Table to Farm
Table to Farm

Table to Farm: Dueling Quesos Edition

Slate's show about how milk prices are determined and how to tell whether a cheese will melt properly.

April 15 2013 10:44 AMTable to Farm: Focaccia EditionSlate's show about white bread’s strange social history and why you should gently caress your yeast dough.
April 1 2013 12:24 PMTable to Farm: Coca-Cola Cake EditionSlate's show about soda taxes, obesity, and whether you should be adding soft drinks to your cake batter.
March 18 2013 12:11 PMTable to Farm: Tri-tip Steak EditionSlate's show about the life cycle of the average American cow and the changes the beef industry has seen over the past century.
March 4 2013 11:00 AMTable to Farm: Seared Scallops EditionSlate's new podcast about where food comes from. First up: fish.
April 8 2013 11:14 AMTable to Farm: Braised Pork Butt EditionSlate's show about why pigs are such interesting animals and why you can make so many different meat products out of them.
March 25 2013 2:04 PMTable to Farm: Apple Crisp EditionSlate's show about apple genetics, apple economics, and the proper ratio of apple crisp to ice cream.
March 11 2013 1:13 PMTable to Farm: Frittata EditionSlate's show about the ethicality of eating eggs and the practicality of keeping chickens, with special guest Peter Singer.