Sports Nut
Sports Nut
May 5 2016 1:30 PMA College Football Player’s Girlfriend Can Get Paid to Endorse Candy. Her Boyfriend Can’t.A new frontier in NCAA absurdity.
May 3 2016 9:30 AMNow Starting for the Sonoma StompersWe picked Sean Conroy off a spreadsheet. We didn’t realize he’d be the first openly gay player in pro baseball history.
April 29 2016 5:56 AMThe Most Shocking Championship in the History of Professional SportsNearly relegated last year, Leicester City is now a virtual lock to win the Premier League. It happened by accident.
April 21 2016 6:00 AMWhat They Teach You at Umpire SchoolHow to remember the rules and keep your hat from flying off while thousands of angry fans yell at you.
April 14 2016 2:54 PMSynecdoche, Kobe BryantThe Lakers legend’s 60-point finale was the perfect single-game representation of his amazing, infuriating career.
April 8 2016 4:44 PMHas Manny Pacquiao Ruined His Legacy?His comments about gay people being “worse than animals” could finally help turn Filipinos against their national icon.
April 1 2016 6:38 PMWhen Sports Gossip Becomes Sports NewsThe Nick Young–D’Angelo Russell video shows media gatekeepers are still alive and well.
March 30 2016 2:17 PMJürgen Klinsmann Is DelusionalHe took over the U.S. men’s soccer team in 2011, promising a new, beautiful style of play. It was all empty bluster. 
March 25 2016 2:51 PMThe Gray Lady on Gray MatterWhat’s new in the New York Times’ big, front-page story on the NFL and concussions?
March 25 2016 7:34 AMWhen Stephen Curry Became Stephen CurryHow the best shooter in basketball history nearly led Davidson—Davidson!—to the 2008 Final Four.
March 22 2016 6:11 PM“And That’s Considered a Rebound”Airplane! director Jerry Zucker analyzes Taurean Prince’s ingenious, deadpan March Madness press conference.
March 17 2016 12:40 PMWhat Twitter’s Smartest Coaches, Players, and Sports Writers Are Saying About the NCAA TournamentCheck out the instant locker room.
March 16 2016 10:45 AMThe March Madness Buzzer-BeaterWhat it’s like to make a game-winning shot in the NCAA Tournament, and what it’s like to miss one.
March 14 2016 3:35 PMEverything You Need to Know About March MadnessWhat are the best teams? Who’s the tallest guy? Which player enjoys gyros?
March 6 2016 12:30 PMPeyton Manning’s Wobbly SpiralThe NFL star capped a legendary career with a “dream ending” in Super Bowl 50. That won’t make his legacy any less messy.
May 4 2016 10:47 AM5,000 to 1!Just how slim was Leicester City’s slim chance of winning the English Premier League?
April 29 2016 6:47 PMThe NFL’s High Draft PickLaremy Tunsil’s bong video was a moment of reckoning for the NFL, which refuses to reckon with anything.
April 25 2016 4:35 PMThe Sports Likability MatrixRate any team in history on its greatness and likability.
April 15 2016 3:45 PMJackie Robinson Myth-Busting Gone WrongKen Burns’ new documentary doesn’t tell the full story about Robinson’s embrace with Pee Wee Reese.
April 14 2016 6:00 AMThe Golden State Warriors Are the Greatest NBA Team EverAnd they’re the most likable.
April 3 2016 8:53 PMThe UConn Women’s Basketball Dynasty Is OverThe Huskies will win this year’s title. That will end one of the greatest runs in sports history.
March 31 2016 2:54 PMThe NFL Is Not Big TobaccoWhat the analogy gets wrong about football and corporate villainy.
March 30 2016 8:08 AMAmerica’s Favorite Pastime Returns to HavanaHow should we feel about Major League Baseball’s return to Cuba?
March 25 2016 11:55 AMJohan Cruyff Was RightHow the Dutch legend invented modern soccer.
March 24 2016 6:16 PMA Decade of Hate Mail From Duke Basketball Fans“I have read your idiotic and ranting piece on Duke, you sleazy toad,” and other letters.
March 22 2016 12:00 PMNobody Has Ever Been More Fun to Watch Than Stephen Curry in 2016Except maybe Pedro Martinez in 2000.
March 17 2016 10:07 AMNo Shining MomentBen Simmons won’t be playing in the NCAA Tournament. Who’s to blame for his sad, pointless college career?
March 15 2016 4:11 PMWho Invented the Greatest Taunt in Sports?The history of the “air ball” chant.
March 14 2016 2:58 PMHow to Win Your NCAA PoolAct like a hedge fund manager and pick Virginia to win it all.
March 2 2016 12:16 PMDonald Trump Made Golf Great AgainNow the sport’s bigwigs are wishing he hadn’t.