Slate Plus gift memberships: How to subscribe a friend or family member to Slate Plus.

Support Slate. Give the Gift of Slate Plus Membership.

Support Slate. Give the Gift of Slate Plus Membership.

Slate Plus
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Dec. 6 2016 11:28 AM

Give the Gift of Slate Plus

The perfect gift for the Slate fan in your life—and a great way to support independent journalism.


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Update, Dec. 28, 2017: Slate no longer supports gift memberships. Please email for more information.

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As Slate celebrates its 20th anniversary, our work is more important than ever. Each membership you give helps Slate continue to produce high-quality reporting, political commentary, and criticism.

Gift memberships come in six-month and one-year plans, and one-year plans include a bonus gift for U.S. residents: a one-year subscription to New York magazine.

And every Slate Plus membership includes:

  • Premium podcasts: Ad-free versions of all Slate podcasts and bonus segments on The Gist, Political Gabfest, Culture Gabfest, DoubleX Gabfest, Hang Up and Listen, and other shows—as well as members-only features like the Best of Slate Podcasts and our Game of Thrones TV Club.
  • More advice from Dear Prudence: Complete, ad-free episodes of the new Dear Prudence podcast and an extended version of Prudie’s weekly live chat, along with a special newsletter that offers the weekly column a day early.
  • Slate Academies: Deep dives into big topics with Slate writers, like the History of American Slavery; Pop, Race, and the 60s; the United States of Debt, and a Year of Great Books.

And more!

  • An ad-free version of Slate’s iOS app
  • At least 30 percent off tickets to Slate events
  • The weekly American Values Club crossword
  • The Slate Plus Digest, a special newsletter with news from Slate and reading recommendations from around the web

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Questions about gifting or about Slate Plus? Here are some answers to common questions.

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