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Lucky Bounce

An incredibly accurate new formula for predicting lead changes shows just how random basketball truly is.

June 22 2015 12:58 PMLet’s All Hate-Watch United Passions TogetherWatch the FIFA propaganda film while you listen to commentary from Slate’s Hang Up and Listen podcast.
June 17 2015 2:45 AMWho Did It Better? The Warriors, Obviously.In the end, the best team in the world survived LeBron’s best shot.
June 16 2015 5:45 AMBurst BubbleWhen did NBA stars stop chewing gum and start chewing mouth guards?
June 12 2015 1:43 AMWho Did It Better? Andre Iguodola.Related: Steve Kerr’s alive, you guys!
June 10 2015 1:30 AMWho Did It Better? Matthew Dellavedova.We are all witnesses.
June 8 2015 12:33 AMWho Did It Better? LeBron James.The Cavs needed a point guard. Who would it be? Silly question.
June 4 2015 6:00 PMWill American Pharoah Win the Belmont? Don’t Bet on It.Really. But do bet on every other horse to win.
June 3 2015 2:29 PMBlatter’s Resignation Is Only the First StepFor true change, FIFA needs to start over with outsiders and a new structure.
May 27 2015 9:53 PMSoccer SuperpowerThe American justice system could actually bring down mighty FIFA.
May 19 2015 4:23 PMCaution FlagThe Indy 500 is turning into a car-flipping debacle.
May 15 2015 2:14 PMInside Pedro’s BrainThe new Pedro Martinez memoir offers rare insight into the career of a pitching great.
May 13 2015 2:42 PMThe NBA Draft Is BrokenHere’s how to fix it.
May 11 2015 6:37 PMHow Bill Simmons Changed SportswritingAnd why being let go by ESPN is the best thing that could have happened for his career.
May 8 2015 3:58 PMHow to Save BoxingThe sport needs more fights like Mayweather-Pacquiao.
April 30 2015 8:18 PMTalent Trumps PrincipleJameis Winston’s disturbing history will soon be a distant memory for the NFL.
June 17 2015 3:17 AMHurts So GoodThe Cavs’ NBA Finals run was joyous, hopeful, and heartbreaking.
June 16 2015 9:45 AMThe Coaches’ ChampionshipHow the NBA Finals became a chess match between two master strategists.
June 15 2015 1:12 AMWho Did It Better? Curry's Helpers.James and Curry both dominated, but Curry also had help.
June 11 2015 3:05 PMColorful CommentatorA candid talk with Jeff Van Gundy.
June 8 2015 3:07 PMLife After PiaNearly three years after the Swede’s departure, the USWNT still seeks the consistency of the Sundhage era.
June 5 2015 12:40 AMWho Did It Better? Curry vs. James.LeBron had a bigger night, but Steph Curry had a hot streak at an opportune time.
June 4 2015 3:56 PMJersey BoysNike is making women’s soccer jerseys in men’s sizes. It’s about time!
June 2 2015 9:00 AMIn Praise of 1–0Fewer goals at the Women’s World Cup means more excitement and better play.
May 22 2015 3:06 PMHow Things BreakAli fought Liston 50 years ago. Two legends were born, but another was broken.
May 18 2015 9:55 PMPatriots Derangement SyndromeDeflategate has sent New England fans over the deep end.
May 14 2015 1:02 PMAtswhatimtalknboutHow racehorse names got so long and goofy.
May 12 2015 5:48 PMCommandant Goodell’s Kangaroo CourtThe NFL’s deflategate punishment was outlandishly excessive.
May 8 2015 5:26 PMSave GrantlandPlease don’t send Bill Simmons’ amazing site packing with him, ESPN. 
May 6 2015 5:53 PMSuspend James DolanThe Knicks owner just hired sexual harasser Isiah Thomas as president of a WNBA team. Will the NBA do the right thing?
April 30 2015 1:04 PMHow to Watch BoxingA video guide to appreciating the finer points of two guys slugging each other.