Future Tense
Future Tense
Sept. 12 2016 2:48 PMFacebook Under PressureLooking beyond the social network’s decision to take down and then restore the “napalm girl” photo. 
Sept. 12 2016 7:04 AMAn Online Education DisconnectMy distance-learning experience shows how difficult it can be to cultivate a sense of community from afar.
Sept. 9 2016 3:43 PMFacebook Promotes “Trending” Article Claiming 9/11 Was an Inside Job
Sept. 9 2016 8:41 AMHacking Mr. Robot, Week 9Would the NSA recruit Elliot? Watching the show with former White House anti-terror chief Richard Clarke.
Sept. 8 2016 12:36 PMHow Apple Killed the Cyberpunk Dream
Sept. 8 2016 9:50 AMGods of Small ThingsThe field may seem new—but it dates back more than 50 years.
Sept. 7 2016 2:42 PMWow, This Nike Apple Watch Looks Like a Dystopian Nagging Machine
Sept. 7 2016 10:17 AMWhere “Digital India” EndsThe country has championed internet access as a fundamental service—one it’s proved very willing to take away.
Sept. 7 2016 9:02 AMRSVP Now for a Screening of Children of Men Hosted by Francis Fukuyama
Sept. 6 2016 10:45 AMOur Data, OurselvesPostcards show gorgeous hand-drawn visualizations of one week of phone use.
Sept. 6 2016 7:01 AMWhat the Heck Is Nanotech?A Futurography guide to technology on a very small scale.
Sept. 1 2016 5:44 PMSpaceX Blew Up Facebook’s First Internet Satellite, and Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Pleased
Sept. 1 2016 2:38 PMThe Most Impressive State for Clean EnergyIt’s Iowa. Really!
Sept. 1 2016 1:05 PMRepublicans Are Coming Around to This Public Internet Idea
Sept. 1 2016 11:11 AMTrump Just Said Hillary “Bleached” Her Emails. Uh, Not Really.
Sept. 12 2016 1:22 PMParalyzed Woman Completes Half Marathon on Her Own Two Feet—Thanks to Bionic Power
Sept. 9 2016 6:04 PMFacebook’s Censorship Problem Is What Happens When a Tech Company Controls the News
Sept. 9 2016 12:15 PMCyber Is Not a NounWhen you use it that way, it sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about.
Sept. 8 2016 4:11 PMThese Aren’t Wireless HeadphonesThe AirPods are Apple’s first ear computer. And they just might be the future.
Sept. 8 2016 10:45 AMWhat Should We Do if Aliens Try to Contact Us?Sci-fi has some wisdom. First of all, don’t panic.
Sept. 7 2016 3:47 PMApple’s New iPhones Don’t Have Headphone Jacks, Because “Courage”
Sept. 7 2016 1:36 PMWahoo! A Mario Game Is Finally Coming to Your iPhone.
Sept. 7 2016 10:02 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Back to the Futurography
Sept. 6 2016 3:24 PMHow Small Is the Nanoscale?Watch this short video to better understand just how minute nanotech really is.
Sept. 6 2016 9:30 AMFood Stamp Users Should Be Able to Shop OnlineBut they shouldn’t feel pressure to spend their money on organic and gluten-free products that aren’t backed by science.
Sept. 6 2016 7:00 AMA Cheat-Sheet Guide to NanotechnologyWho are the lead researchers? What are the big debates? And what’s “gray goo” got to do with it?
Sept. 1 2016 5:06 PMHacking Mr. Robot, Week 8Join Slate Plus to listen to our spoiler-filled recap.
Sept. 1 2016 1:14 PMHow Knitting Saved Me from Digital OverloadI couldn’t put down my phone. So I busied my hands with making sweaters.
Sept. 1 2016 11:21 AMSpaceX Rocket Explodes During Test-Fire, No Casualties Reported
Sept. 1 2016 10:56 AMSamsung Delays Galaxy Note 7 Shipments Amid News of Phones Literally Exploding