Five-ring Circus
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Five-ring Circus
Feb. 19 2018 7:27 PMThe Lowest-Ranked Male Figure Skater in History Is One of My All-Time Favorite Athletes
Feb. 19 2018 4:41 PM“Barb, I Think He’s Had the Back End of That Set of Trousers Let Go on Him”A gasp-filled history of skating wardrobe malfunctions.
Feb. 18 2018 1:18 PMGet to Know a New Olympic Event: Big Air Snowboarding
Feb. 17 2018 6:59 PMIs Figure Skating Stuffed Animal Wrangler the Best Job at the Olympics?
Feb. 17 2018 4:01 PMHow an Artist Made That Awesome Olympics Skeleton Helmet With a Roaring Grizzly Bear
Feb. 16 2018 6:15 PMAccording to Science, the Shirtless Tongan Is Not an Olympics Jerk
Feb. 15 2018 10:57 PMHow to Fix Figure Skating MusicGoodbye, “The Sound of Silence.” Hello, “Monster Mash.”
Feb. 15 2018 6:36 PMAdam Rippon’s Costume Designer Tells AllBraden Overett on the skater’s passion for skintight mesh.
Feb. 14 2018 6:59 PMWhy Does Mike Tirico Exist?NBC’s Olympics anchor has done nothing memorable in his first week on the job. The network must be thrilled.
Feb. 14 2018 2:00 PMShaun White Calls Sexual Harassment Claims “Gossip,” Then Apologizes for “Poor Choice of Words”
Feb. 14 2018 12:23 AMShaun White’s One-Man ShowNBC turned one of the greatest Winter Olympics competitions ever into a solo performance piece.
Feb. 13 2018 5:36 PMThey Dance on Ice! They Vlog! They Want to Sell You Orange Juice!What I learned by watching Maia and Alex Shibutani’s YouTube channel.
Feb. 13 2018 9:44 AMWhy Isn’t NBC Talking About the Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Shaun White?
Feb. 12 2018 6:28 PM“Olympic Athletes From Russia” Is a Craven Euphemism for a Craven Olympic Games
Feb. 12 2018 12:38 AMBronze Medalist Adam Rippon Is Winning the Winter Olympics
Feb. 19 2018 4:58 PMSki Jumpers Are Artists, Not AthletesThe brilliance of Werner Herzog’s 1974 documentary The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner.
Feb. 18 2018 4:29 PMHow to Watch Whatever Event You Want Whenever You Want via the NBC Olympics Website
Feb. 17 2018 10:55 PMGus Kenworthy Spent the Last Olympics Closeted. This Time He Kissed His Boyfriend on NBC.
Feb. 17 2018 6:24 PMLong Live the Quad KingNathan Chen’s amazing jumps are the future of figure skating. But the sport shouldn’t abandon its artistic past.
Feb. 17 2018 1:31 PMPart-Time Skier Ester Ledecka’s Shocking Super-G Win Was the Best Moment of the Winter Games
Feb. 16 2018 3:52 PMSnowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis Deserved the Redemption Narrative NBC Gave Shaun White
Feb. 15 2018 8:23 PMIce QueensSeeing bold queer excellence on the Olympic ice is a major shift for both sports culture and the broader fight against homophobia.
Feb. 15 2018 3:29 PMMikaela Shiffrin Is a Sleepy Skiing Genius
Feb. 14 2018 4:38 PMIs Curling Measuring Device Guy the Best Job at the Olympics?
Feb. 14 2018 8:30 AMDutch Speedskaters Dominate, but Face Long Skate Back to Amsterdam
Feb. 13 2018 6:14 PMOlympics Jerk Watch: the Sporteaucrats Who Risked Snowboarders’ Lives
Feb. 13 2018 1:10 PMWhy Adam Rippon Didn’t WinFigure skating is a math problem, and the American skater’s numbers didn’t add up.
Feb. 12 2018 10:57 PMIn Praise of America’s Action TeensChloe Kim, Red Gerard, and the birth of a new kind of Olympic hero.
Feb. 12 2018 5:37 PMKim Jong-un Is Having a Great Olympics
Feb. 11 2018 10:19 PMMirai Nagasu Is the Third Woman to Do a Triple Axel in the Olympics. Watch All Three.