July 27 2017 9:27 AMLoyalty Tests and the Bridge of DeathIn July 1979, President Carter was ready to fire a number of Cabinet members and start afresh.
July 13 2017 10:50 AMForeign Collusion and the Dragon LadyIn November 1968, as Johnson was attempting to end the bombing in Vietnam, others were vying for the power of the presidency.
June 14 2017 4:40 PMA Powerful PardonOn Sept. 8, 1974, President Gerald Ford Announced His Pardon of Richard Nixon.
May 17 2017 4:14 PMRecording From the OvalIn February 1971, President Nixon asked his chief of staff if they could record conversations in the Oval Office for posterity.
April 5 2017 5:12 PMThe Fiery Words of Spiro AgnewRevisiting Oct. 15, 1969, and the then–vice president’s divisive language.
March 8 2017 2:31 PMThe 104-Year-Old MistakeJohn Dickerson visits March 15, 1913—when President Woodrow Wilson convened the very first presidential press conference.
Feb. 8 2017 10:33 AMWhen a Supreme Court Justice Leaves a Seat Earlier Than ExpectedHow the U.S. government filled the seat Chief Justice Earl Warren left behind.
Jan. 11 2017 11:45 AMThe Inauguration of the People’s PresidentHost John Dickerson travels back to 1829 and the inauguration of President Andrew Jackson.
Nov. 30 2016 4:54 PMThe Presidential Greatness EditionJohn Dickerson introduces a new podcast season of campaign curiosities focused on presidents past.
Oct. 19 2016 10:35 AMDebategateA re-examination of when President Jimmy Carter’s strategy notebook fell into the hands of Ronald Reagan’s team ahead of the presidential debate.
Sept. 21 2016 1:18 PMHow Barack Obama Became the Candidate of ChangeThe speech that turned Iowa—and the 2008 election—around for Barack Obama.
Aug. 24 2016 12:38 PMWhistlestop: Live Book Tour MashupSlate’s podcast about presidential campaign history has a special show live from the road in New York and San Francisco with highlights from the newly published Whistlestop book.
July 28 2016 3:06 PMKeep Your Attack Dog FedOne thing Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton could agree on: They hated scandalmonger journalist James Callender.
March 23 2016 11:16 AMGoldwater’s Contested Convention—How 2016 Is Like 1964In 1964, despite the efforts of many establishment Republicans, Sen. Barry Goldwater clinched the GOP nomination for president.
Feb. 9 2016 12:28 PMWhen the Straight Talk Express Rolled Through New HampshireAhead of the 2000 Republican primary, Sen. John McCain held 114 town hall meetings in the Granite State and visited every town.
July 20 2017 3:03 PMMore Reprehensible Than Watergate?Whistlestop revisits the Nixon campaign’s efforts to “monkey wrench” a Vietnam peace deal.
June 29 2017 9:56 AMLady Lincoln and the LeakFirst lady Mary Todd Lincoln resorted to some shady accounting during the Civil War.
June 1 2017 3:53 PMOliver North, Master Crafter of the Political LieIn 1986, an American plane loaded with weapons for Contra guerrillas fighting communists in Nicaragua crashed, fueling the Iran–Contra affair.
April 20 2017 10:24 AMA Recipe for a Presidential SpeechOn June 11, 1962, President Kennedy made a speech he thought would sway his audience at Yale.
March 22 2017 4:19 PMThe Bricker Amendment and Stories of Migratory BirdsWhistlestop travels back to Jan. 7, 1953, and the introduction of the Bricker Amendment.
Feb. 22 2017 10:24 AMSteely Executive Orders From Presidents Truman and TrumpWhen a president’s executive powers are challenged by the courts.
Jan. 24 2017 2:27 PMThe Entanglements of the Mega RichHost John Dickerson on the echoes of economic entanglements from Vice President Nelson Rockefeller to President Donald Trump.
Dec. 14 2016 10:15 AMHarry S. Truman’s Battles With the BossesHost John Dickerson discusses President Harry S. Truman’s face-offs with labor bosses in 1946.
Nov. 2 2016 9:38 AMOctober Surprise, the 1964 EditionSlate’s podcast about presidential campaign history chronicles the October surprise of the presidential campaign of 1964.
Oct. 5 2016 11:00 AMThe Candor of Betty FordAbortion, affairs, and free love through the eyes of the first lady.
Sept. 7 2016 9:29 AMGoldwater vs. Fact MagazineSlate’s podcast about presidential campaign history tells the story of the famous 1960s battle of Barry Goldwater versus Fact Magazine.
Aug. 18 2016 2:46 PMAndrew Jackson: The Dangerous CandidateSlate’s podcast about presidential campaign history digs into the similarities between the people’s candidate Andrew Jackson and today’s Republican candidate Donald Trump.
April 12 2016 11:21 AMStand Up for AmericaIn 1968, Alabama Gov. George Wallace appealed to segregationists and blue-collar workers during his presidential bid as a third-party candidate.
Feb. 24 2016 1:16 PMThe Reagan-Ford Vice Presidential DanceRonald Reagan was almost Gerald Ford’s vice president and vice-versa. Which is strange, since neither man cared much for the other.
Jan. 27 2016 10:55 AMThe Dean ScreamThe downfall of Howard Dean’s groundbreaking campaign started long before his infamous TV moment in Iowa.