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June 26 2014 12:09 AMAmerican GoatThe problem with blaming Michael Bradley for the U.S. draw against Portugal.
June 24 2014 3:26 PMCleveland's Plan to Win Back LeBron JamesThis is owner Dan Gilbert's "dare to be great" situation.
June 23 2014 2:17 PMAmerican InvasionThe U.S. national team and its rowdy fans have taken over Brazil. The locals are not pleased.
June 17 2014 1:41 PMLady Luck, Wrapped in an American FlagHow the U.S. men’s national team finally beat Ghana.
June 12 2014 8:58 AMHow the World Cup Made Brazil Hate Its Own National TeamBlame FIFA.
June 9 2014 10:39 AMWill Brazil Take Home the Trophy? Spain? Argentina?Use our interactive to make your World Cup picks, or let us pick for you based on population, animal power, and more.
June 6 2014 9:19 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Slate’s executive editor and Hang Up and Listen host on basketball, math, The Simpsons, and the sexiest pop hit of 1909.
June 4 2014 1:25 PMFinding Delonte WestGetting an interview with the subject of my Slate story was a lot harder than I thought it would be.
June 4 2014 1:19 PM“I Didn’t Really Know What the Story Would Be Until I Did”David Haglund and his editor Josh Levin talk about reporting his longform story on Delonte West.
May 8 2014 2:40 PMReleases Bursts of Heat From Eyeballs, a Bit Stiff in the HipsSuperman’s NFL draft profile.
May 7 2014 3:58 PMThis Is Why College Athletes Need a UnionThe case of a Kansas State basketball player reveals the NCAA’s moral bankruptcy.
May 5 2014 11:45 PMTake Me Out to the Ballpark—All of ThemHow to visit all 30 major-league stadiums in 30 days.
April 29 2014 7:00 PMThe Last Day of the Old NBA
With one sweeping move, Adam Silver paved the way for a new, better league.
April 29 2014 3:40 PMYes, Donald Sterling Sees His Basketball Team as a PlantationIt’s a provocative comparison, but in this case it’s an accurate one.
April 28 2014 2:10 AMThe NBA's Ownership SocietyDonald Sterling exposes an uncomfortable truth about race and power in pro basketball.
June 25 2014 3:33 PMLet's Get CynicalUruguay and Italy drag a beautiful World Cup back into the muck.
June 24 2014 2:18 PMThe Tooth HurtsA short history of biting in sports.
June 19 2014 12:23 PMHow to Negotiate With Daniel SnyderThe Washington owner said he’d never change his team’s nickname. How can the NFL get him to do it anyway?
June 16 2014 6:59 PMThe Disease of LessWhy are we praising the Spurs’ stars for taking smaller salaries?
June 11 2014 2:24 PMIs Germany Too Nice to Win the World Cup?The 2014 squad is missing its Klaus Kinski.
June 6 2014 11:04 AMDelonte West, Mental Health, and the NBA: The ConversationsWhat readers and staff are saying about Slate’s story of the week.
June 4 2014 11:52 PMWhy Isn’t Delonte West in the NBA?He was branded as “crazy” and became the subject of a vicious rumor. Is the stigma against mental illness keeping him out of the league?
June 4 2014 1:19 PMSlate Voice: “Why Isn’t Delonte West in the NBA?”Listen to Slate’s David Haglund read his story on Delonte West.
May 16 2014 5:12 PMA Hello to ArmsForget height. Basketball players’ wingspans are absurd and amazing.
May 7 2014 11:52 PMThe Ball Was CrookedHow soccer’s powers that be infiltrated an international match-fixing conspiracy.
May 6 2014 10:51 AMDonald Sterling’s Model MinorityWhat the Clippers owner’s love of Koreans reveals about racism in America.
May 2 2014 6:05 PMRoller Derby vs. the NCAACan Maiden Asia, Haute Flash, and Stone Cold Jane Austen save college sports from itself?
April 29 2014 6:02 PMDonald Sterling Is a Vile RacistBut even a horrible human being doesn’t deserve to have his property stripped away.
April 28 2014 3:22 PMStand Against SterlingWhy the Los Angeles Clippers need to boycott their next playoff game.
April 16 2014 11:23 PMHow to Fix Baseball’s Replay MessSteal tennis’s replay system: Make the players challenge and keep managers off the field.