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American Icons: The Lincoln Memorial

It’s now one of the most treasured landmarks of Washington, but people fought over every aspect of it for decades.

Feb. 15 2018 3:12 PMWipe Your Nose!Denise Gough on mucusy method actors, an atheist’s love of Christian rock, mocking Kennedys, and a photographer’s mentally ill mom.
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Nov. 30 2017 5:36 PMAmerican Icons: The Disney ParksStories from inside the oddly touching, sometimes creepy, deeply American utopia Walt Disney created.
Nov. 16 2017 5:21 PMI’m the Boss, BabyAlec Baldwin’s approach to playing villains.
Nov. 2 2017 4:41 PMTracey Ullman Is Such a CharacterHow she became the queen of sketch comedy.
Oct. 19 2017 5:03 PMSugar MouthArtists Agnès Varda and JR on a road trip—and a sugar binge.
Oct. 6 2017 10:10 AMMichael Chabon SingsThe Pulitzer Prize–winner’s punk awakening, Vincent van Gogh’s paintings come to life, and kids’ books as literature.
Sept. 21 2017 4:09 PMHarvard’s Full of MoronsSpielberg’s greatness, BoJack Horseman’s edginess, and the worst seat at the symphony.
Sept. 7 2017 6:43 PMBack to School SpecialKurt Andersen calls up his favorite high school teacher, Nicholson Baker fills in as a substitute, and scientists turn their research into dances.
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Feb. 8 2018 5:06 PMLearning to Love Comic SansA case for the most-hated typeface.
Jan. 30 2018 6:17 PMWill Super Bowl Ads Lay Off Bikini Babes for #MeToo?Super Bowl commercials aren’t exactly a place you’d look for enlightened portrayals of women. Will that finally change in this year of #MeToo?
Jan. 18 2018 4:00 PMI Killed Captain KirkWhat a long, strange Trek it’s been.
Jan. 4 2018 4:15 PMStaff Picks, 2017 (Volume 2)Completing our favorites list.
Dec. 21 2017 4:38 PMWhere Is Bobbie Gentry?Alexander Payne on avoiding Hollywood temptations, Aisha Harris on Gone With the Wind, and the enduring mystery of “Ode to Billie Joe.”
Dec. 14 2017 4:00 PMSo You Think You’re Creative?From imaginary friends to jazz musicians in fMRI machines, we explore the creative brain.
Nov. 30 2017 6:30 PMNew Yorker Cover Illustrator Barry BlittBarry Blitt works from a home once owned by Arthur Miller.
Nov. 22 2017 2:15 PMAmerican TriconThree American icon segments about women’s identity.
Nov. 9 2017 5:09 PMThe Agonies of Small TalkAnnie Baker on why so many of the characters in her plays talk past each other.
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Oct. 12 2017 5:01 PMAmerican Icons: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestThis is the story of America’s fight against authority.
Sept. 28 2017 4:02 PMDoes Laughter Yoga Work?Sure, laughing makes us feel good in the moment. But could it have enduring health effects?
Sept. 14 2017 6:01 PMLearning to Love Fuller HouseWhy B.J. Novak loves Fuller House, John McPhee’s writing tips, and Amadou and Mariam perform live.
Aug. 31 2017 6:29 PMCasting MoonlightA behind-the-scenes look at films we love—and one film people love to hate.
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