Sports Nut
Sports Nut
Oct. 29 2014 6:34 PMNBA Stars Aren’t SuperheroesThey break just like the rest of us puny humans.
Oct. 27 2014 5:56 PMThe Iron GiantJust one pitcher in baseball history had a better postseason than Madison Bumgarner’s 2014 playoff run.
Oct. 20 2014 10:23 AMWhere I Was Wrong About the RoyalsI underestimated the value of building a team that’s just barely better than mediocre.
Oct. 16 2014 1:20 PMThe Best Gymnast in the WorldHow Simone Biles dominates the competition.
Oct. 15 2014 2:06 PMThe Fans Are on the Field!A history of celebratory field-storming in baseball, from the 1920s to today.
Oct. 3 2014 4:57 PMThe Royals Have the Mike Trout Scouting ReportHow to pitch to the best player in baseball.
Sept. 30 2014 5:54 PMGoodbye, Tough GuyIt’s time for Michigan to fire its toughness-obsessed coach, Brady Hoke.
Sept. 25 2014 9:48 PMThe Real Reason Bill Simmons Got SuspendedThe Sports Guy wanted to prove he can still speak truth to power. ESPN wanted to show who's really in charge.
Sept. 23 2014 7:27 PMYou’re Fired, Roger GoodellIf the commissioner gets the ax, the NFL would still need a better justice system. What would that look like?
Sept. 18 2014 11:42 AMGrandmaster ClashOne of the most amazing feats in chess history just happened, and no one noticed.
Sept. 15 2014 9:05 PMGiving Up on GoodellHow the NFL lost the trust of its most loyal reporters.
Sept. 15 2014 5:37 PMA Stupid Man for Our Stupid TimesWhat Stephen Colbert is to dumb, infuriating politicians, PFTCommenter is to the dumb, infuriating NFL.
Sept. 11 2014 7:29 PMWhy Is Terrell Suggs Still in the NFL?Like his teammate Ray Rice, the Ravens linebacker was accused of beating up his wife. But in his case, there was no video.
Sept. 9 2014 9:24 PMWe Love Our (White) FansHawks owner Bruce Levenson’s email reveals how Atlanta’s sports franchises think about race.
Sept. 5 2014 3:02 PMTeenage Mutant Ninja BortlesTurn Down for Watt, Stafford Infection, and 2014’s other most popular fantasy football team names.
Oct. 28 2014 10:51 AMKyrie on My Wayward SonJames of Thrones, Home Oladipo, Ibaka Flocka Flame, and 2014’s other most popular fantasy basketball team names.
Oct. 20 2014 5:09 PMKeepaway, on Three. Ready—Break!On his record-breaking touchdown pass, Peyton Manning couldn’t even leave the celebration to chance.
Oct. 16 2014 2:03 PMOh What a Relief It IsHow the rise of the bullpen has changed baseball.
Oct. 15 2014 5:07 PMBaseball’s Strike Zone Expansion Is Out of ControlWhen will someone shrink it back down to size?
Oct. 6 2014 4:27 PMThe Genius of Buck ShowalterFinally, a manager who knows how to handle a bullpen in the postseason.
Oct. 1 2014 5:19 PMBunt-a-Palooza!How bad was the Kansas City Royals’ bunt-all-the-time strategy in the American League wild-card game? 
Sept. 28 2014 8:30 PMNFL Players Die Young. Or Maybe They Live Long Lives.Why it’s so hard to pin down the effects of football on players’ lives.
Sept. 25 2014 1:23 PMLes on OPSLSU football coach Les Miles explains advanced baseball statistics, for some reason.
Sept. 18 2014 1:23 PM“It’s Not Every Day That You Can Beat the World Champion”An exclusive interview with chess grandmaster Fabiano Caruana.
Sept. 17 2014 3:51 PMNFL Jerk Watch: Roger GoodellHow much should you loathe the pro football commissioner?
Sept. 15 2014 8:41 PMYou’re Cut, Adrian PetersonWhy fantasy football owners should release the Minnesota Vikings star.
Sept. 12 2014 4:36 PM“There’s No Tolerance for That”Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh say they don’t abide domestic abuse. So why do the Seahawks and 49ers have a combined six players accused of violence against women?
Sept. 10 2014 6:36 PMWhere’s the Tape?An AP report is not enough—we need video proof that an NFL executive watched the Ray Rice video.
Sept. 9 2014 12:15 PMThe Million-Mile ClubWhich athlete traveled the most miles in his career? Which team holds the single-season frequent-flyer record?
Sept. 4 2014 2:34 PMWashington Football SchemeIf Dan Snyder gets public money to build a new stadium, it’s time to shut down pro sports.