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Future Tense
May 8 2017 4:15 PMTest Your Knowledge of Synthetic BiologyTake our Futurography quiz!
May 7 2017 10:33 PMThe Macron Hack Failed to Derail the French Election. Consider It a Warning Shot.
May 4 2017 5:31 PMTransportation Secretary Elaine Chao Doesn’t Seem to Understand Self-Driving Cars
May 3 2017 5:44 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: What Can We Trust on the Internet?
May 3 2017 12:35 PMFacebook Is Finally Getting Serious About People Killing Each Other on Live Video
May 2 2017 5:52 PMTired of Just Blocking Wikipedia, China’s Government Wants to Create Its Own Online Encyclopedia
May 2 2017 1:46 PMCompanies Don’t Really Want You to Read Their Terms of ServiceAs the uproar over Unroll.me shows, being opaque is part of their business model.
May 1 2017 4:11 PMA Diabetic DreamCan synthetic biology finally cure the autoimmune disease?
April 26 2017 10:25 AMSkepticism About Biotechnology Isn’t Anti-ScienceThe debate over a fish shows that scientists can be too quick to dismiss the public’s concerns.
April 24 2017 7:15 AMHow Dogs’ Sensitive Noses Could Change Cancer DiagnosisThe humble snout has a lot to offer research.
April 20 2017 2:12 PMGisele Bündchen Is Less Anti-Trump Than She Is Pro-Environment
April 20 2017 9:00 AMWe Need a GitHub for Academic ResearchDown with the static, old-fashioned scholarly paper.
April 19 2017 1:17 PMYou Can Buy This $400 Juicer or Use Your Hand. They Do the Same Thing.
April 17 2017 7:40 PMFacebook Wanted Its Live Videos to Be “Raw and Visceral.” But Not Like This.
April 14 2017 11:34 AMFuture Tense Event: Do We Need to Stop Talking About “Curing” Cancer?
May 8 2017 7:15 AMArtificial Intelligence Owes You an ExplanationWhen an A.I. does something, you should be able to ask, “Why?”
May 5 2017 7:15 AMTell Us What You Think About Synthetic Biology!We’ve published plenty of pieces on the topic. Now we want to hear from you.
May 4 2017 10:52 AMThe Fuzzy Regulations Surrounding DIY Synthetic BiologyIt’s unclear exactly what’s legal and what’s not.
May 3 2017 4:19 PMDo Not Click on Unexpected Emails Inviting You to Edit a Google Doc. It’s a Major Phishing Attack.
May 3 2017 7:45 AMDARPA’s Synthetic Biology Initiatives Could Militarize the EnvironmentIs that something we’re comfortable with?
May 2 2017 4:47 PMDo We Need to Stop Talking About “Curing” Cancer? A Future Tense Event Recap.
May 2 2017 7:15 AMGoogle Is Making Sweeping Changes to How We Keep the Internet SafeThere’s a lot going on behind that green lock on your browser.
April 28 2017 8:13 AMThose “10 Bands” Lists Are a Horrible Facebook Meme. But They’ve Given Birth to a Great One.
April 25 2017 7:15 AMWhat Synthetic Biology Has in Common With Queer TheoryDeciding what organisms (and people!) are “related” to each other is more complicated than it seems.
April 21 2017 7:08 AMThe U.S. Regulations for Biotechnology Are Woefully Out of DateBut revamping the way we look at products created by genetic engineering and CRISPR is more difficult than you might think.
April 20 2017 1:22 PMWhy Cancer Isn’t Going AnywhereIt’s been with us since the origins of multicellularity. It’s part of who we are.
April 19 2017 5:22 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: A Path Forward to Protect Consumer Privacy
April 19 2017 9:00 AMHow Teachers Are Using Online Games and Other Tech Tools to Bridge the Partisan DivideMost K-12 students can’t vote, but talking politics in class is more than academic.
April 17 2017 3:32 PMRedrawing the Battle Lines in the ISP Privacy DebateWe can’t give up just because Congress voted to overturn rules to protect consumers’ data.
April 14 2017 9:37 AMThe Impostor Cell Line That Set Back Breast Cancer ResearchIt’s but one example of a major problem in cancer science.