It's a Zone Blitz on a Double Reverse, and They've Got Athleticism!
It's a Zone Blitz on a Double Reverse, and They've Got Athleticism!
The stadium scene.
Jan. 23 2001 6:45 PM

It's a Zone Blitz on a Double Reverse, and They've Got Athleticism!

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The last attempt to establish a competitor to the NFL was the USFL, which folded its tent and stole off into the desert in 1986. To agents this league was known as the Useful because it triggered salary bidding wars. Despite the long-ago demise of the Useful, three former USFL players performed in the NFL this season. Name these gentlemen.


Many guesses included Warren Moon, whose salad days were in the CFL, not the USFL. Answer: Doug Flutie (then of the geographically accurately named New Jersey Generals, now Buffalo Bills), Sean Landeta (then Philadelphia Stars, now Philadelphia Eagles), and Reggie White (then Memphis Showboats, now Carolina Panthers). This challenge goes to Daryle LaMonica of North Massapequa, N.Y., who notes that he is "not related to the famous Daryle LaMonica, unless you are a super model or want to buy an autograph."

And now the final TMQ Trivia Challenge—totally, utterly impossible to solve using search engines:

To answer an earlier Trivia Challenge, you had to know that Charles Haley possesses the most Super Bowl rings (five), Cornelius Bennett the most appearances without a ring (five), and Mike Lodish the most total Super Bowl appearances (six).

Then there are those unhappy fellows who tape up for the Super Bowl but spend the entire game on the sidelines. Several share the dubious distinction of dressing for three Super Bowls but not participating in a single play. Name any one of these gentlemen.

Submit your answers via "The Fray," titling them Super Bowl Trivia Answer. And be sure to include your e-mail address in the event the Senate Judiciary Committee wishes to question you about the circumstances of your victory.

TMQ Season Finale! Next week's column will appear on Monday, the day after the Super Bowl. Read it to find out:

  • Will the Giants go pass-wacky?
  • Will the Ravens get away with murder?
  • Will Kurt Warner's homeworld invade Earth?
  • Will Jennifer take it off, take it all off?
  • Who will commit the Single Worst Play of Super Bowl XXXV?

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