Gloria Calderón Kellett, Isabella Rossellini, Louise Erdrich, and Megan Hunter on depicting motherhood.

The Mothers of Invention

The Mothers of Invention

The Peabody Award–winning show from PRI.
May 10 2018 5:30 PM

One Mom at a Time

Women who create stories about what it means to be a mother right now.

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Justina Machado, Isabella Gomez, Rita Moreno, and Marcel Ruiz from One Day at a Time.

Adam Rose/Netflix

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The art of motherhood. Gloria Calderón Kellett talks about making One Day at a Time and the classic TV moms who influenced how she writes about motherhood. Novelists Louise Erdrich and Megan Hunter, along with Parley Ann Boswell, talk about the artistic choice of featuring pregnant women in dystopian fiction. Isabella Rossellini talks to Kurt Andersen about her short film series, Mammas, that looks at different animals’ approaches to motherhood. And listener Beth Greenspan finds inspiration in a poem by Mary Karr about when sons go from being boys to men.


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