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July 2 2018 3:28 PMThe Travel Ban Stands and the Legacy of the Roberts CourtHow will we look back on the Supreme Court’s decision on the travel ban?
June 22 2018 10:42 AMDetained Without Trial: a History of Concentration CampsWhy the rhetoric being used about the detention centers along the border should alarm us.
June 15 2018 6:43 PMManafort Goes to JailThe Trump campaign chairman started his day with a smile in a courthouse cafeteria and ended it behind bars.
June 12 2018 5:09 PMThe Sewage of Trump’s Trade WarWill the president’s tariffs destroy NAFTA?
June 7 2018 2:34 PMThe Black Widow, the Giant, and the Tallest Tower in EuropeWhat does an Olympic weightlifter have to do with the Russia scandal?
June 1 2018 12:13 PMTrumpcast Live From BrooklynMichael Avenatti joins the panel to discuss his day in court and the future of the Trump presidency.
May 25 2018 12:58 PMCan You Indict the President?A constitutional lawyer talks about the scenario that keeps him up night.
May 18 2018 11:28 AMDraconian and Cruel Immigration PoliciesThe Trump administration is succeeding at one thing: being cruel to immigrants.
May 15 2018 12:16 PMA Torture Victim Speaks to Gina HaspelTrump’s CIA director nominee has overseen torture programs and now she’s being rewarded for it.
May 9 2018 7:11 PMA Slush Fund for Playmates, an Oligarch, and the President?Michael Cohen’s Delaware LLC has paid out hush money, but is it taking bribes too?
May 4 2018 6:13 PMMichael Avenatti Is Beating Trump at His Own GameStormy Daniels’ lawyer has the Trump syndicate tangling themselves in all sorts of lies.
May 2 2018 12:49 PMReading Into the Leak of the Mueller QuestionsThe list of topics that Mueller is interested in is impressive, but why did it leak in the first place?
April 27 2018 12:47 PMIs Trump’s Chaos Beating the Press?What does it mean to hold a shameless president accountable?
April 20 2018 5:03 PMThe Book and Memos of James ComeyIn his new book, you find James Comey the writer, the truth teller, and the fallible human being.
April 18 2018 3:37 PMPruitt and a PardonHow is Scott Pruitt still running the EPA?
July 2 2018 11:53 AMCivility as a CudgelHow “civility” has been used in the past to silence those seeking to change the status quo.
June 20 2018 10:40 AMThe Reality of Family Separation and “Zero Tolerance”How the Trump administration’s policy is leaving its stain on America.
June 12 2018 6:11 PMClown YaltaTrump and Kim Jong-un both got what they wanted at the summit—press coverage and validation.
June 8 2018 4:18 PMOur Pardon-Giving President Perverts the PardonWho gets pardoned shouldn’t be about who you know and how it will affect your poll numbers.
June 5 2018 11:25 AMGearing Up for a Subpoena ShowdownWhy would the president’s lawyers all but admit guilt in the obstruction case in their letter to Mueller?
May 30 2018 11:48 AMAn Encyclopedia of Trump’s DishonestyTrump clearly lies all the time, but not everything he says is a lie.
May 23 2018 11:38 AMTrump’s Challenge to Prosecutorial IndependenceThe president’s demand to the Department of Justice is wildly inappropriate, but is it illegal?
May 17 2018 10:42 AMA Very Stormy DisclosureTrump repaid Michael Cohen after all, because of course he did.
May 14 2018 12:30 PMThe Psychic Tyranny of Shakespeare’s TyrantsHow the work of the playwright is useful to understanding our modern politics.
May 8 2018 7:29 PMTrump Withdraws From Iran Deal in Spiteful FashionWith no sound reasoning or backup plan, Trump just spiked another one of Barack Obama’s accomplishments.
May 4 2018 11:12 AMThe Real Answer to Russian DisinformationLiberal democracies are responsible for fighting back against disinformation. Unfortunately, Trump isn’t helping.
April 30 2018 1:04 PMDreaming of Hillary on the Campaign TrailHow a New York Times reporter became an “unwitting agent of Russian intelligence.”
April 26 2018 2:08 PMUs vs. Them Told in Two PartsThe Muslim ban heads to the Supreme Court. Plus, Macron tries to carry the torch for the globalists.
April 20 2018 2:34 PMHow the Southern District of New York Flips Made MenWhat can the prosecution of organized crime units tell us about the investigations surrounding Donald Trump?
April 18 2018 3:04 PMA Measured View of the Cohen ProbeMichael Cohen can’t spill all the beans on Trump if he doesn’t know all the beans—but there are two people who can.