Sports Nut
Sports Nut
Feb. 28 2016 12:03 PMStephen Curry Is Not a Human BeingThis is not how sports are supposed to work. 
Feb. 16 2016 6:41 PMEverything We Know About the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Peyton ManningWhat’s the quarterback accused of doing? Why did these claims resurface? What does Shaun King have to do with it?
Feb. 11 2016 4:25 PMRoger Goodell Isn’t a Liar. He’s a Bullshitter.Towards a theory of pro football public relations.
Feb. 8 2016 1:02 AMGame Over. Mercifully.The 10 saddest, most futile moments in a terrible, terrible Super Bowl.
Feb. 7 2016 5:02 PMThe Tweet BowlWhat Twitter’s smartest culture and sports writers are saying about the Super Bowl.
Feb. 4 2016 6:06 PMI Hate Peyton ManningWhy doesn’t everybody else?
Feb. 3 2016 6:40 PMNational Signing Day, ExplainedA guide to the convoluted and ridiculous rituals of college football’s signing day.
Feb. 2 2016 10:28 AMA Guide to Getting a Football From Cam NewtonStep 1: Be a kid.
Jan. 26 2016 5:45 PMThe San Antonio Spurs Are Not the Greatest Team EverI am very, deeply sorry I ever doubted you, Warriors.
Jan. 22 2016 6:20 PMHow to Talk to Bill BelichickDo: Ask about the kicking game. Don’t: Ask him if he cares to elaborate on that.
Jan. 18 2016 5:45 AMJust a Guy at the BarLoving football, despite its flaws, as a transgender man.
Jan. 10 2016 2:27 PMThe Most Horrifying Moments in the Steelers-Bengals Game, RankedBrutal hits, fans throwing stuff at an injured quarterback, and an assistant coach yanking a player’s hair.
Jan. 1 2016 5:52 PMAlabama’s Joyless ChampionNick Saban might be the greatest college coach of all time. He’s definitely the grimmest.
Dec. 23 2015 10:30 AMFootball DiplomacyIt’s silly season for bowl games, but none could be sillier than the Glasnost Bowl.
Dec. 21 2015 11:50 AMConcussion LiesThe film about the NFL’s apparent CTE epidemic feeds the pervasive national myths about head trauma.
Feb. 24 2016 4:28 PMAn Interview With Sepp Blatter (or Possibly a Nigerian Scammer)The former FIFA president—or, perhaps, a West African email con artist—on World Cup scandals, the candidates to replace him, and Donald Trump.
Feb. 15 2016 5:40 AMHipsters Are Ruining SurfingMobs of newbies are polluting the soul of the sport.
Feb. 8 2016 5:18 AMWhy You Hated the Super BowlIt was hard to tell if it was a great defensive contest, or a terrible offensive one.
Feb. 7 2016 11:31 PMOne of the Worst Super Bowls EverThe Denver Broncos win a grim, tedious, maddeningly ugly football game.
Feb. 5 2016 3:34 PMPeyton Manning, You’re Our Only HopeHow the NFL’s model citizen could end the NFL’s dumb war on drugs.
Feb. 4 2016 3:52 PMCam Newton Will Not Stop SmilingCan the Carolina Panthers quarterback make it OK for athletes to look like they’re having fun?
Feb. 3 2016 9:51 AMWhen Media Day Goes Prime TimeMore glitz, more splash, all the same silliness.
Jan. 29 2016 3:46 PMKyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan Are Best FriendsA tribute to the NBA’s greatest bromance.
Jan. 25 2016 6:32 PMNBA Jerk Watch: LeBron JamesHe probably got his coach fired. Does that make LeBron a jerk?
Jan. 21 2016 1:35 PM“He’s Saying All the Right Things”It’s time to kill sportswriting’s most persistent, most versatile cliché.
Jan. 15 2016 6:24 PMFear of a Black QuarterbackHow Cam Newton has stretched the sports world’s racial barriers.
Jan. 8 2016 5:31 PMUmpire School Diary: Update 2I’ve been holding my own.
Dec. 29 2015 1:50 PMDabo Swinney’s Master EvangelismWhy the Clemson coach’s Christianity is a big part of the Tigers’ success.
Dec. 21 2015 2:58 PMThe Steph Curry Spiciness IndexThe most recent preposterous play from the league’s most magical player.
Dec. 17 2015 10:56 AMThe Steph Curry Spiciness IndexThe most recent preposterous play from the league’s most magical player.