What happens when you move to your team's hometown.

The stadium scene.
Aug. 10 2006 4:29 PM

Honey, the Dodgers Are Coming Over

What happens when you move to your team's hometown.

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"They do suck," I said. "They suck so bad. I'm sorry."

At the moment, I'd agree to carry the kid to school on my back if she asked me. The Dodgers can do no wrong, and they now feature Greg Maddux, one of my favorite players of all time. I'm a happy man. My team, as of this writing, has won 11 out of 12, and I have tickets for tonight. I'm taking my kid, so I won't be stoned, and I'll probably have to spend half the game pretending to be a bear. But it doesn't matter, because I've also got tickets for Monday. And I might buy tickets for Sunday night. The Giants are in town, and it's on ESPN. I'll just leave that going-away party early. I'm sure my family won't mind.

Neal Pollack is the author of Alternadad. He lives in Austin, Texas. 

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