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Aug. 27 2018 9:01 AMAlgorithms Could Create an Even Playing Field—if We Insist on ItAn expert on algorithmic bias responds to Deji Olukotun’s “When We Were Patched.”
Aug. 24 2018 4:55 PMThose Kids Who Hacked Voting Websites at Def Con Had Help
Aug. 24 2018 11:32 AMAlexa Is Shielding Children From the TruthHow can kids trust technology that lies to their face about Santa Claus?
Aug. 22 2018 6:10 PMTinder for College Students Is a Fantastic Idea
Aug. 22 2018 4:26 PMThe U.S. Can’t Shame Russia Into Stopping Its Election Interference
Aug. 22 2018 12:15 PMWhat Does It Mean for Venezuela to Peg Its New Currency to a Cryptocurrency?Not much.
Aug. 21 2018 4:03 PMFacebook Is Making It Tougher for Advertisers to Discriminate Against Users
Aug. 20 2018 11:42 AMResearchers Develop Reprogrammable Braille in Hopes of Making Books More Accessible for Blind Readers
Aug. 17 2018 4:06 PMAlexa, Play This Perfectly Timed BurnWhat do tech-based jokes like this say about us and our relationship to technology?
Aug. 16 2018 5:11 PMWho Updates Celebrity Deaths on Wikipedia?Meet the editors who race to be the first to declare a famous person dead.
Aug. 15 2018 9:00 AMWe Have to Be Smart About Artificial Intelligence in MedicineWhen the technology is complicated, opaque, changing, and absolutely vital to the health of a patient, how do we make sure it works as promised?
Aug. 14 2018 7:30 AMHow Sex Robots Could Revolutionize Marriage—for the BetterWith sexual needs outsourced to robots, marriages could become stronger than ever.
Aug. 13 2018 7:30 AMWhat Are “Ethics in Design”?People in the field are calling for more ethical decision-making—but it’s hard to pin down what exactly that means.
Aug. 9 2018 5:13 PMMore Security Flaws at Comcast Left Customer Data Vulnerable
Aug. 9 2018 9:07 AMRegulating Bots on Social Media Is Easier Said Than DoneFor one thing, defining bot is tricky.
Aug. 27 2018 9:00 AM“When We Were Patched”A short sci-fi story about officiating in a very cool futuristic sport.
Aug. 24 2018 1:45 PMInside Google’s Plan to Launch a Censored Search Engine in ChinaThe reporter who revealed the secret project shares what’s behind the internet giant’s ambitions—and why it may even have been kept hidden from one of Google’s founders.
Aug. 23 2018 12:58 PMThe DNC Looks Increasingly Incompetent When It Comes to Cybersecurity
Aug. 22 2018 5:44 PMIran’s Social Media Propaganda Campaign Was Bad at Both Propaganda and Social MediaWe found the tweets and they are … kind of weird.
Aug. 22 2018 3:31 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Facebook Cleans House
Aug. 21 2018 5:08 PMThe Anti-Semitism Lurking in Dark Corners of the Cryptocurrency CommunityThe core beliefs driving bitcoin can be twisted into something much darker.
Aug. 21 2018 10:10 AMMicrosoft Says Russian Hacking Operation Targeted Conservative Groups Critical of Russia
Aug. 17 2018 6:32 PMReport: DOJ Pressuring Facebook to Break Encryption on Messenger App So It Can Listen to Suspect’s Calls
Aug. 16 2018 6:16 PMCubans Could Access the Internet From Anywhere for Nine Hours on Tuesday
Aug. 15 2018 1:29 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: How Sex Robots May Remake Marriage
Aug. 14 2018 12:28 PMCalifornia Agency Has Monitored Welfare Recipients Using License Plate Readers Since 2016
Aug. 13 2018 2:24 PMThe Most Terrifying Things Hackers Showed They Could Do at This Year’s Def Con
Aug. 10 2018 8:00 AMHow the QAnon Conspiracy Theory Went From the Fringes of the Internet to T-Shirts for Sale on Amazon
Aug. 9 2018 11:07 AMChina’s Aggressive Surveillance Technology Will Spread Beyond Its BordersNow is the time for liberal democracies to grapple with the privacy-invading power of algorithmic authoritarianism.
Aug. 8 2018 10:56 AMLeave the Meddling to the Hardy BoysUsing the M-word to describe election interference makes it sound harmless.