The pickup players in the NBA playoffs.

The pickup players in the NBA playoffs.

The pickup players in the NBA playoffs.

The stadium scene.
May 11 2005 7:35 AM

It's Fun To Play at the YMCA

The guy who wears too much protective gear and the other pickup basketball players in the NBA playoffs.

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Click image to expand. Fat guy
Fat Guy

The Guy Who's Fat: Anthony Johnson, Indiana Pacers

Who doesn't love the roly-poly playground point guard? Every time down the court, you get to try out another nickname as you call for the ball. What will it be this time, Big Boy or Big Wheels? Big Stuff or Big Bubbles? Jelly Roll?.


Good Guy's Friend. Click image to expand.
Good Guy's Friend

The Guy Who Has a Friend Who's Really Good: Damon Jones, Miami Heat

At first, you don't notice him. He comes to the gym in the shadow of a big man. Then the action starts, and the big guy starts to dominate. The little guy starts to squalk about "my man's" unstoppable game. Sports Illustrated recently reported that Damon Jones' Miami teammates call him Lil' Him and Donkey (to Shaquille O'Neal's Shrek). And when Shaq takes the day off? Donkey starts playing like Eeyore.

Click image to expand. No-Show Guy
No-Show Guy

The Guy Who Doesn't Show Up: Kwame Brown, Washington Wizards (suspended for the rest of the playoffs)
Oh, you're running a little bit late? I see, you thought we meant p.m., not a.m. You'll be another 10 minutes? Now you're at the wrong J.C.C.? No, no, don't worry. We have enough to start without you.

Hustle on Defense Guy. Click image to expand.
Hustle on Defense Guy

The Guy Who Plays Defense: Bruce Bowen, San Antonio Spurs. Seattle Sonics guard Ray Allen on Bowen: "He pulls on you. He grabs you. He hits your elbow when you shoot. When you go to the basket, he'll shove you and then he'll fall. Just stuff like that that's real annoying." We've all been guarded by someone who tries just a little too hard. This raging maniac will tell you that he just loves to hustle. But we all know he's overcompensating for his small point total.

Click image to expand. Quick Foul Guy
Quick Foul Guy

The Guy Who Calls Too Many Fouls: Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers

If you touch his elbow, he calls a foul. Graze his nonshooting hand—foul. Step on his toe—foul. Make a little too much eye contact—let's take that one out at the top. After this year's playoffs, Miller is hanging it up. Shake his hand in congratulations for a long, successful career—foul.