Five-ring Circus
Five-ring Circus
Feb. 6 2014 10:57 AMI'm a Luger, BabyI went to Lake Placid to sled like an Olympian. It was totally terrifying—and unbelievably fun.
Aug. 10 2012 11:12 AMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterWhere has all the schamltz gone? A slow night for sap fiends on NBC.
Aug. 9 2012 2:56 PMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterJourneys on the track and dads on the beach on an overwhelmingly sweet night for NBC.
Aug. 8 2012 5:06 PMThe Penises of the Icelandic Handball TeamThe sculpture they inspired and the controversy they touched off.
Aug. 7 2012 5:17 PMTears of Sorrow or Tears of Joy?Part 2 of our Olympics photo quiz.
Aug. 6 2012 3:50 PMEverybody Do the Bolt
Aug. 5 2012 6:05 PMBolt Is BackWatch the world’s fastest man blow away the field in Slate’s interactive, stick-figure re-enactment of the men’s 100-meter dash.
Aug. 4 2012 7:45 PMWatch the Women’s 100-Meter FinalSlate’s interactive, stick-figure re-enactment of track and field’s showcase event.
Aug. 3 2012 4:08 PMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterA champion rower with a heavy heart and Gabby Douglas’ big win send the sap soaring.
Aug. 3 2012 10:39 AMIs It OK To Love Gymnastics?Pondering the sport’s allure and darkness on the night of Gabby Douglas’ fantastic win in the women’s all-around.
Aug. 2 2012 1:02 PMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterDreams from Danell Leyva’s father on a record-setting night of sap in London.
Aug. 1 2012 2:20 PMShuttlecock and BullEight badminton players have been disqualified from the Olympics for tanking. Why were they trying to lose, and why is the sport so dirty?
Aug. 1 2012 8:30 AMAbsolutely FabulousThe pure joy of watching the Fab Five, America’s greatest women’s gymnastics team.
July 31 2012 2:51 PMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterNBC sheds tears and beams with pride at the pool. Plus: Tim Daggett unleashes the sappiest line yet in the Olympics.
July 30 2012 5:29 PMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterThe return of Slate’s scientific guide to the schmaltziness of NBC’s Olympics coverage.
Aug. 13 2012 1:30 PMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterWas this the sappiest Olympics ever? Did mom out-sap dream? The final results of our scientific study of NBC schmaltz.
Aug. 9 2012 9:42 PMThat Was Amazing! Now What?The U.S. women’s soccer team just won gold to cap off a thrilling Olympic run. But will Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, and Alex Morgan have a league to play in?
Aug. 9 2012 8:04 AMScrap the ParalympicsDisabled athletes should compete in the Olympics, too.
Aug. 8 2012 11:54 AMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterDreams crushed and dreams achieved as NBC’s sapologists zoom in on Lolo Jones and Aly Raisman
Aug. 7 2012 1:15 PMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterNBC pours it on with a mom battling depression, the death of a beloved grandmother, and a thoughtful Grenadian.
Aug. 6 2012 1:50 PMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterNBC dabs its eyes as it says goodbye to Michael Phelps. Plus: Kerri Strug makes a dramatic, sappy return.
Aug. 4 2012 10:50 PMMichael Phelps' Last LapThe greatest swimmer ever shows the world and Ryan Lochte that the hardest worker doesn't always come in first.
Aug. 4 2012 11:10 AMWhen Sprinters Wore Baggy ShortsA look back at Olympic sprinters’ uniforms before they became tight and shiny.
Aug. 3 2012 2:47 PMIs There a Future for Women’s Boxing?The sport will make a huge splash in its Olympic debut, but where will the stars of the London Games go from there?
Aug. 2 2012 4:30 PMIn Defense of DressageIt's incredibly time-consuming and expensive. It's also the most fulfilling thing I've ever done.
Aug. 1 2012 3:42 PMThe London Olympics Sap-o-MeterEveryone (except Kyla Ross) cries about U.S. women’s gymnastics gold. Plus: Tim Daggett earns his second straight sappiest line of the day.
Aug. 1 2012 9:46 AMUnreasonable DoubtThere’s no evidence that Chinese swimming sensation Ye Shiwen is doping. So why is everyone insinuating she’s a cheat?
July 31 2012 6:45 PMPhoto Quiz: Are Those Olympic Tears of Sorrow or Tears of Joy?
July 31 2012 7:30 AMDown With the Perfect 10!A mathematician explains the genius of the new gymnastics scoring system.
July 30 2012 11:15 AM"I Feel Bad 4 Our Fans That Have 2 Push Mute”What Hope Solo’s war of words with player-turned-broadcaster Brandi Chastain reveals about the state of women’s soccer.