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July 22 2017 6:31 PMKyrie Irving Is a Mad GeniusHis trade request could destroy the Cleveland Cavaliers and might ruin his career. I wholeheartedly approve.
June 30 2017 6:05 PMNo Shelter From the Woj BombsAdrian Wojnarowski gets more scoops than any other NBA reporter. He’ll make the ESPN hype machine even more terrifyingly powerful.
May 12 2017 11:58 AMIs Klay Thompson a Robot?A Slate investigation.
May 10 2017 10:24 AMThe Hero the NBA NeedsThe Cavs and Warriors are undefeated, but these playoffs belong to Isaiah Thomas.
May 8 2017 2:08 PMMike D’Antoni Already Changed the NBA OnceWith the Houston Rockets, he’s revolutionizing the league again.
May 4 2017 5:17 PMThe Curse of Jackie RobinsonThe Red Sox passed on the chance to integrate the major leagues. The franchise is still recovering from that original sin.
May 2 2017 11:07 AMPassing the Chemistry TestWill pro sports teams ever figure out how to quantify how well teammates get along?
April 5 2017 4:31 PMTony Romo Got Out While He Was Still AliveThe Cowboys quarterback will be a whole lot safer in the broadcast booth than he was on the football field.
March 31 2017 5:54 AMCongratulations on Winning the World Series, CubsBuilding a dynasty is a whole lot harder.
March 26 2017 8:00 PMFox Sports 1 Is Amazing! Awful! Fantastic! Execrable!Will a network that serves up every opinion and its opposite reinvent sports television—or destroy it?
March 13 2017 2:57 PMHow to Win Your NCAA PoolAct like a hedge fund manager and pick Gonzaga to win it all.
Feb. 17 2017 5:23 PM“That Was My Play!”The future of sports just might be the Screaming Eagles, a football team controlled by fans with smartphones.
Feb. 6 2017 5:33 PMWe Are the 99 PercentHow close were the Falcons to winning the Super Bowl?
Feb. 5 2017 5:40 PMThe Super Bowl of Social MediaWhat Twitter’s smartest culture and sports writers are saying about the Falcons, the Patriots, the commercials, and Lady Gaga.
Jan. 31 2017 4:55 PMIs Russell Westbrook a Rebound Thief?The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard averages a triple-double. He also stands accused of padding his stats.
July 14 2017 4:15 PMHoward Hughes Has a Plan to Fix the NBAThe Eastern Conference is awful. There are too many bad games on TV. Should we burn it to the ground and start over?
May 17 2017 10:30 AMJohn Wooden’s Homespun Creed Was Not So HomespunThe legendary basketball coach claimed his father developed a brilliant, seven-point philosophy of life. That’s total hogwash.
May 12 2017 11:04 AMFlipping AwesomeIn praise of the Philadelphia Phillies’ Odubel Herrera, who tosses his bat skyward when he grounds out to second base.
May 9 2017 6:50 PMThe Quest for a Sub–Two-Hour MarathonEliud Kipchoge almost broke the barrier. What does his race tell us about the limits of human performance?
May 5 2017 11:59 AMI Love What LaVar Ball Stands ForI hate LaVar Ball.
May 4 2017 9:04 AMMirror-World MessiIn praise of N’Golo Kanté, soccer’s immovable object.
April 14 2017 12:49 PMStill a White Man’s SportSeventy years after Jackie Robinson integrated Major League Baseball, the game has yet to embrace black culture.
March 31 2017 9:15 AMOne Month, Every StadiumOur guide to visiting all 30 major-league ballparks in 30 days, updated for 2017.
March 27 2017 1:49 PMThese Guys Are GoodUnder Bruce Arena, the U.S. men’s national soccer team has transformed from an embarrassment into an aggressive attacking force.
March 13 2017 3:17 PMThe Ballad of Illinois StateHow the NCAA abuses statistics to stack the deck against small schools.
Feb. 27 2017 7:30 PMThere Is No More American Name Than Muhammad AliWhat the immigration officials who detained the boxer’s son should know about the great champion and this nation’s values.
Feb. 10 2017 2:45 PMThey’ll Tumble for YaThe joys of women’s college gymnastics, the best show on TV.
Feb. 6 2017 2:08 AMThe Greatest, Saddest Super Bowl EverThe New England Patriots’ amazing overtime victory was an even more amazing catastrophe for the Atlanta Falcons.
Feb. 3 2017 5:53 AMHow to Pull for the Patriots in the Age of TrumpA guide for morally compromised New England fans.
Jan. 10 2017 2:10 PMRoll TigersTo beat Alabama, Clemson had to become Alabama.