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Did Schoolballer21 Predict Zion Williamson’s Shoe Explosion?

Feb. 17 2019 3:34 PMIowa’s Buzzer-Beating H-O-R-S-E Shot Against Rutgers Was All Kinds of Crazy
Feb. 16 2019 4:25 PMAnthony Davis Is Open to Playing for Your Favorite Team (as Long as It’s Not His Current Team)
Feb. 14 2019 11:31 AMGiannis Antetokounmpo’s Name Is Not a JokeAntetokounmpo is a long ethnic name. That’s not a free pass to mangle it.
Feb. 10 2019 7:24 PMBen Simmons Joins Modern NBA, Attempts 3-Pointer
Feb. 9 2019 8:45 PMScientists Have Yet to Discover a Shot Zion Williamson Can’t Block
Feb. 6 2019 4:52 PMMy Trade Partner Won’t Return My Calls, and the Trade Deadline Is on Thursday
Feb. 4 2019 1:54 AMYou Can Tell Tom Brady Isn’t In His Prime Because He Just Won a Super Bowl
Feb. 3 2019 11:27 PMSeven Scenarios In Which You Will Tell Your Grandchildren About Super Bowl LIII
Feb. 3 2019 9:00 PMThe Best Football of the Super Bowl Was Played Between NFL Greats During a Commercial
Feb. 2 2019 3:59 PMIs Jared Goff a Goofy Enough Dude to Defeat Tom Brady?
Feb. 1 2019 8:00 AMHow to Root for the Patriots in the Age of TrumpA guide for morally compromised New England fans.
Jan. 31 2019 1:18 PMWe Honestly Have No Idea What These Four Patriots Staffers Do
Jan. 29 2019 8:00 AMThis Ram Was a PatriotWide receiver Willie Miller served two tours of duty in Vietnam and won the Silver Star. Why has his story been forgotten?
Jan. 24 2019 10:06 AMThe Insane Overtime Format the NFL Doesn’t Realize It NeedsIntroducing the “California tiebreaker.”
Jan. 20 2019 11:46 PMFive Ways the Patriots Could Have Lost the AFC Championship GameBut they weren’t going to lose, obviously.
Feb. 17 2019 2:15 PMJohn Collins’ Dunk Contest Failure Was Historically Accurate
Feb. 15 2019 5:22 PMHow Colin Kaepernick Beat the NFLHis settlement with the league is a major victory for the leader of the league’s protest movement.
Feb. 12 2019 5:31 PMBradley Beal’s Travel Is the Best Basketball Invention Since the Shot Clock
Feb. 10 2019 5:27 PMBob Costas Says NBC Dropped Him From Super Bowl After He Spoke Out About Concussions
Feb. 9 2019 7:02 PMThe AAF Is a Sensible Alternative to No Football at All
Feb. 5 2019 8:00 AMIn Praise of Real BowlingI grew up playing (and wrote a novel about) candlepin bowling. This New England variant is harder than tenpin bowling, and it’s better, too.
Feb. 3 2019 11:39 PMSuper Bowl LIII Was an Extremely Bad College Football Game
Feb. 3 2019 9:23 PMBud Light’s Super Bowl Ad Called Out Its Competitors and Corn Syrup. Corn Syrup Fight!
Feb. 2 2019 5:13 PMIt Took NC State an Entire Game to Score 24 Points. (They Were Playing Basketball.)
Feb. 1 2019 2:42 PMThe Knicks’ Fandom-Murdering Kristaps Porzingis Trade Is the Nadir of Sports’ Moneyball Era
Jan. 31 2019 5:51 PMKnicks Trade Kristaps Porzingis, Paving Way for Knicks to Remain Knicks
Jan. 29 2019 4:51 PMA Patriots Fan on What It’s Like When Everyone Hates You (Now Updated With More Winning)
Jan. 24 2019 11:04 AMThe Holier-Than-Thou HeelUnderstanding wrestler Daniel Bryan’s viral rant about parasitic baby boomers.
Jan. 22 2019 5:55 AMHow Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Plan Would Change the NBA
Jan. 20 2019 8:04 PMWas the No-Call at the End of the Saints-Rams Game the Worst Call in Other Universes or Just This One?