Should we forgive student loan debt?

To Forgive Is Divine (Even With Student Loan Debt?)

To Forgive Is Divine (Even With Student Loan Debt?)

Slate’s weekly business and finance podcast.
Nov. 14 2015 2:02 AM

The Great Debate Edition

Fusion’s Nando Vila throws down with Jordan Weissmann over student loan debt.


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On this episode of Slate Money, Nando Vila of Fusion joins Felix Salmon of Fusion, Cathy O’Neil of Mathbabe, and Slate’s Moneybox columnist Jordan Weissmann in a battle of wits to discuss:

  • Student loan debt (and whether we should do away with in all together)
  • Neel Kashkari, the new president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve
  • An alarming statistic that shows that death rates for middle-aged white Americas have been rising over the last 15 years

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Podcast production by Zachary Dinerstein.

Cathy O'Neil is a former hedge fund quant and blogger at

Felix Salmon is a journalist.

Jordan Weissmann is Slate’s senior business and economics correspondent.