New Yorker illustrator Barry Blitt gives Kurt Andersen a tour of his home studio.

Political Cartoonist Barry Blitt Gives Kurt Andersen a Tour of His Home Studio

Political Cartoonist Barry Blitt Gives Kurt Andersen a Tour of His Home Studio

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Nov. 30 2017 6:30 PM

New Yorker Cover Illustrator Barry Blitt

Barry Blitt works from a home once owned by Arthur Miller.

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Barry Blitt at his studio in Connecticut.

Matthew Troy

Illustrator and political cartoonist Barry Blitt is best known for his New Yorker covers. Over the past three decades, he’s paired his signature ink and watercolors with his dry wit. This past fall he published a beautiful coffee-table book that’s a retrospective of his most memorable work, including the controversial 2008 cover “The Politics of Fear” and 2016’s Trump-inspired “Donald’s Rainy Days,” and “The Big Short.”

Blitt invited Studio 360 to meet him at his home in Connecticut—which happens to be the former home of Arthur Miller—for a walk-though of his home studio, creative process, and some of his most iconic illustrations. “What you’re looking for is life in the line” he says about finding his finished product, “sometimes you’ll do a drawing that doesn’t look enough like Hillary and you draw it a second time the second time it looks more like her but the first time there was some magic or discovery in the actual line work and it’s better drawing and that’s the one you use.”


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