Baseball's All-Star foul-up.

Baseball's All-Star foul-up.

Baseball's All-Star foul-up.

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July 1 2002 6:07 PM

When Barry Fought Jeffrey

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The Kansas City Star's Joe Posnanski, who has the misfortune of covering the Royals, slaps the team for alienating the five fans it has left. The Royals nixed a plan to wear historic uniforms on "Salute to the Negro Leagues Night" because they thought it would be unfair to their opponents, the San Diego Padres, who couldn't sport Negro League unis of their own. (Never mind that the city of San Diego did have all-black teams, and in any case could have cooked up some kind of historic jersey for the occasion.)


But even better is the Royals' original excuse, which was that the Negro League uniforms were too expensive. They would have cost $6,000.

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