Future Tense
Future Tense
June 23 2015 4:04 PMJury Awards $2.2 Million to Employees Over DNA Tests in “Devious Defecator” Case
June 23 2015 3:37 PMThe Lessons of the Crypto WarsThe right to strong encryption almost became law in the ’90s. Here’s what happened.
June 23 2015 1:08 PMMan Accused of Using Drone to Spy on Hospital Patients Is Acquitted
June 22 2015 5:59 PMAmazon Will Start Paying Some E-Book Authors by "Pages Read." That’s Smarter Than It Sounds.    
June 22 2015 3:15 PMHow OK Cupid-Style Algorithms Can Increase Gender Diversity in Tech
June 19 2015 6:38 PMOPM Hackers Used Rare, Recognizable Malware to Infiltrate
June 19 2015 2:52 PMStrawberries Used to Taste Great. Can Science Restore Them to Their Former Glory? 
June 19 2015 11:08 AMSnapchat Is Better At Protecting Your Data From the Government Than Verizon or WhatsApp
June 19 2015 8:30 AMThere Are Finally Ice Hockey, Burrito, and Unicorn Emojis. But You Can’t Use Them.
June 18 2015 4:55 PMThe FCC Just Voted to Help the Poor Get Access to High-Speed Internet
June 18 2015 12:33 PMStudy: People Who Watch Cat Videos Are Shyer, Spend More Time Online
June 17 2015 5:31 PMHack and FieldThe Cardinals allegedly hacked the Astros. But is it really hacking if you have a password?
June 17 2015 3:40 PMNetizen Report: Indian Blogger Stuck Between Dubious Copyright Claim and Lousy Local Law
June 17 2015 2:45 PMOn Dinosaurs and Thomas JeffersonHow technology and Hollywood have changed since Jurassic Park came out in 1993.
June 17 2015 1:14 PMEU Court Unexpectedly Rules Estonian Website Is Responsible for User Comments
June 23 2015 3:41 PMGmail’s Unbelievably Useful “Undo Send” Feature Is Out of Experimental Testing
June 23 2015 1:54 PMFacebook Can Even ID You in Photos Where Your Face Isn’t Showing
June 22 2015 10:12 PMNorthern Lights Surge as Huge Solar Storm Reaches Earth
June 22 2015 5:16 PMA Hacking Group Has Been Undermining Anti-Virus Software, but It’s Not Who You Think
June 22 2015 1:03 PMDesign Isn’t About Making Products. It’s About People’s Lives.
June 19 2015 3:12 PMGoogle to Remove Revenge Porn from Search Results
June 19 2015 1:19 PMNewt Gingrich Wrote an Apple Watch Review. It Was Actually Pretty Refreshing.
June 19 2015 10:25 AMYou Can Buy an Emotional Robot to Live at Your House. Want One?
June 18 2015 5:51 PM“Project Lightning” Is the Best Idea Twitter’s Had in Years
June 18 2015 2:46 PMAmazon Says Its Drone Fleet Will Be Ready to Start Deliveries Next Year
June 18 2015 11:29 AMPope Francis: “Every Person Living on This Planet” Should Act on Climate
June 17 2015 4:21 PMMeet Some Real International Hackers
June 17 2015 2:56 PMBig Security Flaws Hit the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone in the Same Week
June 17 2015 1:53 PMAT&T May Owe $100 Million for Selling Unlimited Data Plans That Weren’t Actually Unlimited
June 17 2015 12:19 PMPasswords Are a Problem. Are Emojis the Answer?