Sports Nut
March 6 2014 3:27 PMBend It Like NeymarWill Adidas’ new World Cup ball, the Brazuca, fly straight or swerve like mad?
Feb. 28 2014 7:29 PMDon’t Use Your Heads, KidsWhy children shouldn’t be allowed to head a soccer ball.
Feb. 19 2014 12:06 PMIllegal Use of PastaThe University of Oklahoma’s absurd list of self-reported NCAA violations includes “pasta in excess of the permissible amount allowed.”
Feb. 12 2014 4:52 PMHow Sports Illustrated Botched the Michael Sam StoryThe bad journalism that has everyone convinced the NFL isn’t ready for a gay player.
Feb. 5 2014 9:11 AMSpend Less, Win MoreDid the 2013 Red Sox create a new model for building a winning team, or did they just get lucky?
Feb. 3 2014 3:00 AMThe Agony (and Embarrassment and Humiliation) of DefeatHow the Seattle Seahawks destroyed the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl XLVIII.
Jan. 31 2014 1:18 PMInstant Replay, Instant BiasHow slow-motion reviews mislead us about what happens in a football game.
Jan. 29 2014 11:37 AMHey, Hey, NCAA. Unionize College Sports Today!Will Northwestern football players’ union gambit destroy the NCAA’s student-athlete myth once and for all?
Jan. 28 2014 7:45 AMLame PuckWas Fox’s glowing puck the worst blunder in TV sports history, or was it just ahead of its time?

Jan. 21 2014 12:41 PMRichard Sherman, Bad SportWhy is everyone celebrating the Seattle cornerback’s behavior?
Jan. 17 2014 3:54 PMThe Great BrainWhy the NFL needs Peyton Manning even more than the Broncos do.
Jan. 8 2014 4:33 PMA College Football Thought ExperimentWould the Auburn Tigers have won the national title if they had tried not to score at the end of the game?
Jan. 6 2014 2:43 PMBut Nobody Even Makes Any Money on College SportsA point-by-point evisceration of the ridiculous myths that prevent NCAA athletes from getting paid.
Dec. 30 2013 11:23 AMGet Your Stadiums Out of Our ChurchesIt’s time to evict big-time sports from American higher education.
Dec. 6 2013 7:30 PMHow Will the United States Fare in the World Cup’s Group of Death?
March 4 2014 4:50 PMHow to Fix the Extra PointThe 43-yard PAT kick is a terrible idea. Here’s a better alternative.
Feb. 24 2014 9:13 AMYes, This Was a Big DealThoughts on Jason Collins' historic debut as an openly gay NBA player.
Feb. 14 2014 6:23 PMThe Best Report on Bullying I’ve Ever ReadThe NFL’s amazing investigation of the Miami Dolphins locker room.
Feb. 9 2014 10:38 PMPro Football, Tear Down That WallBy coming out, Michael Sam will force the NFL to confront its prejudices.
Feb. 4 2014 11:52 PMBaseball’s Secret PioneerWilliam Edward White, the first black player in major-league history, lived his life as a white man.
Feb. 2 2014 12:00 PMWorst/Best Call Ever!The biggest Broncos and Seahawks fans on Twitter, side by side.
Jan. 30 2014 1:58 PMMediocrity, Followed by Bitter, Soul-Crushing DisappointmentHow the heartbreak of Seattle sports fandom made me who I am today.
Jan. 28 2014 4:56 PMA Guide to American FootballThe amazing British video that explains America’s favorite game.
Jan. 27 2014 5:41 PMErin Andrews Is Not the EnemyShe didn’t create the looks-obsessed template for women in sports media. So why does she take the blame?
Jan. 17 2014 4:31 PMMe, My Father, and Russell WilsonWhy this Seahawks season makes me unspeakably happy.
Jan. 16 2014 5:52 PMAdvantage: SunIt’s 110 degrees at the Australian Open. Why don’t tennis’s best players refuse to take the court?
Jan. 7 2014 5:28 PMHow to Fix the NFL PlayoffsAn insane idea to ensure that the best teams have the best chance to win.
Jan. 2 2014 2:35 PMBasketball, Football, and Hockey Are All the Same GameWhat big data can teach us about our favorite sports.
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