Sports Nut
Oct. 7 2013 3:54 PMIn Praise of the Naked BootlegPeyton Manning’s most unstoppable weapon reveals what makes him a great quarterback.
Sept. 30 2013 2:06 PMDoes Momentum Matter?Some surprising analysis of one of baseball’s hoariest clichés.
Sept. 16 2013 2:15 PMWhy I Took HGHOn the desperation of an NFL player at the end of his career.
Sept. 6 2013 11:22 AMHow Much Does Maria Sharapova Weigh?And does the public have the right to know?
Sept. 4 2013 1:58 PMThe Year Football ChangedIn 1967, 20 years after Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color line, there were no black quarterbacks in the NFL. Here’s how history was made.
Aug. 29 2013 9:09 PMThe NFL Concussion Settlement Is Bad News for Football FansIt won’t help us understand how dangerous the sport really is.
Aug. 27 2013 12:35 PMThere Has Been a Keith Olbermann SightingThe prodigal sportscaster returns to ESPN.
Aug. 23 2013 4:23 PMThe Worst Baseball Card of All TimeThe case of 1996 Pinnacle Foil No. 289.
Aug. 15 2013 7:44 PMChallenging Our PatienceBaseball’s new replay system ensures that bad calls will still get made for absolutely no reason.
Aug. 9 2013 4:56 PMThe NCAA's Prison EconomyWhy Johnny Manziel would sell his autograph.
Aug. 7 2013 9:30 AMWho Is the American Messi?Also: Who Is the Irish Messi? The Iranian Messi? The Kiwi Messi?
July 29 2013 2:59 PMAn Important Life Lesson from Blackjack and BaseballYou gain more by not being stupid than you do by being smart.
July 22 2013 9:30 PMRyan Braun's Dirty DeedYes, he's a drug cheat. But there's another reason he deserves our contempt.
July 17 2013 1:49 PMThe Five Baseball Dad CommandmentsA sign that perfectly captures the loutish behavior of overzealous Little League parents.
July 2 2013 8:09 AMThe NCAA Has Truly Lost Its MindCollege coaches are allowed to block their former players from getting scholarships at new schools. And that’s not all …
Oct. 3 2013 2:59 PMPassion PlayLatin players are bringing exuberance and emotion to baseball. It’s time to embrace it.
Sept. 25 2013 9:46 PMThe Miracle on San Francisco BayOracle Team USA’s billionaire-funded, cheat-tastic America’s Cup comeback reveals the awesome power of the inspirational sports narrative.
Sept. 9 2013 7:40 PMRemember Zelmo BeatyAn obituary for Slate’s favorite basketball player.
Sept. 5 2013 11:05 AMCan Robert Griffin III Save the NFL?Or will pro football destroy the first megastar of the post-CTE age?
Sept. 3 2013 12:04 PMPlay On, RogerThe greatest tennis player of all time has become mortal. Now maybe we can finally appreciate him.
Aug. 28 2013 12:53 PMMessi and NeymarWill the world’s greatest player and Barcelona’s new prodigy play well together?
Aug. 26 2013 12:38 PMSelf-Loathing Wins ChampionshipsA video of a German tennis star berating himself is the key to understanding sports psychology.
Aug. 16 2013 7:31 PMThe Great Strike HopeIs Jozy Altidore the first great goal scorer in U.S. soccer history?
Aug. 12 2013 7:55 AMThe Great LevelingWhy soccer teams score fewer goals than they did 100 years ago.
Aug. 8 2013 5:34 AMThe Washington _________Why Slate will no longer refer to Washington’s NFL team as the Redskins.
Aug. 5 2013 7:30 AMHard Work Isn't Always EnoughWant to improve your aerobic capacity? Better hope you have the right genes.
July 24 2013 12:52 PMThe Hall of FamerDeacon White invented the wind-up, popularized the catcher's mask, and got the first hit in a professional baseball league. Now, he’s finally in Cooperstown.
July 22 2013 6:19 PMWelcome Back to Sports, Nate SilverNow solve these eight problems.
July 8 2013 6:00 PMAndy and JamieHow Andy Murray’s obsession with beating his older brother helped him become a Wimbledon champion.
June 27 2013 8:45 AMThe Darko AgesHow magical thinking and racism produced the NBA’s most notorious draft bust.