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Was Chiefs-Rams the Best NFL Game Ever?

Nov. 18 2018 6:35 PMThe Joyous and Wholesome NFL Trend of Celebratory Group Photos Is Getting a Little Stale
Nov. 18 2018 2:09 PMAre the Browns Actually Going to Interview Condoleezza Rice to be the Team’s Head Coach?
Nov. 16 2018 4:22 PMThe Next “Next Bobby Fischer”Is it Fabiano Caruana? Is it someone else? Is it nobody?
Nov. 11 2018 6:37 PMIs Being an NFL Quarterback Too Easy These Days?
Nov. 11 2018 2:51 PMThe NFL’s Hottest Celebration Craze Is Respecting Your Elders
Nov. 8 2018 12:36 PMWe’ve Already Seen Enough From DukeIts freshman stars are clearly too talented for college. Bubble-wrap them until the NBA draft.
Nov. 4 2018 6:09 PMChoose to Be Inspired by Nathan PetermanThe Buffalo quarterback throws interceptions and stays true to himself.
Nov. 3 2018 4:10 PMRussell Westbrook’s “Rock the Baby” Taunt Is the NBA’s Hottest Infantilization Fad
Nov. 2 2018 1:24 PM“The Most Loyal Tiger of Them All”In the early 20th century, a black trainer named Wash Randall was a fixture in the LSU football program. His story—and what it tells us about the Jim Crow South—deserves to be remembered.
Oct. 29 2018 7:59 PMSimone Biles’ New Vault Will Destroy the CompetitionIt will also help save gymnastics.
Oct. 28 2018 7:09 PMLeicester City Chairman Confirmed Dead in Post-Match Helicopter Crash
Oct. 21 2018 8:26 PMThe NFL’s Best Kicker Attempts an Extra Point. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.
Oct. 21 2018 5:20 PMBears’ Hail Mary Swarmed By Patriots at Pearly Gates and Sent Straight to Hell
Oct. 20 2018 9:10 PMWhat Was Behind Saturday’s Michigan-Michigan State Brouhaha?
Oct. 17 2018 7:29 PMI Think Maybe This Is the Fastest Pitching Change I’ve Ever Seen in a Baseball Game
Nov. 18 2018 3:45 PMAlex Smith Suffers Theismann-Like Leg Injury Exactly 33 Years After Theismann
Nov. 17 2018 3:30 PMThe Citadel’s First-Half Tie Against Alabama Should Count for More Than a Moral Victory
Nov. 14 2018 6:05 PMThe Draymond-KD Beef Could Mean the End of the Warriors’ DynastyAfter they win one more title.
Nov. 11 2018 5:01 PMBears Kicker Hits Uprights Four Times; Chicago Fails to Appreciate His Incredible Achievement
Nov. 10 2018 3:19 PMThe Five Most Intriguing Questions About Jimmy Butler’s Trade to the 76ers
Nov. 4 2018 8:36 PMMichael Thomas’ Homage to Joe Horn’s Flip-Phone Celebration Was the Best Part of an Amazing Saints-Rams Game
Nov. 4 2018 1:08 PMAir Force’s Live Falcon Mascot Injured in Botched Prank by West Point Cadets
Nov. 2 2018 4:53 PMSimone Biles Fell! Twice! And Still Won! By a Lot!At the Gymnastics World Championships, the gymnastics legend showed she’s (kind of) human.
Oct. 31 2018 5:59 PMUh Oh, the Golden State Warriors Are Fun Again
Oct. 28 2018 11:28 PMRed Sox End Five-Year World Series Drought
Oct. 27 2018 5:21 PMUsing Data Visualization to Better Understand a Truly Epic World Series Game 3
Oct. 21 2018 7:24 PMEric Reid Confronts Malcolm Jenkins Before Panthers-Eagles Game, Calls Him a “Sellout”
Oct. 21 2018 11:42 AMWho Won the Lakers-Rockets Brawl?
Oct. 19 2018 2:21 AMLeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers Are On Pace for a Fun 0-82 Season
Oct. 16 2018 2:39 PMThe NBA Season Starts Too EarlyI’m still writing 2017–18 on all my checks!