Future Tense
Future Tense
Aug. 21 2015 12:32 PMUK Orders Google to Censor Links to Articles About “Right to Be Forgotten” Removals
Aug. 21 2015 10:10 AMSpotify’s New Privacy Policy Doesn't Include Much Privacy
Aug. 20 2015 4:46 PMMore Ashley Madison Data Just Leaked. A Lot More.
Aug. 19 2015 5:24 PMGoogle Lost Customer Data Because of Repeated Lightning Strikes
Aug. 19 2015 1:55 PMIf You Think a Wi-Fi Enabled Toaster Is Ridiculous, This Twitter Account Is for You
Aug. 19 2015 10:13 AMThe Flipped Field TripStudents use technology to reverse a normal visit to an art museum.
Aug. 18 2015 6:14 PMAs Data Breach News Gets Worse, IRS Scrambles to Give New PINs to Those Affected
Aug. 18 2015 3:57 PMGetting “Cyberflashed” Is the Worst, and It Could Happen to You. Here’s How to Stop It.
Aug. 18 2015 10:50 AMHate Google’s New Name? Our Chrome Extension Can Fix That For You.
Aug. 17 2015 5:29 PMReport: AT&T Cooperated Closely With the NSA to Facilitate Web Surveillance
Aug. 17 2015 1:24 PMRise of .dog Raises Questions About .cat
Aug. 14 2015 5:19 PMVW Didn’t Want You to Find Out About This Vulnerability in Its Keyless Cars
Aug. 14 2015 12:24 PMBears Are Really Annoyed By Drones
Aug. 13 2015 5:30 PMA Facebook Intern Got Fired for Pointing Out Privacy Problems
Aug. 13 2015 2:53 PMI Use an Ad Blocker to Stop Third Parties From Tracking My Web Browsing. I’m Not Sorry.
Aug. 21 2015 11:18 AMFeeling Nostalgic? Floppy Disk Drives Can Play Classic Jams.
Aug. 21 2015 9:36 AMA One-Star Human BeingThe strange, unwilling role Yelp plays in Internet shaming.
Aug. 20 2015 10:26 AMNetizen Report: Authorities Finally Take Action on Bangladesh Blogger Killings
Aug. 19 2015 3:51 PMHow 2001: A Space Odyssey Predicted Smartphones, Laptops, and Siri
Aug. 19 2015 11:02 AMHackers Release Ashley Madison User Data, Frenzy to Check for Famous People Ensues
Aug. 19 2015 7:02 AMEat Your Space VegetablesBefore they eat you.
Aug. 18 2015 5:01 PMHow a Meat Industry Byproduct Could Make Solar Panels Cheaper
Aug. 18 2015 11:25 AMThe Numbers Don’t LieSmartphone encryption will help cops more than it hurts them.
Aug. 18 2015 8:15 AMThe Boston Dynamics Robot Can Walk in the Woods Now, and It’s All Getting Very Blair Witch
Aug. 17 2015 5:25 PMShould You Install Solar Panels on Your Roof? Let Google Help You Decide.
Aug. 17 2015 7:10 AMWho Is David and Who Is Goliath?The dramatic battle between Google and the Mississippi attorney general.
Aug. 14 2015 1:14 PMFor Second Layer of Password Security, App Uses Ambient Sound
Aug. 14 2015 11:56 AMThe FDA Shouldn’t Silence Kim KardashianSocial media platforms—not the government—should restrict pharmaceutical advertisements.
Aug. 13 2015 4:27 PMFeds and Scandals Can't Stop the Dark Web 
Aug. 13 2015 10:36 AMLOL and Haha Evoke A Lot of Feelings, Not Just Laughter