Future Tense
Future Tense
July 20 2015 6:28 PMDrones Keep Getting in the Way of Firefighting in California. That Seems Bad.
July 20 2015 12:39 PMCompanies Should Have to Agree to Your Personal Privacy Policy
July 17 2015 4:50 PMThere’s a New Sheriff in Reddit TownBut his plan to crack down on hate speech could actually make the problem worse.
July 17 2015 2:11 PMWorld Leaders Refuse to Budge From Worst-Case Climate Scenario
July 17 2015 10:33 AMIs Pluto a Planet? Who Cares!Science isn’t about facts. It’s about process.
July 16 2015 1:33 PMObama to Expand Internet Access for the Poor, Because the Web Is a Necessity
July 16 2015 10:41 AMThese Headphones Let You Listen to Music Safely While You Ride Your Bike
July 15 2015 2:37 PMWe’re Going to See a Lot More Hoaxes Like the Bogus “Twitter Sale” Story. Prepare Yourself.
July 14 2015 2:21 PM“Imagining the Future Is Dangerous”Sci-fi writer Ernest Cline discusses Ready Player One, virtual reality, and nostalgia.
July 13 2015 5:49 PMNo, the Earth Is Not Heading for a “Mini Ice Age”
July 13 2015 10:01 AMDeath of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Prompts Outpouring of Gamer Love
July 10 2015 1:26 PMHead of OPM Resigns Over Government Employee Data Breach
July 10 2015 11:55 AMThe Social Security Number’s InsecuritiesWe use our SSNs for everything. Data breaches are showing why that’s so terrible.
July 9 2015 5:50 PMFacebook Has Finally Decided You Might Know Yourself Better Than It Does
July 8 2015 1:17 PMYou Don’t Really Want to Know Who Unfriended You on Facebook
July 20 2015 1:30 PMThe New Approach to Fighting Wildfires
July 20 2015 9:30 AMWho Cares About Amazon Prime Air?Drones’ real potential isn’t in delivery—it’s in democratizing information.
July 17 2015 3:34 PMTesla’s New “Ludicrous” Acceleration Mode Is, Yeah, Quite Fast
July 17 2015 12:54 PMGoogle Wants to Show You Just How Dangerous the Internet Is
July 17 2015 8:45 AMLong-Dead PC Company Commodore Just Launched a Smartphone
July 16 2015 12:03 PMHow OPM Betrayed MeI trusted it with my most sensitive information. But it didn’t bother securing the data.
July 15 2015 4:12 PMThe Golden Age of SurveillanceThe government doesn’t need to weaken encryption—it already has the tools it needs to catch criminals.
July 15 2015 9:15 AMWatch The Perfect Storm With NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan
July 14 2015 2:08 PMReport: China Is Making a Huge Database of Americans, and No One Connected the Dots
July 13 2015 3:36 PMJava Was Really Insecure For a While. Then It Got Better. Now There’s a New Problem.
July 10 2015 6:51 PMEllen Pao Steps Down as Interim CEO of Reddit
July 10 2015 12:07 PMOPM Admits What We All Feared: 21.5 Million SSNs Leaked in Background Check Breach
July 9 2015 7:50 PMThe Stock Exchange and United Outages Weren’t Hacks, but They Were Just as Scary
July 9 2015 12:20 PMIBM Just Made the World’s Most Advanced Computer Chip
July 8 2015 10:12 AMNow You Can Buy Shampoo and Cleanser That Promote the Growth of “Good” Bacteria