Trading Alex Rodriguez.
Trading Alex Rodriguez.
The stadium scene.
Nov. 18 2003 6:05 PM

Get Your MVP Shortstops Here!

The insane plot to trade Alex Rodriguez.

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Why then are the Rangers willing to part with the most valuable property in baseball? Possibly because, at this point, there's more money in dealing him. The TV contracts are in place for several more years, and the Rangers will continue to receive the money whether they're paying his salary or not. Whatever the reason, the fact is that any money saved by dumping A-Rod's contract would be pure profit—minus the cost of a new shortstop. Maybe the Rangers can get Royce Clayton back. Clayton was the man A-Rod replaced in 2001. In 2000, he hit .242 with 14 home runs to Rodriguez's .316 and 41 home runs. This past season, Clayton hit .228 with 11 home runs and made $1.5 million. You get what you pay for.