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Future Tense
July 17 2017 7:45 AMA New Theory on Why We Haven’t Found Aliens YetThey’re sleeping.
July 14 2017 8:58 AMWhat Happens When an A.I. Program Tries to Write Poetry?
July 13 2017 2:45 PMTrump the BenevolentHe wants praise for letting the Afghan girls’ robotics team into the United States. We shouldn’t give it to him.
July 12 2017 4:57 PMA Ukrainian Cyberattack Shows How Dangerous Software Backdoors Can Be
July 12 2017 1:29 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Trump’s Idea for a U.S.-Russia Cybersecurity Unit Is Unbearably Dumb
July 12 2017 11:21 AMWhere Thelma Meets Louise: Use This Site to Find Nifty Intersections (and Search Your Own Name)
July 11 2017 6:03 PMHow Worried Should We Really Be About Security Firm Kaspersky Lab’s Ties to Russia?
July 11 2017 7:30 AMHumans and Machines Making Beautiful Music TogetherWhy we should encourage computer-generated creativity.
July 10 2017 10:02 AMIs Our Relationship With the iPhone Just Another Loveless Marriage?
July 7 2017 11:33 AMState Department Tries to Start “Fake Twitter Feud,” Understands Neither Feuds nor Twitter
July 7 2017 7:32 AMWhose Speech Is Chilled by Surveillance?Women and young people are more likely to self-censor if they think they’re being monitored.
July 6 2017 3:16 PMCalifornia Is Thinking About Giving “Reasonable” Internet Access to Youth in Juvenile Detention
June 30 2017 4:30 PMThe Canadian Supreme Court Orders Google to Make a Worldwide Change
June 30 2017 12:30 PMNetizen Report: Venezuela’s Conflict Moves From the Streets to the Internet
June 29 2017 2:13 PMAnnouncing Future Tense’s New Partnership With Letras Libres
July 14 2017 3:02 PMInternet Service Providers Were Not Amused by the Net Neutrality Day of Action
July 13 2017 2:53 PMHow an Outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo Was Contained
July 12 2017 5:22 PMA Font Is at the Heart of Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Legal Troubles
July 12 2017 2:59 PMHow Major Websites Are Marking Today’s Net Neutrality Protest
July 12 2017 1:15 PMTrump’s Voter Data Haul Tests the Privacy of Public RecordsJust because information is “publicly available” does not mean it is, or should be, widely available.
July 12 2017 9:00 AMWhy Haven’t Reporters Mass-Adopted Secure Tools for Communicating With Sources?When journalists don’t step up, leakers are forced to use riskier modes of communication to initiate contact.
July 11 2017 12:01 PMFacebook Is Building a “Village” for Its Workers. More Big Companies Should Do That.
July 10 2017 12:11 PMExactly How Stupid of an Idea Is a U.S.-Russia Cybersecurity Unit?Maddeningly, bafflingly, excruciatingly stupid.
July 7 2017 3:26 PMFederal Appeals Court: You Have a Constitutional Right to Film Police Officers in Public
July 7 2017 9:03 AMWe Need Election Integrity—Just Not the Way Trump Is Going About ItDomestic voter fraud isn’t a real threat. Hackers from overseas are.
July 6 2017 4:58 PMTurns Out That “Car-Eating Bus” From China Might Be a Scam
July 3 2017 9:00 AMWhat Facebook Can Learn From CraigslistThe humble Craigslist has tackled its own content moderation problems—and is succeeding.
June 30 2017 3:46 PMA.I. Could Help Combat Modern Slavery, if Humans Don’t Mess It Up
June 29 2017 2:39 PMThe Most Important Lesson From the Leaked Facebook Content Moderation Documents
June 29 2017 1:54 PMNew Zealand Could Require Students to Learn to Code