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Dog Days of Summer Are Gone Again, in the Slate Plus Digest

Dog Days of Summer Are Gone Again, in the Slate Plus Digest

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Aug. 25 2017 6:50 PM

Dog Days of Summer Are Gone Again

The Slate Plus Digest for Aug. 25.

Chicken Salad
The crisp and crunchy chicken salad.

Jacob Brogan

Did you know that dog days of summer isn’t actually a reference to the hottest time of the year but historically had to do with the stars? And according to the good ole Farmer’s Almanac, those days ended weeks ago. Regardless, it still feels like we’re closing in on that part of the summer when the days are endlessly sultry and the news is, well, maybe not slow, but at least it has been a little bit more calm this week than last (except for you, Texas). Here are the stories you should use this lull to catch up on.

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And a Summer Recipe Recommendation From a Slatester

We’ve got a few enthusiastic home cooks here at Slate, so this week, I got technology writer Jacob Brogan to share one of his favorite summer recipes:

Says Jacob: “I love this recipe in part because everything about it is extraordinarily flexible, while giving you a smart base to work from. The method for cooking chicken thighs here—paring the meat away from the bone and then slowly rendering away the fat—leaves you with incomparably tender meat that plays well off of the array of vegetables. Once you’ve got that in place, you can throw in almost anything, from eccentric root vegetables like kohlrabi and black radish to more familiar basics such as cucumbers. That array of textures and tastes ensures that it needs almost no dressing—a few tablespoons of vinegar will do you right—which means it will still feel refreshing, even as you’re sweating out the last days of August.”

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