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Trump’s First Month, in the Slate Plus Digest

Trump’s First Month, in the Slate Plus Digest

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Feb. 24 2017 7:02 PM

One Month Down …

The Slate Plus Digest for Feb. 24.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Marwan Naamni/AFP/Getty Images.
The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, is seen engulfed with fog in the early hours of the morning in Dubai on Nov. 25, 2013.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Marwan Naamni/AFP/Getty Images.

Trump’s first month in office has been more cruel and destructive than many of us feared, writes Michelle Goldberg. And yet, points out Jamelle Bouie, he hasn’t actually … accomplished all that much?

Gabriel Roth Gabriel Roth

Gabriel Roth is a Slate senior editor and the editorial director of Slate Plus.

Dahlia Lithwick: in serious mode, carefully parsing the White House’s anti-Semitic rhetoric; in comic mode, with some suggestions for those in charge of our difficult president.

Aisha Harris reviews Get Out, Jordan Peele’s comedy-horror masterpiece about existing while black.

And here’s a fascinating Q-and-A with Jesse and Theresa Thorn, on what it’s like to parent a gender-nonconforming child.

Not From Slate

Black American infants are dying at terrifying rates. Why? It’s complicated.

Susan Fowler’s account of her year working at Uber is calm, methodical, and infuriating. (Here’s the New York Times follow-up.)

“Meet the tween-girl entrepreneurs cashing in on the slime craze” is a weird invitation and yet I urge you to take me up on it.

Is Vladimir Putin really a mastermind? What about Steve Bannon?

Programmer and sometime Slate writer David Auerbach explains what went wrong with the Clinton campaign’s vaunted big-data operation.

From the Archives

In Slate’s very first “issue” (we pretended to have “issues” in those days), Nicholas Lemann wrote about the progress of assimilation in America. “When Asian-Americans become the ‘new Jews,’ ” Lemann asks, “what happens to the Jews?”

At the front end of the American meritocratic machine, Asians are replacing Jews as the No. 1 group. They are winning the science prizes and scholarships. Jews, meanwhile, at our moment of maximum triumph at the back end of the meritocracy, the midlife, top-job end, are discovering sports and the virtues of being well-rounded. Which is cause and which is effect here is an open question. But as Asians become America's new Jews, Jews are becoming … Episcopalians.

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Gabriel Roth
Editorial director, Slate Plus