Future Tense
Future Tense
June 27 2016 6:32 PMBorder Patrol Wants to Collect Foreign Travelers’ Social Media Account Names
June 27 2016 8:29 AMRobot, Do You Know Why I Stopped You?What will your car have to do for the police to pull you over when you’re in an autonomous car?
June 24 2016 9:06 AMThe Terrifying Technological UnknownWhy people are so bad at assessing the potential dangers of self-driving cars.
June 23 2016 9:09 AMThis Sci-Fi Short Is So Beautiful You’ll Forget It Was Created to Promote a Video Game Company
June 23 2016 7:15 AMWhat Would Self-Driving Cars Mean for Women in Saudi Arabia?Not very much—because technological progress doesn’t inherently lead to social progress.
June 22 2016 3:43 PMThe California Drought’s Lessons for Food Security
June 22 2016 10:41 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Why Does the Government Take So Long to Regulate Emerging Technologies?
June 22 2016 9:47 AMTell Netflix What TV Shows and Movies You’d Like to Watch
June 22 2016 7:00 AMCan a Wall-Climbing Robot Teach Your Kid to Code?A Harvard team hopes to fill the gap between demand for computer science education and the lack of qualified teachers.
June 21 2016 4:13 PMText Had a Good Run. But Even Twitter Thinks Video Is the Future.
June 21 2016 12:56 PMThe U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s IP MythThe group wants developing countries to accept strict intellectual property rules that may harm them. Here’s why its arguments don’t work.
June 21 2016 11:02 AMThe FCC Wants Your Mobile Data to Get a Lot Faster
June 21 2016 7:00 AMCan Self-Driving Cars Share the Road With Old-School Vehicles?It may cause some headaches, but it’s possible.
June 20 2016 1:04 PMWe Need You to Colonize Mars, NASA’s Retro Recruitment Posters Implore
June 20 2016 10:00 AMThis Comment Was Sponsored By …The Federal Election Commission can’t figure out what to do about paid speech online.
June 27 2016 9:16 AMLet Me Introduce You to My Animatronic Second HeadAn expert on the neuroscience of impulse control explains his craziest purchase.
June 27 2016 7:01 AMHostile TakeoversTaking over in a semiautonomous car may not be as easy as it is in an airplane.
June 23 2016 9:30 AMDonald Trump Is Not a TrollCalling him a troll trivializes his repulsive comments.
June 23 2016 9:02 AMWhy It Seems Like Everyone Is Getting Hacked Lately
June 22 2016 4:02 PMMark Zuckerberg Covers His Webcam With Tape. You Should, Too.
June 22 2016 1:33 PMHow Drone Racing Could Lead to Major Technological Breakthroughs
June 22 2016 10:30 AMHow a Volcano Helped Inspire FrankensteinThe famous novel is actually a tale of climate change.
June 22 2016 9:45 AMThe Self-Driving Car Generation GapOlder people see driving as representing freedom.
June 21 2016 7:00 PMWe’ve Needed Commercial Drone Rules for Years. The FAA ​Just​ Released a First Step.
June 21 2016 1:24 PMGoogle Wants to Help You Research Medical Symptoms Without Activating Your Hypochondria
June 21 2016 11:07 AMISPs Know AllYou deserve more privacy from your broadband provider.
June 21 2016 9:30 AMThe Trouble With High-Tech ProstheticsA prosthetic arm can’t just be cool—it needs to be usable.
June 20 2016 1:34 PMThis Cute Badminton Opponent Might Actually Entice You to Play Badminton
June 20 2016 10:21 AMLegislating RealismModCloth doesn’t Photoshop its models’ bodies, but it’s still selling a fantasy.
June 20 2016 8:47 AMMaking the World a Little More Like a Bond Movie, Elon Musk Says the Tesla Model S Turns Into a Boat