Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes

Slate Isn’t Too Liberal. But…

What readers said about the magazine’s bias and balance.

May 18 2015 3:03 PMInside Slate Editors’ HedsOur favorite failed headlines.
May 14 2015 9:03 AMWe Were Doing It Wrong: The Very First Political GabfestWatch Emily, John, and David review their inaugural Gabfest from 2005.
May 13 2015 11:00 AM“I Need a Pair of Pants That Won’t Bore Me to Death”Troy Patterson talks about looking sharp, flat-top fades, and being Slate’s Gentleman Scholar.
May 11 2015 2:15 PMSlate Voice: “What Was Gay?”Listen to Slate’s J. Bryan Lowder read his story on the history and future of gayness.
May 8 2015 10:12 AMThe Culture Gabfest Like You’ve Never Heard It BeforeListen to this week's Culture Gabfest "Behold! Ignorance and Want” Edition—complete, unfiltered, and uncut.
April 1 2015 11:01 AMSlate Voice: “Why Don’t We Have a Better Condom?”Listen to Slate’s L.V. Anderson read her story on the world of condoms.
March 31 2015 9:17 AMThe Redline of MarchOverheard on email: Slates copy desk rounds up the month’s style and grammar rulings.
Feb. 24 2015 12:14 PMThe “Special K-Balls” Bonus SegmentStefan, Josh, and Mike discuss the latest absurd turn in the NFL’s Deflategate investigation.
Feb. 24 2015 9:01 AM“It Never Felt Like I Could Be Email-Stress Free”Chris Kirk and his editor Dan Kois talk about the challenges of writing about coding, building an email app, and more. 
Feb. 17 2015 12:18 PMThe State of Slate’s Commenting, an UpdateFollowing up on the suggestions members made about improving Slate’s commenting.
Feb. 13 2015 2:37 PMSlate Remembers David CarrThe Times media reporter had an outsize influence in the lives and careers of many Slate staffers.
Feb. 9 2015 8:12 AMHow Should Slate Write About Bruce Jenner?  Outward editor Bryan Lowder shares a memo on writing about transgender issues. 
Jan. 29 2015 1:04 PMListen to Our January Music RoundupBeat the chill with our winter playlist, exclusively for Slate Plus members.
Jan. 25 2015 10:00 PMThe Downton Abbey Podcast, Episode 4The “Boom Goes the Dynamite” edition.
Jan. 15 2015 4:14 PMThe American Horror Story: Freak Show Podcast, Episode 12The “Show Stoppers” edition.
May 15 2015 11:19 AM“We Get Really Nerdy About Why a Headline Works”Slate’s editors in a roundtable about heds, deks, annoying clickbait, and more.
May 13 2015 12:53 PMThe Slate Podcasts Soundboard!All your favorite Slate podcast personalities, saying all your favorite catchphrases.
May 12 2015 11:49 AM“I Realized It Was Dishonest Not to Include Myself”How do you tell the story of gayness? J. Bryan Lowder and his editor John Swansburg discuss.
May 11 2015 2:13 PMBut What About the Lesbians?Outward editors J. Bryan Lowder and June Thomas talk about the female perspective on gayness, gay men and lesbian culture, code-switching, and more.
April 8 2015 2:41 PMIf You Didn’t Catch Our Mad Men Premiere PartyA podcast from our live event, exclusively for Slate Plus members.
April 1 2015 11:01 AM“I’m Going to a Condom Conference in New Orleans!”L.V. Anderson and her editor Allison Benedikt talk about the challenges of reporting on condom development, conducting lambskin experiments, and more.
Feb. 26 2015 11:56 AMWhy It’s Slatesters, not Slate-stersOverheard on email: Slate’s copy desk rounds up its February style and grammar rulings.
Feb. 24 2015 9:03 AMI Hate the Way All Other Email Programs Look  I’m very picky when it comes to visual design. That’s why I designed my own email app.
Feb. 18 2015 12:47 PMThe “All About Love“ Bonus SegmentCulture Lovefest: Stephen, Julia, and Dana reveal their favorite love songs
Feb. 13 2015 3:07 PMKeeping Tabs on the State of Slate’s CommentingThe new writer and member commenting tab, explained.
Feb. 10 2015 12:38 PMThe “In Soviet Russia, We Pay You Not to Play” Bonus SegmentStefan, Josh, and Mike discuss Diana Taurasi’s decision to sit out the WNBA season.
Feb. 5 2015 7:26 AMMy Secret Life as a Game Show ContestantEverything the Slate office asked me, Justin Peters, about my Millionaire appearance.
Jan. 29 2015 10:02 AMListen to Our Conversation With Patton Oswalt About MoviesA podcast from our live event, exclusively for Slate Plus members.
Jan. 22 2015 4:09 PMThe American Horror Story: Freak Show Podcast, Episode 13The “Curtain Call” edition.
Jan. 13 2015 9:05 AMOverheard on Chat: “In Urban We Trust”What two Slatesters had to say about last night’s Ohio State upset.