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Sept. 5 2014 3:02 PMTeenage Mutant Ninja BortlesTurn Down for Watt, Stafford Infection, and 2014’s other most popular fantasy football team names.
Sept. 4 2014 12:36 PMRoger Federer Serves Like a GirlScience explains why female tennis players can serve as fast as men.
Aug. 28 2014 4:29 PMDown With the Penn State PenaltyIt’s time for the NCAA to end its pointless punishment of the Nittany Lions football program.
Aug. 27 2014 8:58 AMExorcising a Losing RecordJosh Keefe on the story behind his piece, “I Was the Worst High School Quarterback Ever.”
Aug. 26 2014 5:59 PMThe Horror II: The Return of Appalachian StateWhy did Michigan schedule a rematch of the most embarrassing defeat in college football history?
Aug. 8 2014 3:17 PMThe NCAA Still Doesn’t Care About AthletesBut giving more power to the five richest conferences in college sports will be better for the players anyway.
July 29 2014 9:17 PMWho’s Behind the New Washington Football Team Website?The team wants you to think there's a grass-roots movement in support of its offensive nickname. The site’s source code suggests otherwise.
July 18 2014 9:15 AMThe Human Red FlagLance Stephenson is the most fascinatingly flawed player in the NBA.
July 11 2014 2:26 PMNice Rebound!LeBron’s Cleveland announcement was everything his 2010 decision was not: sincere, heartfelt, and not on television.
July 9 2014 7:52 PM“A Shameful Display of Selfishness and Betrayal”Can LeBron James forget Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s letter? Should he?
July 6 2014 9:41 PMThis Land Is Their Land
The Braves, Chiefs, and Washington NFL team all play on land seized from American Indians.

July 2 2014 5:27 PMWho Was Dent McSkimming?The truth behind the legend of the lone American reporter at the 1950 World Cup.
June 26 2014 12:09 AMAmerican GoatThe problem with blaming Michael Bradley for the U.S. draw against Portugal.
June 24 2014 3:26 PMCleveland's Plan to Win Back LeBron JamesThis is owner Dan Gilbert's "dare to be great" situation.
June 23 2014 2:17 PMAmerican InvasionThe U.S. national team and its rowdy fans have taken over Brazil. The locals are not pleased.
Sept. 4 2014 2:34 PMWashington Football SchemeIf Dan Snyder gets public money to build a new stadium, it’s time to shut down pro sports.
Sept. 3 2014 4:37 PMHail MaryHow 1994's pass-friendly rule changes saved a moribund league and created the modern NFL.
Aug. 28 2014 3:27 PMThe BCS Is DeadHere’s everything you need to know about the new college football playoff.
Aug. 26 2014 11:54 PMI Was the Worst High School Quarterback EverLessons from a winless career.
Aug. 10 2014 2:13 PMTragedy at the Race TrackTony Stewart ran over and killed Kevin Ward Jr. Is he responsible for Ward's death?
July 30 2014 6:01 PMWashington Football Team FactsEverything you need to know about why the nickname has to go.
July 24 2014 5:14 PMMore Unforced ErrorsDocumenting Times of London writer Neil Harman’s extensive Wimbledon plagiarism.
July 11 2014 6:07 PMSlate Voice:Nice Rebound!”Listen to Josh Levin read his analysis of LeBron’s Cleveland announcement.
July 10 2014 9:04 PMShame on You, LeBron JamesYour website is a total abomination.
July 9 2014 7:33 PMWhy Brazil LostRather than make a real plan, they abandoned themselves to romantic notions of passion and desire.
July 2 2014 7:55 PMWalking to Stay One Step AheadLionel Messi has figured out how to win matches by moving less than everyone else.
June 27 2014 1:34 PMWe Are Soccer Adults NowHow Jürgen Klinsmann helped the American team come of age in Brazil.
June 25 2014 3:33 PMLet's Get CynicalUruguay and Italy drag a beautiful World Cup back into the muck.
June 24 2014 2:18 PMThe Tooth HurtsA short history of biting in sports.
June 19 2014 12:23 PMHow to Negotiate With Daniel SnyderThe Washington owner said he’d never change his team’s nickname. How can the NFL get him to do it anyway?