Judah Friedlander on character, anxiety, and If the Raindrops United.

Comedian Judah Friedlander on Character and Anxiety

Comedian Judah Friedlander on Character and Anxiety

Risks and rewards of the creative life.
Oct. 20 2015 10:39 AM

Judah Friedlander on Character, Anxiety, and If the Raindrops United

The comedian and star of 30 Rock talks about his new book and fighting through difficult times on his rise through the comedy scene.

Judah Friedlander
Comedian Judah Friedlander.

Photo © Yoko Haraoka

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This week on The Moment, Brian Koppelman talks to Judah Friedlander, star of 30 Rock, longtime comedian, and author of a new book, If the Raindrops United. Judah talks about how his material has changed over the years, his various battles with anxiety, and what it felt like to finally find a home on stage. Plus, Brian reads a passage from Raindrops and the two discuss why the only thing holding Judah back from making his first special is Judah.

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