Future Tense
Future Tense
May 12 2016 2:54 PMInstagram Bans Hashtags to Hide Pornography. So Why Did It Go After #Easter and #Kansas?
May 12 2016 9:39 AMPornhub Will Pay You $25,000 to Report Bugs When You’re Not Watching Other Stuff
May 11 2016 2:00 PMThis Arcane Rule Change Would Give U.S. Law Enforcement New Power to Hack People Worldwide
May 11 2016 11:23 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Secret Identities and Public Drones
May 10 2016 9:15 AMOne of the TAs in an Artificial Intelligence Class Was Actually an A.I.
May 9 2016 7:19 PMGoogle Might Turn Its Search Results From Blue to Black and People Are Scandalized
May 9 2016 3:13 PMThis Animation Lets You Watch Global Warming Heat Up Over 166 Years
May 6 2016 4:43 PMWhat Slate Readers Think About Killer A.I.
May 6 2016 7:03 AMA Welcome Lesson From an Invasive SpeciesWhat a dastardly plant in Nepal tells us about adapting to climate (and not just climate change).
May 5 2016 3:44 PMNetizen Report: WhatsApp Briefly Blocked in Brazil, Again
May 4 2016 2:54 PMStop the Search for Bitcoin’s Creator!It misses the point of bitcoin.
May 4 2016 7:00 AMThe Paradox of RadiationIn the late 1800s and early 1900s, a Chicago physician discovered that X-rays could heal. He was right—for the wrong reasons.
May 3 2016 3:52 PMIn This Beautifully Shot Sci-Fi Short, a Mind Swap Has Terrifying Consequences
May 3 2016 1:59 PMMass Surveillance Chills Online Speech Even When People Have “Nothing to Hide”
May 2 2016 1:05 PMFor the First Time, Federal Judge Says Suspect Must Use Fingerprint to Unlock Smartphone
May 12 2016 12:30 PMThis Video Proves That Apple Actually Is Deleting Music Files Off Some People’s Hard Drives
May 12 2016 7:00 AMWhat Can Consumer Drones Actually See?We tried to spy on some willing participants.
May 11 2016 1:09 PMWhy It’s So Funny That Republicans Are Upset With Facebook for “Censoring” News
May 10 2016 5:43 PMGroup of Senators Says Subsidized Broadband Program Doesn't Actually Offer Broadband
May 10 2016 7:00 AMThe Six Biggest Misconceptions About DronesFirst of all, they aren’t actually very good for spying on your neighbors.
May 9 2016 3:48 PMReport: Twitter Banned a Trend-Spotting Service From Tipping Intelligence Agencies
May 9 2016 7:09 AMPanasonic (Yes, Panasonic) May Have Created the World’s Best Weather ModelAnd it’s not sharing.
May 6 2016 2:59 PMResearchers Are Planning to Sequence Leonardo da Vinci’s 500-Year-Old Genome
May 5 2016 4:34 PMAn Antivirus Scan Shut Down a Medical Device in the Middle of Heart Surgery
May 5 2016 7:01 AMThe Rise of Nonviolent DronesA study examines 15,000 reports of drone use and finds some surprising results.
May 4 2016 10:58 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Disquieting Drones and Supersonic Flights 
May 3 2016 5:20 PMForget Driverless Cars. Our Real Future Is Driverless Minivans.
May 3 2016 3:00 PMTesla’s “Bioweapon Defense Mode” Sounds Like a Gimmick. It’s Actually Ingenious.
May 3 2016 11:56 AMHacking AirplanesCybersecurity is even more important when you’re up in the air.
May 2 2016 12:27 PMThe Best Place for Driverless Cars Is Not America. It's Dubai.