Future Tense
Future Tense
April 9 2018 6:39 PMA Breath of Fresh, Condescending, Aggressive Air on Corporate TwitterKäthe from T-Mobile Austria’s Twitter account may be terrible at her job, but at least she’s honest.
April 9 2018 1:02 PMHow Corporations Convinced Us Personality Tests Are Super FunAnd how that made Cambridge Analytica possible.
April 9 2018 11:43 AMFacebook Suspends Two More Companies for Improper Access to Data
April 9 2018 7:15 AMPirate Radio in SpaceSilicon Valley startups meet space-law reality.
April 6 2018 4:29 PMHow Facebook Is Changing Its Rules Around Political Ads
April 6 2018 12:13 PMNetizen Report: Malaysia Outlaws “Fake News.” Will Singapore Be Next?
April 5 2018 5:53 PMFacebook Just Made Using a Bunch of Apps a Little More Annoying. Good.
April 5 2018 12:48 PMFCC Chairman Wants to Cut Back Program That Helps Poor People Get Affordable Internet
April 4 2018 4:28 PMHow to Check if Cambridge Analytica Got Access to Your Facebook Data
April 4 2018 7:00 AMYou Can’t Clean Up a Data SpillAnd it makes the Cambridge Analytica scandal even more maddening.
April 3 2018 12:26 PMSelf-Driving Cars Need Good MapsThe crash of a Tesla while it was using Autopilot hints at the geographic limitations of autonomous vehicles.
April 2 2018 12:37 PMWhat We Know About China’s Tiangong-1 Space Station Crashing Back to Earth
April 2 2018 11:19 AMCome to a Free Screening of The Fifth Element in Washington, D.C.
March 29 2018 3:36 PMThe Forecast Is Still CloudyThe controversial CLOUD Act could harm human rights around the world if the U.S. government and tech companies don’t follow through on promises.
March 28 2018 6:01 PMSecurity Flaws Show Grindr Still Isn’t Taking Gay Men’s Safety Seriously Enough
April 9 2018 5:29 PMA D.C. Ride-Sharing Service Illegally Discriminated Against Minority Communities for Nearly Two Years
April 9 2018 12:46 PMHere’s How Mark Zuckerberg Will Apologize to Congress This Week
April 9 2018 11:37 AMThe Civics of FacebookFixing social media will require input from all of us.
April 6 2018 5:43 PMThe Questions Congress Needs to Ask Mark ZuckerbergIt will be easy to grandstand when the Facebook CEO testifies. Here’s how to make the hearings worthwhile.
April 6 2018 12:41 PMA Few Advertisers Have Paused Their Facebook Spending. Should the Company Be Worried?
April 6 2018 10:19 AMThe Ick Factor of Computers That Converse Like PeopleCan A.I. risk sounding too human?
April 5 2018 3:04 PMGamers Are Not the Answer to the Shortage of Cybersecurity WorkersGrowing the field based on the people already in it is a mistake.
April 4 2018 5:16 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: You Can’t Clean Up a Data Spill
April 4 2018 11:39 AMPop Goes the Filter Bubble?Algorithms may be able to help us step out of our echo chambers.
April 3 2018 2:25 PMWaymo Wants You to Know It Has No Interest in Your DataBut is that a promise it can keep?
April 3 2018 10:37 AMIs the Military Really Going to Start Drafting 40-Year-Old Hackers?Probably not—but 60-year-olds might be a different story.
April 2 2018 11:46 AMFacebook Allows Advertisers to Target Users on the Basis of Their Interest in Illegal Firearms
March 29 2018 9:01 PMThe MyFitnessPal Hack Affects 150 Million Users. It Could’ve Been Even Worse.
March 29 2018 9:36 AMWhy I’m Quitting GMO ResearchI’m exhausted by the overwhelming negative responses the topic evokes in so many people.
March 28 2018 3:55 PMWaymo Is Beating Uber in the Self-Driving Car Race. That’s Bad News for Traffic.