The Afterword
The Afterword

Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief

An interview with Lawrence Wright, author of Going Clear.

Jan. 17 2013 8:48 AMLearning How To LookAn interview with Alexandra Horowitz, author of On Looking.
Dec. 20 2012 8:30 AMThe Man With 18 Miles of BooksAn interview with Fred Bass, owner of New York’s Strand bookstore.
Nov. 22 2012 7:34 AMThe Negative Path to HappinessAn interview with Oliver Burkeman.
Oct. 25 2012 8:45 AMObama v. the Supreme CourtAn interview with Jeffrey Toobin.
Sept. 27 2012 8:15 AMHow the Women of Newsweek Sued Their Bosses and Transformed the WorkplaceAn interview with Lynn Povich.
Aug. 30 2012 7:33 AMWhat Do We Mean When We Talk About Privacy?  An interview with Garret Keizer.
Aug. 2 2012 8:45 AMThe Strange Story of Integration in AmericaAn interview with Tanner Colby.
July 5 2012 6:44 AMThe Secrets of Highly Effective DictatorsAn interview with William J. Dobson.
June 7 2012 6:15 AMAn Eccentric Doctor in a Strange PlaceAn interview with Pam Belluck.
May 10 2012 9:07 AMExploring Family History in Words and PicturesAn interview with Alison Bechdel.
April 12 2012 7:30 AMThe Life and Music of James BrownAn interview with R.J. Smith.
March 15 2012 8:30 AMA Year of Buying BlackAn interview with Maggie Anderson.
Feb. 16 2012 7:20 AMRez Life: An Indian’s Journey Through Reservation LifeAn interview with David Treuer.
Jan. 13 2012 6:57 PMAn Aging Amateur Enters the OctagonA new podcast about nonfiction books and their authors.
Dec. 17 2011 7:09 AMIs the Print Dictionary Doomed?Introducing June Thomas’ new podcast about nonfiction books and their authors.
Jan. 2 2013 8:45 AMAn Inside Look at the Hotel IndustryAn interview with Jacob Tomsky, author of Heads in Beds.
Dec. 6 2012 9:45 AMHow the Iron Curtain Survived for So LongAn interview with Anne Applebaum.
Nov. 8 2012 7:39 AMWhat’s the Matter With Millennials?An interview with Robin Marantz Henig and Samantha Henig.
Oct. 11 2012 8:32 AMThe Rise and Fall of PolaroidAn interview with Christopher Bonanos.
Sept. 13 2012 7:00 AMCan Schools Teach Character? An interview with Paul Tough.
Aug. 16 2012 8:14 AMThe Spy Who Saved D-DayAn interview with Stephan Talty.
July 19 2012 7:45 AMNew York City’s Rich Food CultureAn interview with Robin Shulman.
June 21 2012 7:00 AMChallenging the Myth of American DeclineAn interview with Daniel Gross.
May 24 2012 6:45 AMAmerica’s Love Affair With GarbageAn interview with Edward Humes.
April 26 2012 7:00 AMWhy We Love the WaterAn interview with Lynn Sherr.
March 30 2012 4:00 PMHow Creativity WorksAn interview with Jonah Lehrer.
March 3 2012 12:01 AMHow To Make a Toaster From ScratchAn interview with Thomas Thwaites.
Jan. 28 2012 7:15 AMMiddle Age Is Just a Story We Tell OurselvesAn interview with Patricia Cohen.
Dec. 31 2011 6:30 AMThe Global Rise of the Informal EconomyA new podcast about nonfiction books and their authors.