How actor Jesse Eisenberg doomed the Phoenix Suns in 1993.

At 10 Years Old, Jesse Eisenberg Doomed the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the NBA Finals

At 10 Years Old, Jesse Eisenberg Doomed the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the NBA Finals

Exploring the greatest what ifs in sports history.
May 22 2018 6:02 AM

How Actor Jesse Eisenberg Doomed the Phoenix Suns

Back in 1993, the actor’s fan letter proved to be a fatal distraction in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Dan Majerle, 1994, and Jesse Eisenberg, 2003.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Focus on Sport/Getty Images, Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images.

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This week, actor Jesse Eisenberg revisits a painful chapter of his youth when his beloved basketball team the Phoenix Suns lost to the Chicago Bulls in the final seconds of Game 6 of the 1993 NBA Finals.

Wracked by guilt at the possibility that his fan letter to the Suns’ Dan Majerle provided a fatal distraction, he imagines an alternate reality where he never put pen to paper. NBA legends Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan also make an appearance. And there’s a bonus conversation between Mike and Jesse.

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Jesse Eisenberg is an actor and writer.

Mike Pesca is the host of the Slate daily podcast The Gist. He also contributes reports and commentary to NPR.