Future Tense
Future Tense
April 14 2015 2:34 PMThe Great Cannon, Heartbleed, and POODLEHow cybersecurity threats get names—and why they’re important.
April 14 2015 12:16 PMGoogle Maps Says Edward Snowden Is in the White House
April 13 2015 6:37 PMDARPA Researchers Plan Software That Will Run for Hundreds of Years Without Upgrades
April 13 2015 1:59 PMYou’re Not Afraid of SpoilersYou’re afraid of the future.
April 13 2015 9:06 AMMeet the BotsArtificial stupidity can be just as dangerous as artificial intelligence.
April 10 2015 2:01 PMFAA Relents, Gives Amazon Permission to Test Delivery Drones in the U.S.
April 10 2015 9:44 AMLow-Hanging FruitDr. Oz sows seeds of mistrust on genetic engineering.
April 9 2015 6:44 PMFacebook Is Second-Guessing Your Decision to Watch the Walter Scott Shooting
April 8 2015 6:05 PMFCC Fines AT&T $25 Million Over Brutal Breach Affecting 280,000 Customers
April 8 2015 1:21 PMThis Apple Watch Feature Is Supposed to Be Fun but Just Turned Out Creepy
April 7 2015 5:19 PMPresidential Candidate Rand Paul Will Protect You From the NSA for $15
April 7 2015 2:11 PMStaying Healthy on the Red PlanetA chemical found in Martian soil might make it more dangerous to establish a permanent settlement there.
April 7 2015 12:10 PMTo Boldly Go Where No Body Has Gone BeforeWhat to do when an astronaut dies in space.
April 6 2015 1:48 PMThe Return of a Bill to Ban Undetectable 3-D–Printed Guns
April 6 2015 9:59 AMFacebook’s New Baby-Photo Feature Lets Children Inherit a Digital Identity
April 14 2015 1:20 PMThe Race to Mars and Back: A Future Tense Event Recap
April 14 2015 9:00 AMDeath and TaxesWhat it would mean for the IRS if scientists defeat mortality.
April 13 2015 4:12 PMThe Public Deserves to Know Exactly What’s in the Trans-Pacific Partnership
April 13 2015 10:31 AMI Beat the “Unbeatable” Poker-Playing Artificial Intelligence—Sort Of
April 10 2015 7:00 PMEighth-Grader Arrested, Charged With Cybercrimes for Changing Teacher’s Desktop Wallpaper
April 10 2015 12:10 PMGo PhishWhy email is so laughably insecure right now.
April 10 2015 9:00 AMA Patent Case About Teeth Shouldn’t Crush an Open Internet
April 9 2015 8:00 AMArtificial Intelligence, Real Emotion?Ex Machina asks whether machines can have feelings—or at least fake it.
April 8 2015 6:02 PMNetizen Report: Turkey’s President Fights to Control the Conversation, Online and in Print
April 8 2015 10:09 AMWhat’s in It for Me?The question you should always ask before giving away your genetic info.
April 7 2015 4:15 PMA Candle That Charges Your Phone, and Other Great Projects From a U.S.–Mexico Competition
April 7 2015 1:23 PMAn App for Mapping Well-Lit Walks Home
April 6 2015 6:42 PMCyberattack Shows That China Isn’t Content to Censor Its Own Internet
April 6 2015 12:26 PMManhattan Supreme Court Judge Rules That You Can Use Facebook Messenger to Serve Divorce Papers
April 3 2015 2:16 PMThe First Hyperlapse Film Was Made in 1995 and It’s Awesome