Future Tense
Future Tense
Feb. 3 2016 8:19 AMThis Company Waited More Than a Decade for People to Get Serious About Virtual Reality
Feb. 2 2016 10:29 AMWhat’s the Deal With Algorithms?Your 101 guide to the computer codes that are shaping the ways we live.
Feb. 2 2016 9:11 AMHow Technology Is Helping the Blind Navigate the Physical WorldSimply navigating her campus used to be exhausting for this visually impaired professor. She’s trying to change that.   
Feb. 1 2016 5:53 PMOregon Trail’s Co-Creator Didn’t Make Much Money. He Should Have Chosen to Be a Banker.
Jan. 29 2016 1:24 PMCould Climate Change Amplify the Zika Outbreak?One day, yes. But the U.S. is almost certainly safe for now.
Jan. 29 2016 9:48 AMThis Is Not the Fourth Industrial Revolution The meaningless phrase got tossed around a lot at this year’s World Economic Forum. 
Jan. 29 2016 7:01 AMHow Much Do You Know About Geoengineering?Take our Futurography quiz!
Jan. 28 2016 11:18 PMGOP Debates Use Magical Internet Tools to Discover What Matters to Voters
Jan. 28 2016 5:02 PMA Computer Has Beaten a Human Champion at Go. What Next?
Jan. 28 2016 1:58 PMBen Carson’s Cybersecurity Plan Is Terrible. But At Least He Has One.
Jan. 27 2016 5:34 PMNetizen Report: Change Is on the Horizon for Iran. But Let’s Not Forget Human Rights.
Jan. 27 2016 11:17 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Medical Grade Cybersecurity
Jan. 27 2016 9:30 AMBirders With Binoculars Beat SupercomputersIf you want to know which species are going extinct, don’t use an algorithm. Count ducks at Christmas.
Jan. 27 2016 7:30 AMWhen Was the Last Time You Read a Privacy Policy?Tech companies know that everyone skips the fine print. It’s time for them to change approaches.
Jan. 26 2016 2:49 PMCongress Has a Thing or Two to Learn From These State Privacy Laws 
Feb. 2 2016 10:31 AMNow Streaming on Netflix: A Fantastic Political Thriller on Climate Change
Feb. 2 2016 10:28 AMYour Algorithms Cheat Sheet Who are the leading thinkers in algorithms? What are the big ethical debates? And what’s procedural generation?
Feb. 1 2016 6:54 PMIt’s the Beginning of the End for CFL Bulbs
Feb. 1 2016 11:34 AMDeploying Technology to Rescue the Past: A Future Tense Event Recap
Jan. 29 2016 12:14 PMWhy Proposed State Bans on Phone Encryption Are Moronic
Jan. 29 2016 9:00 AMHow a Celebrity’s Silly Belief in Flat Earth Can Be Useful
Jan. 29 2016 7:00 AMTell Us What You Think About GeoengineeringAll month, we’ve run pieces on tinkering with the climate to stop climate change. Now we want to hear from you.
Jan. 28 2016 5:38 PMIt’s Totally Possible That Your Router Is Broadcasting Public Wi-Fi Right Now
Jan. 28 2016 3:48 PMDo Silicon Valley and Ancient Greece Share a Secret Recipe for Innovation?
Jan. 28 2016 7:39 AMOne Way Geoengineering Might Get StartedIn this excerpt from The Planet Remade, Oliver Morton imagines that a group of countries threatened by climate change go rogue.
Jan. 27 2016 5:21 PMIf You Eat at Wendy’s, Your Credit Card Number May Be Compromised
Jan. 27 2016 10:27 AMTo Stop Global Warming, Geoengineers Want to Dump Iron in the Ocean, Unleash Space Mirrors
Jan. 27 2016 8:49 AMNow Historians Can Digitally Preserve What Extremist Groups Would Like to Destroy
Jan. 26 2016 3:02 PMThis Twitter Bot Uncovers the Secret to Trump’s Appeal
Jan. 26 2016 2:16 PMSherlock Pikachu Is Almost a Dream Come True From Nintendo