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Jan. 30 2019 4:08 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Digital Body Armor
Jan. 29 2019 4:16 PMHow TV Meteorologists Can Talk About Climate Change Even During a Polar VortexAn interview with Climate Central’s Sean Sublette.
Jan. 29 2019 1:28 PMSpy vs. Bad SpySloppy attempts to fool two surveillance researchers would have been funny if they hadn’t been so sinister.
Jan. 26 2019 9:01 AMWhat’s in It for the Trolls?Ken Liu’s “Thoughts and Prayers” shows how the cruelest of online harassers convince themselves they’re doing the right thing.
Jan. 25 2019 7:39 PMWhy Facebook Must Be Very Careful Combining Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp
Jan. 25 2019 4:35 PMAmazon’s Alexa Is Totally Baffled by My Bilingual Family
Jan. 24 2019 5:05 PMDid Instagram Really Revoke the Verification of Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro?
Jan. 24 2019 11:32 AMThe Netflix BoostDon’t fear the market competition and cultural hegemony of Netflix’s exported content.
Jan. 23 2019 1:43 PMThe Anthropomorphization of the UniverseWe long to see a friendly face in the stars.
Jan. 22 2019 4:04 PMIt’s Not Enough to Fine Facebook. The Feds Should Fine Mark Zuckerberg.
Jan. 18 2019 12:03 PMHere Come the Internet BlackoutsThe rise in internet blackouts shows that the internet is becoming more centralized—and increasingly vulnerable to manipulation.
Jan. 17 2019 12:55 PMCould the #10YearChallenge Really Improve Facial Recognition Tech?
Jan. 16 2019 4:58 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Beyond Cyberpunk
Jan. 16 2019 12:18 PMDrones Are the New Flying SaucersWhen people see something unexplained in the sky, they’re too quick to blame drones.
Jan. 15 2019 6:44 PMNot All Screen Time Is the SameAn enormous new study suggests that smartphones aren’t bad for teens’ mental health. The research underscores how we’ve oversimplified the questions we ask about screen time.
Jan. 30 2019 7:30 AMTelecom Companies Are Seriously Overhyping 5G NetworksThe marketing gimmicks would be hilarious if they didn’t come with potentially major consequences.
Jan. 29 2019 3:16 PMApple’s Frightful FaceTime Bug Is a Reminder That We’re Never Really Safe OnlineEven from tech companies we “trust.”
Jan. 28 2019 4:51 PMWhy Wikipedia’s Medical Content Is SuperiorThe reason is six degrees from Kevin Bacon.
Jan. 26 2019 9:00 AM“Thoughts and Prayers”A new short story looks at how much worse trolling could get.
Jan. 25 2019 5:18 PMThe Venezuelan Crisis Also Lives Online
Jan. 25 2019 12:49 PMFacing FactsA case in Florida demonstrates the problems with using facial recognition to identify suspects in low-stakes crimes.
Jan. 24 2019 3:14 PMCriminals Are Exploiting Fortnite’s Popularity to Launder Money and Scam Teens
Jan. 23 2019 3:18 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Close Encounters of the First Kind?
Jan. 23 2019 11:17 AMSpotify May Reinforce Many Music Industry Power Imbalances, but a Few Artists Are Using It to Upend Others
Jan. 22 2019 2:13 PMNew York’s New Eyes in the SkyThe NYPD’s new fleet of drones requires stronger privacy regulations.
Jan. 17 2019 4:15 PMScience Gets Shut Down Right Along With the Federal GovernmentGovernment-funded scientific agencies already face flat budgets. Now the shutdown is jeopardizing the core of their work.
Jan. 17 2019 11:24 AMBiometrics vs. the Fifth AmendmentA judge has issued a baffling decision on forcing suspects to use a thumb to unlock a device.
Jan. 16 2019 3:30 PMPractice Hacktivism at Your Own RiskA hacker’s 10-year prison sentence shows that courts don’t care what an attacker’s motives are.
Jan. 16 2019 5:55 AMClose the National Parks NowLeaving them open during the shutdown is causing long-term damage that we may not be able to fix.
Jan. 15 2019 1:59 PMMark Zuckerberg’s Bad New Year’s ResolutionThe Facebook CEO wants a conversation about “the future of technology in society.” But he’s framing the debate badly.