Introducing Slate Plus

Slate Plus is an all-access pass for readers who support our journalism and want a closer connection to it. For $5 a month or $50 a year, a richer Slate experience awaits you, including:

Exclusive access to your favorite Slate writers and editors

Ask Prudie to solve one of your dilemmas. Quiz the Political Gabfesters in a private Q&A. Chat about movies with film critic Dana Stevens. Win a lunch with Simon Doonan. Tell John Dickerson which politico you’d like him to write about.

Bonus podcast segments

Listeners who sign up for Slate Plus will hear weekly bonus segments from our biggest podcasts, and will be able to listen to those podcasts ad-free! (Most popular podcast players supported, including iTunes, Downcast, Instacast, BeyondPod and DoggCatcher.)

Early access to and discounts on Slate events and merchandise

Be the first to hear about live events, get exclusive access to pre-show parties, enjoy reserved seats, and receive at least 30 percent off ticket prices. And take advantage of special discounts on merchandise in Slate’s store.

An enhanced on-site experience

Members will get single-page articles throughout the site. They’ll get early access to feature stories. And comments will appear directly on article pages, rather than in a pop-up window.

Slate Plus members also will get behind-the-scenes info on Slate, regular updates from the editor, and much, much more.

An exclusive Jonathan Adler mug

Members who opt for an annual subscription will get a Slate mug, custom designed by the renowned potter, designer and author. (Mug will ship in early fall.)

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