The Checkup
The Checkup

The Checkup: High Anxiety

Slate and WBUR’s health podcast examines the fear of flying, parental anxiety, and managing your relentless worrying.

June 8 2015 11:29 AMThe Checkup: Muffin TopSlate and WBUR’s health podcast looks at dieting myths, eating disorders, and a popular program that aims to change how you approach food. 
May 11 2015 9:49 AMThe Checkup: Power to the PatientSlate and WBUR’s health podcast offers up three ways to take charge of your health care and medical data.
March 30 2015 6:58 PMGrossologyThe Checkup from Slate and WBUR delivers a podcast that truly comes from the gut.
March 4 2015 10:35 AMScary Food StoriesThe Checkup from Slate and WBUR on sugar risks, chia seeds, and a second look at the benefits of kale.
Sept. 23 2013 12:46 PMVaccine Facts and Fictions The Checkup from Slate and WBUR with an update on when to get the flu and HPV vaccinations. 
Sept. 9 2013 9:15 AMMeltdown U.The Checkup from Slate and WBUR on the psychological stresses of college.
Aug. 26 2013 2:40 PMThe Checkup Podcast: Pregnancy MythsA new collaboration between Slate and WBUR discusses pregnancy myths around bed rest, labor pain, and when to cut the cord.
May 27 2015 6:30 AMThe Checkup: Teenage ZombiesSlate and WBUR’s health podcast dares to look inside the adolescent mind.
April 14 2015 11:04 AMSexual Reality CheckOn this podcast about sexual myths, penis size, and sex after 70, The Checkup sticks to the facts. 
March 16 2015 2:00 PMOn the BrainThe Checkup from Slate and WBUR explores a brain implant for PTSD, dyslexia research, and a connection between musical training and language development.
Sept. 30 2013 12:50 PMTalking Back to Your DoctorThe Checkup from Slate and WBUR on why it’s so hard, and so important, to question your physician.
Sept. 16 2013 1:27 PMThe Not-So-Insane WorkoutThe Checkup from Slate and WBUR on when a fitness routine can get too intense.
Sept. 2 2013 10:49 AMThe Checkup Podcast: Matters Below the WaistA new health podcast from Slate and WBUR discusses sexual problems and solutions for both women and men.