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Count the New England Patriots Out at Your Own Risk (Because It’s Fun!)

Tom Brady and co. lost to the Detroit Lions, 26-10.

Sept. 23 2018 8:05 PMWith His First Win in Five Years, Tiger Woods Just Capped Maybe the Greatest Comeback in Sports
Sept. 23 2018 2:16 PMJosh Allen Is Hurdling Dudes and the Buffalo Bills are Going to Win the Super Bowl This Year
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Sept. 19 2018 6:44 PMWhy Is Tiger Woods Even Here?For four days, I watched the greatest golfer of all time try to sweat his way to victory. I wanted it as much as he did.
Sept. 16 2018 6:20 PMPatrick Mahomes Has Arrived So Everyone Else Can Stop Playing Football Now
Sept. 16 2018 1:04 PMEliud Kipchoge Destroys Marathon World Record By 1 Minute and 18 SecondsHe finished the Berlin Marathon in 2:01:39.
Sept. 15 2018 6:09 PMSeahawks Rookie Michael Dickson Is the World’s Most Captivating PunterThat’s a good thing.
Sept. 12 2018 11:22 AMThe Beautiful, Ugly GameThe bitter, petty, ridiculous U.S.-Mexico soccer rivalry is great for both countries.
Sept. 9 2018 11:38 PMAaron Rodgers Returns From the Dead to Murder the Bears
Sept. 9 2018 4:55 PMYou Don’t Have to Watch Bills Games this Year, Buffalo FansWatch these programs instead!
Sept. 9 2018 12:00 PMJust Erase ItNike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign ignores the specifics of his revolutionary message.
Sept. 8 2018 7:04 PMNaomi Osaka Beats Serena Williams As U.S. Open Final Erupts in Chaos and Controversy
Sept. 7 2018 1:43 PMLe’Veon Bell’s Contract Dispute Shows the Limits of Player Solidarity in the NFL
Sept. 6 2018 5:55 AMThe Sports Pages’ New ClothesHow long can the Athletic grow like a tech disruptor if it reads the same as the newspapers it’s poaching from?
Sept. 5 2018 5:08 PMThe Seven Worst Possible Names for Your Fantasy Football Team“Make Janarion Grant Again” might be the worst of all.
Sept. 23 2018 4:22 PMThe Worst Part of That Putrid Titans-Jaguars Game
Sept. 22 2018 6:53 PMWhat Is an “Executive Director of Research and Identity,’ and Why Did the Los Angeles Clippers Hire a Magazine Writer to Be Theirs?
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Sept. 18 2018 12:11 PMThis Was the Greatest Passing Week in NFL History
Sept. 16 2018 5:28 PMBuffalo Cornerback Vontae Davis Has Had Enough of the Bills, Apparently Retires From Football Mid-Game
Sept. 15 2018 7:05 PMNorth Texas Punt Returner Beguiles Arkansas With Elaborate Ruse; “Drat,” Exclaim Razorbacks
Sept. 14 2018 4:12 PMThe Five Ratings Numbers That Prove the NFL Is Dying (and the Five That Prove the League Will Never Die)
Sept. 10 2018 9:55 PMHow We See Serena WilliamsShe is a champion, a goddess, and a flawed human being. Our conversations about her should reflect her complexity.
Sept. 9 2018 10:30 PMAfter One Half of Football, Khalil Mack Makes the Bears Look Good (but he Makes the Raiders Look Terrible)
Sept. 9 2018 1:26 PMThe Miami Dolphins’ Kenny Stills, Albert Wilson, and Robert Quinn Are Keeping the NFL’s Protest Movement Alive
Sept. 9 2018 12:28 AMCarlos Ramos and Serena Williams Are Both to Blame for the Ugly U.S. Open Final
Sept. 8 2018 4:29 PMAfter Seven Years, You Can Finally Listen to the Rap Stylings of LeBron James and Kevin Durant
Sept. 6 2018 10:55 PMEagles Safety Malcolm Jenkins’ Quest to Move the Conversation “Away From the Anthem”The Super Bowl champion did not protest before the season opener.
Sept. 6 2018 12:15 AMU.S. Open Match Halted Because John Millman Was Too Sweaty to Continue
Sept. 4 2018 5:55 AMTom Brady and the Fear-Based OrganizationHow the Patriots quarterback faced an offseason full of questions.