Your Questions About Slate Plus, Answered

Slate Plus
Your all-access pass
March 18 2014 12:09 PM

Frequently Asked Questions About Slate Plus

Everything you ever wanted to know about Slate’s membership program.

What is Slate Plus?

Slate Plus is a membership program for readers who support Slate’s journalism and want to be more closely connected to it. Think of it as an all-access pass: Slate Plus is where you’ll find enhancements to the regular Slate experience, as well as behind-the-scenes extras and exclusive opportunities.

Is Slate Plus a paywall?

Nope! Slate Plus is not a paywall. Everything that’s always been free on Slate will remain free for all Slate readers. There is no meter that stops you 10 stories into the month. Slate Plus members just get some extras, that’s all.

What kind of perks are we talking about?

Special access to your favorite Slate writers and editors in the form of live-streamed video, live chats, private Q&As, and more. All of our podcasts without any interruptions for ads—and with bonus segments for members only. The chance to read some of our very best features, including Dear Prudence’s weekly column, before anyone else. A sleeker, easier commenting experience. Exclusive behind-the-scenes info about Slate. Discounts on live events and merchandise. And the ability to shape Slate’s journalism by suggesting story ideas and areas of coverage.

Why did Slate create this membership program?

Slate Plus has two purposes. The first is to build a closer relationship with you, our most loyal fans. We’ll listen closely to your comments, improve your on-site experience, create bonus content you want, and involve you in shaping Slate’s future.

The second is to generate revenue to fund our journalism. Journalism is an industry that is constantly changing, and with an uncertain business model. Your membership makes it easier for Slate to start exciting new projects, create ambitious initiatives, and further our innovative Fresca program and our in-depth reporting.

And as a Slate Plus member, you can always talk to the membership editors, Jennifer Lai ( and Jeff Friedrich (, about any ideas (or complaints) you have.

There's a longer answer to this question, too. Here's Slate editor David Plotz on why we launched Slate Plus.

How do I unsubscribe from Slate Plus?

Sorry to see you go! Was it something we did? Something we didn’t do? Let us know by sending us an email at We built this initiative to listen to our most loyal readers.


Photo by Slate Staff

Or just click here to unsubscribe immediately.

I really want that mug. How do I upgrade my monthly membership to an annual membership?

I’ve lost my username/password. How do I reset it?

No problem. Just click on “Account” in the Slate Plus dashboard to change your membership settings, or click here. You can also change your username/password by clicking on the “Forgot Username or Password?” box when you sign in to here.

I use my phone to listen to podcasts. Will I be able to get the extended, ad-free versions on my phone, or will I have to listen to them on a desktop?

You will be able to get the Slate Plus podcasts on your mobile device, yes! We know that listening to them on-the-go is something most of our listeners do, so we’ve created an easy way to listen to them. After you sign up, we'll walk you through the very simple process of subscribing to the Slate Plus feed on almost any podcast app here.

How do I access the ad-free podcasts?

Access the ad-free podcasts by clicking on our handy instructions here!

What if I want to access Slate Plus from the official Slate app on my iOS/Android mobile device?

We’re working on it! We know that our many of our loyal readers browse Slate on their mobile devices, so it’s a big priority for us. Stay tuned and you’ll soon be able to access all of our great Slate Plus content from our official Slate app. For now, you can access Slate Plus content from the Slate mobile website (that is, just go to on your phone’s internet browser.) If you’re looking to access our ad-free podcasts or our exclusive Slate Plus podcasts, just click here for your unique URL and instructions on how it works.

How can I be sure that Slate is able to securely process my credit card?

To learn more about credit card security, click here.

Where can I sign in to Slate Plus from the Slate homepage?

On the homepage you'll find three short, white, horizontal lines, otherwise known as the burger bar. Click on that and it will bring you to the sign in.


**Make sure you sign in the same way you signed up for Slate Plus: whether through an existing Slate account, new Slate account, or another social site, such as Facebook or Twitter. If you created the account this way, you will need to click the appropriate icon below the username and password.**

What is the easiest way to get to the Slate Plus homepage once I'm logged in?

You can go to Bookmark it, memorize it, write it on your hand—whatever you like. Otherwise, you can click on the burger bar (three white horizontal lines at the top right of the homepage) and scroll down to Slate Plus.


How do I give Slate Plus as a gift?
We're not at full-fledged gift-giving ability just yet. For now, you have two options:

Option A: Non-surprise gift
Giver tells the recipient they’ll be getting a gift; giver signs the recipient up using giver’s billing info and recipient’s email address and creates recipient’s username and password; giver tells recipient the temporary password for the new account; recipient logs in and changes the gift account password.

Option B: Surprise gift
As above, except giver uses his/her email address, then forwards the welcome email with the podcast link after the recipient is told about the gift; recipient can then log in and change both gift account password and email address.

Why aren't all the Slate podcasts in the Slate Plus podcast feed?
At this time, this is not an available option. But we hear you and we’re exploring the possibility.

Why am I getting an email saying my trial is over in 24 hours and that Slate Plus is going to charge me? Didn't I already pay?
Nope! When you signed up, you automatically got a two-week free trial. Even though you entered your card info, we waited to charge it until you decided to stick around with us. Now that we've entered into this lovely member relationship, we'll charge your annual or monthly fee.

What if I have a $(insert amount here) credit?
As you probably know, when you use your unique url to refer a friend, YOU get $5 off. The more referrals, the more $5 credits. After your two-week trial, we'll charge your card, reflecting the amount you owe after your referral discounts.

I love the ad-free podcasts, but miss the endorsements. Where can I get those?
We're glad you asked! We love those endorsements, too. We've created a page to aggregate them into one place. Check it out.

How can I edit my credit card information?
Go to and click "Change card data" at the bottom of the "Actions" list.

I found a bug/I have an idea for a great Slate Plus feature/I want to complain. Whom can I talk to?

Good. We built Slate Plus so we could give you a stake in funding journalism you value, and we want to listen to you. Reach your Slate Plus editors, Jeff Friedrich and Jennifer Lai, anytime here.



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