
Aug. 5 2015 2:18 PMLexus Has Developed a Hoverboard. But You’ll Need a Bespoke Skatepark to Use It.
Aug. 5 2015 11:40 AMThe Real Real Genius Thirty years ago, I helped inspire the lead female character in the classic nerd movie. I finally understand why some critics disliked its portrayal of women.
Aug. 4 2015 4:16 PMPassing the BuckNew measures are supposed to keep credit and debit cards safer from fraud. But they may just be shifting the crime elsewhere.
Aug. 4 2015 2:35 PMAt Long Last, There’s an IMDB for Web Projects
Aug. 4 2015 11:55 AMCourt Says It’s Not Netflix’s Fault When You Let Someone See Your Embarrassing Watch List
July 31 2015 6:00 PMFacebook Introduces the Drone It Wants to Use to Bring the Internet to Poor and Rural Areas
July 31 2015 10:20 AMCourt Rules Police Need a Warrant to Access Location Data From Your Cellphone
July 31 2015 9:13 AMFrom Russia With MagmaWhat a volcanic explosion 250 million years ago tells us about climate change.