Sports Nut
Sports Nut
Sept. 7 2016 3:51 PMYou Have Permission to Get Excited About Christian PulisicForget cautious optimism. It’s now OK to fall in love with American soccer’s new 17-year-old star.
Aug. 30 2016 11:51 AMA Jock SpringIn 1968, Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised black-gloved fists at the Olympics. Forty-eight years later, Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem.
Aug. 25 2016 4:40 PMThe Hope Solo MistakeU.S. Soccer needed to get rid of its goalkeeper, but not like this.
July 28 2016 4:59 PM“Republicans Buy Sneakers, Too”That quote has haunted Michael Jordan for decades. But did he really say it?
July 18 2016 7:55 PM“People Told Me to Shut Up and Play Football”Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins on why athletes are speaking out about social justice.
July 13 2016 7:48 PMTim Duncan and John Cleese Are Exactly AlikeAccording to Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich.
July 12 2016 7:55 PM“The Zika Virus, You Know, and All That Crap”Golfers are using a public health crisis as an excuse to skip an event they don’t want to play. They should be ashamed.
July 11 2016 7:32 AMDavid Ortiz Is the Best Home Run Trotter of All TimeHe’s got style, he’s got personality, and he rounds the bases more slowly than anyone else in Major League Baseball.
July 6 2016 5:46 PM“You’re Not Going to Get Me to Say a Bad Thing About Kevin Durant”What the MVP meant to Oklahoma City and why Thunder fans will never feel the same way about Russell Westbrook.
June 22 2016 9:15 AMHow to Stop Tanking in the NBAA plan to fix pro basketball’s perverse incentives.
June 20 2016 4:07 PMCleveland, This Is for Us!A Cavaliers fan savors a long-awaited title.
June 17 2016 5:04 PMGame 6 Was Weird. Game 7 Is Going to Be Glorious.A conversation with ESPN’s Ethan Sherwood Strauss about the NBA Finals.
June 17 2016 3:16 PMLeBron James Is Even Better Than We Thought He WasWe knew he was one of the greatest of all time. His amazing 2016 finals prove we’re still figuring out what he’s capable of on the court.
June 15 2016 5:26 PMHow Ayesha Curry Became the World’s Most Controversial Couscous-Recipe-Tweeting Demi-CelebrityThe wife of NBA star Steph Curry became a battleground between progressive and reactionary factions on Twitter. Then she got famous.
June 10 2016 3:59 PMMuhammad Ali Changed His Name in 1964Newspapers called him Cassius Clay for six more years.
Sept. 7 2016 9:45 AMThe Least Boring Thing in BaseballKorean first pitches—an appreciation.
Aug. 29 2016 4:58 PM“The Nature of His Injury Was Not Alarming”Tony Romo keeps getting hurt. The Dallas Cowboys keep saying it’s no big deal.
Aug. 23 2016 10:20 AMHow I Won the Minnesota Twins’ Mascot RaceStep 1: Scout the competition. Step 2: Pick the fish costume.
July 22 2016 12:00 PMOut at HomeKen Griffey Jr.’s Cincinnati homecoming was supposed to be heartwarming and triumphant. It was a disaster.
July 14 2016 4:25 PMThe Englishman Who Jogged Up a MountainTour de France leader Chris Froome’s bike got smashed by a motorcycle. So he took off running.
July 13 2016 7:03 PMThis Bar Fight Is Under ReviewHow the NBA would evaluate Draymond Green’s alleged slap at an East Lansing watering hole.
July 11 2016 6:13 PMFlying Biles, Leaping Laurie, and Kocian in MotionThe best photos from the U.S. women’s gymnastics Olympic trials.
July 7 2016 11:51 AMGolden State vs. LeBron and Paul George and Andre Drummond …Could the new-look Warriors beat a team of Eastern Conference All-Stars?
July 4 2016 2:03 PMWhy Kevin Durant Signed With the WarriorsHow the NBA created the era of the super team.
June 20 2016 4:38 PMStephen Curry, for 4!The 3-pointer is old news. Here’s where the NBA should put the 4-point line.
June 20 2016 3:51 AMThe King Becomes a LegendLeBron James was already one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Now his record is unimpeachable.
June 17 2016 4:22 PM“One of the Best Nights of My Life”An interview with Scott Raab on watching the Cavs win Game 6 in Cleveland and how he’s feeling heading into Game 7 of the NBA Finals.
June 16 2016 5:50 PMThe Unbearable Lightness of Being Stephen CurryThe Warriors star is forcing fans and his fellow players to confront their assumptions about black athletes.
June 13 2016 7:07 PMWhy Don’t Basketball Players Wear Cups?Plus: Why don’t football players wear cups? Also: Why don’t baseball players wear cups?
June 8 2016 7:15 PMThe Ultimate FighterKimbo Slice’s street fights made him a viral video star. His mixed martial arts bouts made him mortal.