Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes

"I Feel Particularly Bad About That Last One"

When using friends and family to make an argument feels right, and when it feels wrong.

July 1 2015 2:34 PMGeeking OutI write about some of the uglier aspects of humanity. Sometimes escapism is exactly what I need.
June 17 2015 6:22 PMMom and Dad Are Fighting: “Voodoo Doll” and “Come on Eileen” Extra EditionSuperchunk’s Mac McCaughan plays a few songs from his life as a dad.
June 15 2015 4:00 PM“A Modest Affair in Which I Will Entertain 100 or So People”Two future Slate grooms debate the importance of wedding planning.
June 9 2015 2:00 PMThe Macho PrimaryWhich Republican presidential candidate is the manliest? Slate decides.
June 1 2015 12:28 PMSlate Gets ResultsWe Googled ourselves. It wasn’t the first time. It won’t be the last. 
May 27 2015 11:40 AMA Day in the LifeA behind-the-scenes look into how Slate’s daily podcast, The Gist, is made.
May 26 2015 11:07 AMThat’s All She WroteWhy I left ladyblogging.
May 18 2015 3:03 PMInside Slate Editors’ HedsOur favorite failed headlines.
May 14 2015 9:03 AMWe Were Doing It Wrong: The Very First Political GabfestWatch Emily, John, and David review their inaugural Gabfest from 2005.
May 13 2015 11:00 AM“I Need a Pair of Pants That Won’t Bore Me to Death”Troy Patterson talks about looking sharp, flat-top fades, and being Slate’s Gentleman Scholar.
May 11 2015 2:15 PMSlate Voice: “What Was Gay?”Listen to Slate’s J. Bryan Lowder read his story on the history and future of gayness.
May 8 2015 10:12 AMThe Culture Gabfest Like You’ve Never Heard It BeforeListen to this week's Culture Gabfest "Behold! Ignorance and Want” Edition—complete, unfiltered, and uncut.
April 1 2015 11:01 AMSlate Voice: “Why Don’t We Have a Better Condom?”Listen to Slate’s L.V. Anderson read her story on the world of condoms.
March 31 2015 9:17 AMThe Redline of MarchOverheard on email: Slates copy desk rounds up the month’s style and grammar rulings.
Feb. 24 2015 12:14 PMThe “Special K-Balls” Bonus SegmentStefan, Josh, and Mike discuss the latest absurd turn in the NFL’s Deflategate investigation.
June 22 2015 3:46 PMWant to Drive the Slate Copy Desk Crazy?Make these common mistakes.
June 17 2015 1:09 PMThe Editor’s CreedTwo Slate editors debate their very different editing philosophies.
June 10 2015 1:37 PMHow to Turn a Hotel Room Into an OfficeI spend a lot of my life in hotels. My tips for working on the road.
June 8 2015 12:27 PMWhy ClickHole Is the Best Thing on the InternetFor the unconvinced, here’s a collection of the best ClickHole stories.
May 28 2015 9:16 AMAnd Then You March In, According to Your Existential Importance in Life”A day in the life of Slate’s Supreme Court reporter.
May 27 2015 9:59 AMNine Tweets and One SelfieSlate’s editor David Plotz and DoubleX founder Hanna Rosin gave a commencement speech together. Here’s what they said.
May 21 2015 1:45 PMSlate Isn’t Too Liberal. But…What readers said about the magazine’s bias and balance.
May 15 2015 11:19 AM“We Get Really Nerdy About Why a Headline Works”Slate’s editors in a roundtable about heds, deks, annoying clickbait, and more.
May 13 2015 12:53 PMThe Slate Podcasts Soundboard!All your favorite Slate podcast personalities, saying all your favorite catchphrases.
May 12 2015 11:49 AM“I Realized It Was Dishonest Not to Include Myself”How do you tell the story of gayness? J. Bryan Lowder and his editor John Swansburg discuss.
May 11 2015 2:13 PMBut What About the Lesbians?Outward editors J. Bryan Lowder and June Thomas talk about the female perspective on gayness, gay men and lesbian culture, code-switching, and more.
April 8 2015 2:41 PMIf You Didn’t Catch Our Mad Men Premiere PartyA podcast from our live event, exclusively for Slate Plus members.
April 1 2015 11:01 AM“I’m Going to a Condom Conference in New Orleans!”L.V. Anderson and her editor Allison Benedikt talk about the challenges of reporting on condom development, conducting lambskin experiments, and more.
Feb. 26 2015 11:56 AMWhy It’s Slatesters, not Slate-stersOverheard on email: Slate’s copy desk rounds up its February style and grammar rulings.
Feb. 24 2015 9:03 AMI Hate the Way All Other Email Programs Look  I’m very picky when it comes to visual design. That’s why I designed my own email app.