Data Mine
Data Mine

Don’t Limit #Emailgate to Emails

Ask why Hillary Clinton used a private address. But also ask why federal archiving rules are so woefully insufficient.

Aug. 28 2014 3:30 PMUnreadiness TeamLet’s start treating cybersecurity like we treat public health.
May 5 2014 4:08 PMYou Just Don’t UnderstandSpeech recognition needs to get a lot better before it’s really useful.
Sept. 12 2013 5:38 PMCongratulations, You Found a Photo of My Daughter OnlineAfter I wrote that I never posted anything about my daughter online, I discovered—much to my surprise——that I actually had.
July 9 2013 11:38 AMI Measure Every Single Thing My Child DoesAnd I track it on spreadsheets. Really—every single thing. Even every poop. And it makes me a better parent.
Aug. 13 2014 3:22 PMOne-Click CondolencesSocial media expedites the mourning process. But it offers little comfort to the grieving.
Oct. 25 2013 6:50 PMThe Acela SpyThe shocking things I’ve learned by eavesdropping on Amtrak.
Sept. 4 2013 5:30 AMWe Post Nothing About Our Daughter OnlineNothing. It’s the only way to defend her against facial recognition, Facebook profiling, and corporate data mining. 
June 12 2013 5:08 PMSend Letters, Not EmailsWhy it’s so much harder for the government to spy on your snail mail than your email.