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Future Tense
Nov. 10 2017 8:35 AMThis Hilarious Chatbot Messes With Email Spammers For You
Nov. 9 2017 4:02 PMTwitter Verified a White Nationalist and Now Isn’t Going to Verify Anyone for a While
Nov. 8 2017 5:10 PMFacebook’s Tone-Deaf Plan to Tackle Revenge Porn by Having Victims Upload Nude Photos
Nov. 8 2017 3:27 PMWhat if the Stream Dries Up?We’re at the mercy of platforms when it comes to online-only shows like Transparent.
Nov. 8 2017 12:25 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Are Robots the Future of Election Meddling?
Nov. 8 2017 7:30 AMIt’s Never Too Early to Start Teaching Kids Media LiteracyWhen kids understand how content is made, they begin to understand how it can be manipulated.
Nov. 7 2017 3:29 PMSnapchat Had an Outage, and the Grown-Up Internet Didn’t Notice
Nov. 7 2017 12:23 PMEven a Chinese Firewall Can’t Stop Donald Trump From Tweeting
Nov. 6 2017 6:27 PMForeign Plutocrats Hold Huge Stakes in U.S. Tech Companies. Does That Matter?
Nov. 6 2017 4:08 PMThe Three Kinds of Election-Hacking ThreatsIt’s easy to conflate them, but each requires different solutions.
Nov. 6 2017 1:31 PMiPhones Are Suddenly Autocorrecting the Letter I. How Are We Supposed to Talk About Ourselves?
Nov. 5 2017 11:14 PMYouTube’s Top Search Results for the Texas Shooting Were Littered With Unverified Right-Wing Reports
Nov. 3 2017 5:32 PMBehold the Horrifying Conclusion to Google’s Burger Emoji Controversy
Nov. 3 2017 1:59 PMConspiracy Theorists Are Electrified About a Rumored National Power Outage on Nov. 4
Nov. 3 2017 1:01 PMHow Could a Lowly Customer Service Rep Delete Trump’s Twitter Account? Welcome to God Mode.
Nov. 9 2017 5:12 PMApple Fought the FBI in the San Bernardino Case. Should We Worry It Offered Assistance with the Texas Gunman's Case?
Nov. 8 2017 5:44 PMThe FBI Can't Get Into the Texas Church Shooter's iPhone. Here's a Refresher on the Bureau's Fight With Apple.
Nov. 8 2017 4:09 PMWhen State Election Boards Try to Increase Voting Machine Security, They Can Run Into Obstacles
Nov. 8 2017 3:23 PMIs Uber Seriously Promising Flying Cars in Three Years?
Nov. 8 2017 11:53 AMStudy Finds That Sheep Are Surprisingly Good at Recognizing Photos of Celebrities
Nov. 8 2017 1:38 AMCan’t Handle 280-Character Twitter? Download Our Chrome Extension, 140.
Nov. 7 2017 12:29 PMOn Election Day 2017, Do Yourself a Favor and Turn Off Facebook Memories
Nov. 6 2017 6:49 PMApple's Most Popular Emojis Show We're Not Using Them For Dumb Reasons
Nov. 6 2017 5:24 PMRobotic Pets Used to Help Us Imagine the Future. Now They’re Stuck in the Past.
Nov. 6 2017 3:51 PMThere Were Widespread Internet Outages Reported Monday in the U.S.
Nov. 6 2017 7:15 AMWhat Exactly Does It Mean to Give a Robot Citizenship?It’s complicated.
Nov. 3 2017 7:02 PMPayPal Didn’t Take Down a Russian Troll’s Donation Page Until We Asked About It
Nov. 3 2017 5:15 PMWhy the Far Right Thinks a Second U.S. Civil War Starts Saturday
Nov. 3 2017 1:43 PMHow Did Scientists Discover a Massive Hole in the Great Pyramid?It has to do with mysterious particles from outer space. Really.
Nov. 3 2017 11:21 AMRussia’s Election Meddling Targeted Activists and People of Color, Too