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Oct. 31 2018 3:44 PMWhy Fake News on WhatsApp Is So Pernicious in BrazilBrazilians use the app for everything. Bolsonaro and his supporters exploited that.
Oct. 30 2018 6:45 PMHow False News Haunted the Brazilian ElectionsMisinformation and social networks have sullied the country’s politics since at least 2010. This time, it was worse than ever.
Oct. 29 2018 9:53 AMPrisons Are Using Video Visitation as PunishmentWhile the technology has its uses in the criminal justice system, it’s no substitute for in-person contact.
Oct. 27 2018 8:00 AM“Burned-Over Territory”A new short story about a future in which everyone receives universal basic income—but it’s not enough.
Oct. 25 2018 5:55 PMHow to Get Rid of the Nudge, Smart Compose, and Other Annoying New Gmail Features
Oct. 25 2018 3:39 PMA Physical Museum Isn’t Always BetterThe Vietnam Veterans Memorial will get stronger online presence instead of a new physical building.
Oct. 24 2018 4:00 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Lab-Grown Chicken of the Sea
Oct. 24 2018 3:05 PMBringing Pop-Ups to a Knife FightThe U.S. government plans to let Russians meddling in the midterms know they’re being watched. It’s worth a shot.
Oct. 23 2018 9:45 AMLab-Grown Seafood and Lab-Grown Meat Aren’t That DifferentSo why might they end up with very different regulations?
Oct. 22 2018 3:15 PMWhat Should Silicon Valley Companies With Saudi Money Do?They could take the lead in a new form of international boycott.
Oct. 19 2018 4:24 PMJustice Department Charges Russian With Campaign to Interfere in Midterm Elections
Oct. 18 2018 6:14 PMThe Weather Channel’s New Wildfire Simulation Is Terrifying. But Maybe It’ll Help Save Lives.
Oct. 18 2018 7:30 AMWhat It’s Like to Be a Professional Live Video Game StreamerBeing good at gaming is only a small part of the gig.
Oct. 16 2018 5:10 PMElizabeth Warren Has Set a Dangerous PrecedentWill other politicians be bullied into releasing their genetic information, too?
Oct. 15 2018 9:43 AMWhen Can the Government Shoot Down Civilian Drones?A new law gives authorities more power to take down possible threats—but some civil liberties groups worry that it goes too far.
Oct. 31 2018 3:27 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: “You Can’t Live off the Basic”
Oct. 30 2018 6:14 PMHow to Make the Midterms SecureWe can protect ourselves from voting glitches and security breaches both now and in 2020.
Oct. 27 2018 8:01 AMWhat Problem Is Universal Basic Income Really Trying to Solve?A UBI advocate responds to Lee Konstantinou’s short story “Burned-Over Territory.”
Oct. 26 2018 4:56 PMNever Google Punctuation Marks or Accents AgainStop searching for “em dash”—and start using more em dashes.
Oct. 25 2018 3:48 PMHere’s What Spies Would Need to Do to Eavesdrop on Trump’s iPhone Calls
Oct. 25 2018 10:12 AMPoll Workers Need Young BloodThe lack of tech savvy among those working on Election Day is an overlooked threat to the security of our elections.
Oct. 24 2018 3:42 PMWhy Facebook Isn’t Helping Its Users Who Got HackedBecause in big corporate data breaches, the law and the courts aren’t on victims’ side.
Oct. 23 2018 3:20 PM“Information Is Our Biggest Weapon”What we have (and haven’t) learned in 100 years of fighting outbreaks.
Oct. 22 2018 5:20 PMDown With the “Spanish Flu”The 1918 pandemic didn’t start with Spain nor was it particularly bad there.
Oct. 19 2018 5:53 PMWho Is Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova, the Latest Russian Charged With Meddling in U.S. Elections?
Oct. 19 2018 12:09 PM“Tech People Are the Last People I Would Trust to Regulate Speech”The creator of Godwin’s law interviews David Simon about Nazis on Twitter and so much more.
Oct. 18 2018 12:57 PMIt’s Time to Rethink the Forced QuarantineThe practice has been around for centuries—but it disproportionately affects the poor, and it may do more harm than good.
Oct. 17 2018 4:08 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: When Alexa Can’t Hear You
Oct. 16 2018 7:30 AMWhen Alexa Can’t Understand YouPeople with speech disabilities are being left out of the voice-assistant revolution.
Oct. 12 2018 5:51 PMThe Facebook Hack Could Haunt Its Victims for Years to ComeWe finally know more about what happened—and it’s not good.