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Future Tense
March 15 2017 12:35 PMCoding Outside the LinesCoderDojos get kids psyched about programming by turning them loose.
March 13 2017 7:15 AMCan a Machine Predict Your Death?It’s easier than ever—but what does that mean for you and your doctor?
March 9 2017 4:02 PMCan Technology Make Sports Safer? A Future Tense Event.
March 8 2017 10:58 AMFuture Tense Newsletter: Space Exploration Isn’t Just About Scientific Discovery
March 7 2017 5:35 PMMove Fast and Break TrustGoogle’s alternative facts and Uber’s self-driving accidents are symptoms of a deeper problem that is only going to get worse.
March 7 2017 1:34 PMWikiLeaks Has Released a Trove of Documents Detailing the CIA’s Hacking Capabilities
March 7 2017 10:21 AMWhen We Explore Space, We Go TogetherLeaving Earth requires international collaboration.
March 6 2017 3:33 PMWhat Slate Readers Think About Personal Cybersecurity
March 3 2017 12:38 PMAfter Mike Pence’s AOL Account Was Hacked in 2016, He Started Another One
March 2 2017 4:41 PMNetizen Report: Man in Myanmar Sentenced to Prison for Defaming Aung San Suu Kyi on Facebook
March 2 2017 3:24 PMNorwegian Website Quizzes Trolls Before Allowing Them to Comment
March 2 2017 12:22 PMIn Defense of “Sent From My iPhone”
March 1 2017 4:11 PMCloud Computing Makes the Internet More Reliable and Secure, Except When It Doesn’t
March 1 2017 1:42 PMI Paid $20 to Ask Marc Andreessen Why He Blocks Me on Twitter
March 1 2017 9:30 AMWhy Are India, Luxembourg, and Other Countries Getting Into the Space Race?An introduction to our Futurography series on the new geopolitics of space.
March 15 2017 11:05 AMJoin Future Tense to Discuss What Algorithms Want at a Happy-Hour Event in Washington
March 10 2017 7:42 AMThe Surprising Things Algorithms Can Glean About You From PhotosA picture is worth 1 billion data points.
March 9 2017 12:22 PMExpect More Incidents Like WikiLeaks’ Dump of CIA Hacking ToolsThis is the second example of this happening—but it won’t be the last.
March 8 2017 10:54 AMWikiLeaks Says the CIA Can “Bypass” Secure Messaging Apps Like Signal. What Does That Mean?
March 7 2017 2:34 PMNo One Should Give In to Cyber Extortion Unless It’s a Life or Death Situation
March 7 2017 10:44 AMSpace Exploration Isn’t Just About ScienceIf India or China beats the U.S. to Mars, it will feel like a military defeat.
March 6 2017 3:41 PMFuturography Newsletter: Cybersecurity and the New Space Race
March 6 2017 11:29 AMThe Wikipedia Battle Over Really Short ArticlesIt may sound like a small matter, but it could have significant ramifications for the internet encyclopedia.
March 3 2017 12:27 PMWhat Kind of Baby Do You Want?Prenatal testing has offered up a lot more information—but that information comes with serious ethical questions.
March 2 2017 4:18 PMWill Collaboration or Competition Propel Humans to Mars and Beyond? A Future Tense Event.
March 2 2017 2:00 PMThe DOJ’s Director of Public Affairs Used Gmail to Send a Work Email. Is That Legal?
March 2 2017 10:51 AMHenrietta Lacks Wasn’t the Only Woman Who Unknowingly Contributed to Medical HistoryThe untold story of the aborted fetus that helped create the rubella vaccine.
March 1 2017 1:46 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Fortifying Your Personal Cybersecurity Defenses
March 1 2017 10:35 AMYour Cheat-Sheet Guide to the New Space RaceWho’s who in space exploration, the lingo you need to know, and more.
Feb. 28 2017 3:57 PMWhy the Internet Is Being Weird on the East Coast