Sports Nut
Sports Nut
April 21 2016 6:00 AMWhat They Teach You at Umpire SchoolHow to remember the rules and keep your hat from flying off while thousands of angry fans yell at you.
April 14 2016 2:54 PMSynecdoche, Kobe BryantThe Lakers legend’s 60-point finale was the perfect single-game representation of his amazing, infuriating career.
April 8 2016 4:44 PMHas Manny Pacquiao Ruined His Legacy?His comments about gay people being “worse than animals” could finally help turn Filipinos against their national icon.
April 1 2016 6:38 PMWhen Sports Gossip Becomes Sports NewsThe Nick Young–D’Angelo Russell video shows media gatekeepers are still alive and well.
March 30 2016 2:17 PMJürgen Klinsmann Is DelusionalHe took over the U.S. men’s soccer team in 2011, promising a new, beautiful style of play. It was all empty bluster. 
March 25 2016 2:51 PMThe Gray Lady on Gray MatterWhat’s new in the New York Times’ big, front-page story on the NFL and concussions?
March 25 2016 7:34 AMWhen Stephen Curry Became Stephen CurryHow the best shooter in basketball history nearly led Davidson—Davidson!—to the 2008 Final Four.
March 22 2016 6:11 PM“And That’s Considered a Rebound”Airplane! director Jerry Zucker analyzes Taurean Prince’s ingenious, deadpan March Madness press conference.
March 17 2016 12:40 PMWhat Twitter’s Smartest Coaches, Players, and Sports Writers Are Saying About the NCAA TournamentCheck out the instant locker room.
March 16 2016 10:45 AMThe March Madness Buzzer-BeaterWhat it’s like to make a game-winning shot in the NCAA Tournament, and what it’s like to miss one.
March 14 2016 3:35 PMEverything You Need to Know About March MadnessWhat are the best teams? Who’s the tallest guy? Which player enjoys gyros?
March 6 2016 12:30 PMPeyton Manning’s Wobbly SpiralThe NFL star capped a legendary career with a “dream ending” in Super Bowl 50. That won’t make his legacy any less messy.
Feb. 28 2016 12:03 PMStephen Curry Is Not a Human BeingThis is not how sports are supposed to work. 
Feb. 16 2016 6:41 PMEverything We Know About the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Peyton ManningWhat’s the quarterback accused of doing? Why did these claims resurface? What does Shaun King have to do with it?
Feb. 11 2016 4:25 PMRoger Goodell Isn’t a Liar. He’s a Bullshitter.Towards a theory of pro football public relations.
April 15 2016 3:45 PMJackie Robinson Myth-Busting Gone WrongKen Burns’ new documentary doesn’t tell the full story about Robinson’s embrace with Pee Wee Reese.
April 14 2016 6:00 AMThe Golden State Warriors Are the Greatest NBA Team EverAnd they’re the most likable.
April 3 2016 8:53 PMThe UConn Women’s Basketball Dynasty Is OverThe Huskies will win this year’s title. That will end one of the greatest runs in sports history.
March 31 2016 2:54 PMThe NFL Is Not Big TobaccoWhat the analogy gets wrong about football and corporate villainy.
March 30 2016 8:08 AMAmerica’s Favorite Pastime Returns to HavanaHow should we feel about Major League Baseball’s return to Cuba?
March 25 2016 11:55 AMJohan Cruyff Was RightHow the Dutch legend invented modern soccer.
March 24 2016 6:16 PMA Decade of Hate Mail From Duke Basketball Fans“I have read your idiotic and ranting piece on Duke, you sleazy toad,” and other letters.
March 22 2016 12:00 PMNobody Has Ever Been More Fun to Watch Than Stephen Curry in 2016Except maybe Pedro Martinez in 2000.
March 17 2016 10:07 AMNo Shining MomentBen Simmons won’t be playing in the NCAA Tournament. Who’s to blame for his sad, pointless college career?
March 15 2016 4:11 PMWho Invented the Greatest Taunt in Sports?The history of the “air ball” chant.
March 14 2016 2:58 PMHow to Win Your NCAA PoolAct like a hedge fund manager and pick Virginia to win it all.
March 2 2016 12:16 PMDonald Trump Made Golf Great AgainNow the sport’s bigwigs are wishing he hadn’t.
Feb. 24 2016 4:28 PMAn Interview With Sepp Blatter (or Possibly a Nigerian Scammer)The former FIFA president—or, perhaps, a West African email con artist—on World Cup scandals, the candidates to replace him, and Donald Trump.
Feb. 15 2016 5:40 AMHipsters Are Ruining SurfingMobs of newbies are polluting the soul of the sport.
Feb. 8 2016 5:18 AMWhy You Hated the Super BowlIt was hard to tell if it was a great defensive contest, or a terrible offensive one.