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Bromophobia, Brooks, and Braggadocio, in the Slate Plus Digest

Bromophobia, Brooks, and Braggadocio, in the Slate Plus Digest

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July 14 2017 7:40 PM

Bromophobia, Brooks, and Braggadocio

The Slate Plus Digest for July 14.

Sen. Ben Sasse, raising expectations and then inevitably disappointing us.

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Lots of Slate links and fewer not-from-Slate links this week. It’s probably unconscious bias or me not paying as much attention to Twitter for some reason, but I also think it’s because we published most of the best stuff on the Internet this week. Sorry, haters, or perhaps that should be “Sorry not sorry, haters”—or is that combining two idioms, both out of date but by different degrees, in a way that instantly marks me as a dad? (Rhetorical question.)

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