TMQ: The importance of the incomplete pass.

TMQ: The importance of the incomplete pass.

TMQ: The importance of the incomplete pass.

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Jan. 22 2002 10:30 AM

The Importance of the Incomplete Pass

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Now With More Sugar! Domino's, whose pizzas are already one of the highest-fat foods in existence, is now giving away with each delivery an order of "CinnaStix," pizza dough dipped in sugar and then slathered with oil-and-sugar sauce. A dinner consisting of fats and sugar—isn't it in Domino's interest that its customers have long lives?


TMQ Insider Exclusive:Tuesday Morning Quarterback has learned on an exclusive basis that Bill Parcells is considering becoming secretary of state. Remember, this is a Tuesday Morning Quarterback insider exclusive.

Running Items Department

New York Times Final-Score Score: The Paper of Guesses goes 0-4 in its quixotic attempt to predict an exact NFL final score, bringing the New York Times Final-Score Score to 0-256 this season and 0-516 since TMQ began tracking. Just three chances left to avoid a second consecutive shutout year.

Ever chasing the Times, the Wall Street Journal decided it must even chase what's wrong with the Times and jumped into the quixotic quest business last week, making its own attempt to predict the exact final score of the weekend's playoffs. The Wall Street Journal went 0-4. At least it doesn't try to pick stocks. 

Reader Animadversion: Many readers noted that Indiana University, not University of Indiana, is correct. Quarterback of Tuesday Morning regrets the error.

Regarding the item on scientists asserting that the universe is turquoise, and TMQ noting that to his eye the night sky looks kind of black, Melissa Gray reminds that astronomers haven't even figured out why the night sky is dark. With billions of trillions of stars in the universe, why isn't there one in every possible direction, causing the night sky to be light? Yet space is dark even when you're up in space, astronauts assure us. Read the latest speculation here.

Reader "JRazor" protests that although TMQ blitzes the blitz, the Eagles were blitz-happy this season and compiled great defensive stats. Last season the Giants were the only team that came out ahead by blitzing consistently; this year the Eagles hold that distinction. But that's the point. They're the only team that came out ahead by big-blitzing.

Reader "PenelopeS" notes, "How interesting it was to hear the inimitable Keyshawn Johnson being interviewed after the Tampa Bay loss, emphasizing that coach Dungy needed fewer players with big mouths."

Reader Robin Goodfellow calls the hiring of Steve Spurrier "a stroke of PR genius, for the Persons now have a coach who is capable of making the owner look likable and sympathetic by comparison."

Reader Chuck looked up TMQ's bio on the NewRepublic Web site and found it made no mention of this column or sports. He senryuizes,