New Jersey Resplendent
New Jersey Resplendent
The stadium scene.
Sept. 19 2000 9:00 PM

New Jersey Resplendent

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Here is this week's TMQ Trivia Challenge:


Dan Marino was introduced at his number-retirement ceremony by the only other player whose number the Dolphins have retired, Bob Griese. In whose honor was each of the following jerseys put to pasture?

Arizona: No. 99
Denver: No. 18
Green Bay: No. 3
New Jersey Giants: No. 4
San Francisco: No. 73

Offer your replies via The Fray, titling the entry "Trivia Answer."

First correct reply will be cited in next week's column. And you might get a TMQ cap at season's end, but remember, the final decision will be completely arbitrary and we promise nothing.

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