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Jan. 5 2017 4:26 PMCould an NFL Team Miss the Playoffs With a 13–3 Record?What about 14–2? 15–1?
Dec. 9 2016 6:15 PMHeel in ChiefNo wonder Trump wants a WWE magnate in his administration. He and pro wrestling go way back.
Nov. 15 2016 9:15 AMNo More Sticking to SportsWhat athletes and coaches said after Donald Trump’s victory.
Nov. 4 2016 11:44 AM“When They Won, I Cried Because of Her”At a makeshift memorial, Chicago Cubs fans remember loved ones who never got to see their team win the World Series.
Nov. 3 2016 2:03 PMA Better Marathon Time CalculatorTwo years ago, we introduced our marathon calculator. Now, it’s gotten an update.
Nov. 2 2016 4:36 PMRacist Mascot Wins World Series, PresidencyHeadlines from the future.
Oct. 28 2016 1:50 PMWhy Chief Wahoo Is Still GrinningProtests against the Cleveland Indians’ racist, red-faced caricature never work. They just make its supporters stronger.
Oct. 25 2016 4:08 PMThe Curse BreakerFirst, Theo Epstein saved the Red Sox. Now he’s rescuing the Cubs. Here’s his secret.
Oct. 21 2016 12:22 PMCubs Win!How the most pessimistic fans in sports transformed into a bunch of optimists.
Oct. 4 2016 5:58 PMIn Praise of Baseball’s One-Game PlayoffThe traditionalists are wrong.
Sept. 23 2016 2:03 PMWhy Do the Green Bay Packers’ Opponents Stay at a Radisson in Appleton?A Slate investigation.
Sept. 18 2016 6:49 PMSo You Dropped the Ball Before You Scored a TouchdownYou are far, far from alone.
Sept. 8 2016 2:43 PMForecasting the 2016 New England PatriotsWill this year’s Belichick and Brady squad be excellent or merely really, really good?
Sept. 7 2016 9:45 AMThe Least Boring Thing in BaseballKorean first pitches—an appreciation.
Aug. 29 2016 4:58 PM“The Nature of His Injury Was Not Alarming”Tony Romo keeps getting hurt. The Dallas Cowboys keep saying it’s no big deal.
Dec. 22 2016 3:54 PMThe Minnesota Football Boycott Sounded Like a Social Justice Protest. It Wasn’t.“Justice.” “Awareness.” “Due process.” Players co-opted the language of the recent jock awakening to push a reactionary message.
Nov. 21 2016 6:55 PMBad Coach, Bad for AmericaGoodbye and good riddance, Jürgen Klinsmann.
Nov. 7 2016 1:54 PMThe Brangelina of the NBAParsing the divorce of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.
Nov. 3 2016 2:10 PMI Sold Bill Murray a Beer at Wrigley FieldAnd other World Series tales from a Chicago Cubs vendor.
Nov. 2 2016 5:49 PMIt Will Never Be This Good AgainA Red Sox fan on what it’s like to win the World Series after a very, very, very long championship drought.
Nov. 2 2016 2:02 PMAroldis Chapman and the Cost of Risk AversionHow Joe Maddon’s fear of losing Game 6 could cost the Cubs in Game 7.
Oct. 25 2016 4:36 PMIt Might Be. It Could Be. It Is?Can you tell a home run from a fly ball? Take our video quiz.
Oct. 25 2016 11:09 AMTolstoy Was Still Alive. Jessica Tandy Hadn’t Been Born.The state of the world in 1908, the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.
Oct. 5 2016 4:17 PMMickey Mantle Is Alive, and He Plays in AnaheimSo why is Mike Trout less famous than Jimmy Garoppolo?
Sept. 25 2016 2:28 PMJosé Fernández Was the Future of BaseballThe Marlins’ exuberant, Cuban-born pitcher changed what it means to play the game the right way.
Sept. 22 2016 1:33 PMIdiots on the Field Are the Forbidden Fruit of Sports TVWhy don’t networks show them?
Sept. 14 2016 1:20 PMA More Convenient SeasonIt’s absurd for Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney to invoke Martin Luther King Jr. to scold the NFL’s anthem protesters.
Sept. 7 2016 3:51 PMYou Have Permission to Get Excited About Christian PulisicForget cautious optimism. It’s now OK to fall in love with American soccer’s new 17-year-old star.
Aug. 30 2016 11:51 AMA Jock SpringIn 1968, Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised black-gloved fists at the Olympics. Forty-eight years later, Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem.
Aug. 25 2016 4:40 PMThe Hope Solo MistakeU.S. Soccer needed to get rid of its goalkeeper, but not like this.