Slate Money
Slate Money
Jan. 13 2018 2:02 AMThe Down the IGWEL EditionSlate Money on Trump going to Davos, Huawei, and iPhone addiction.
Dec. 30 2017 2:05 AMThe Travel EditionSlate Money on Airbnb, airlines, and the travel industry.
Dec. 16 2017 2:02 AMThe May the Fox Be With You EditionSlate Money on Disney acquiring Fox, Apple acquiring Shazam, and bitcoin futures.
Dec. 2 2017 2:00 AMThe Consumption Smoothing EditionSlate Money on The Financial Diaries, Affirm, and Amazon.
Nov. 18 2017 2:00 AMThe Protection Money EditionSlate Money on the sale of a da Vinci, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Zimbabwe.
Nov. 4 2017 2:02 AMThe Powell’s Books EditionSlate Money on Republican tax plans, the opioid crisis, and Jay Powell.
Oct. 21 2017 2:01 AMThe Codfather EditionSlate Money on the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund, Scandinavian economics, and the 30th anniversary of Black Monday.
Oct. 7 2017 2:02 AMThe Africa EditionSlate Money on Lagos and Nairobi, China in Africa, and South African corruption.
Sept. 23 2017 2:02 AMThe Anna’s Air Quotes EditionSlate Money on Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy, the new startup Loftium, and sukuk bonds.
Sept. 16 2017 2:02 AMThe Homicidal Sexbots EditionSlate Money on Equifax, SoFi, and sex robots.
Sept. 2 2017 2:02 AMThe Rebuilding EditionSlate Money on Hurricane Harvey, construction productivity, and tax reform.
Aug. 19 2017 2:01 AMThe Only Way Is Ethics EditionSlate Money on the CEO council disbanding, companies’ responsibilities to shareholders, and impact investing.
Aug. 5 2017 2:00 AMThe Shared Values EditionSlate Money on the stock market, index composition, and Etsy.
July 22 2017 2:02 AMThe Fake Loans EditionSlate Money on private student loan debt, Donald Trump’s ties to Deutsche Bank, and hedge funders evading taxes.
July 8 2017 2:00 AMThe White-Collar Crime EditionSlate Money on The Chickenshit Club, sexual harassment in Silicon Valley, and Hobby Lobby.
Jan. 6 2018 2:00 AMThe Distinctly Nordic EditionSlate Money on Iceland, Spotify, and Iran.
Dec. 23 2017 2:12 AMThe Call-In EditionSlate Money answers your voicemails.
Dec. 9 2017 2:02 AMThe Petro EditionSlate Money on the United States, Brexit, and Venezuelan cryptocurrency.
Nov. 25 2017 2:02 AMThe Splendid Food EditionSlate Money on restaurant buzz, vegetarianism, and cookbooks.
Nov. 11 2017 2:01 AMThe Well-Endowed EditionSlate Money on Saudi Arabia, Wilbur Ross, and endowments.
Oct. 28 2017 2:02 AMThe Tiran and Sanafir EditionSlate Money on sexual harassment, NEOM, and trading cryptocurrencies.
Oct. 14 2017 2:01 AMThe Some of My Best Friends Are Petroleum Engineers EditionSlate Money on Richard Thaler, Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy, and Brexit.
Sept. 30 2017 2:04 AMThe Krautrock EditionSlate Money on music royalties, Puerto Rican bondholders, and Wolfgang Schäuble.
Sept. 19 2017 10:28 AMThe Delicious Mexican Dirt EditionA Slate Money bonus episode on gaydar A.I., L'Oréal for men, Facebook advertising, and Ray Dalio.
Sept. 9 2017 2:02 AMThe Peripatetic Headquarters EditionSlate Money on concert ticket scams, the sale of legacy media brands, and Amazon’s new headquarters.
Aug. 26 2017 2:04 AMThe Bet the Farm EditionSlate Money on passive investing, strawberries, and bananas.
Aug. 12 2017 2:01 AMThe Disney World EditionSlate Money on pink slime, Disney’s Netflix deal, and open seating plans.
July 29 2017 2:05 AMThe Bad Eggs EditionSlate Money on Anthony Scaramucci, productivity, and Hampton Creek’s eggless mayo.
July 15 2017 2:02 AMThe Cash Offer EditionSlate Money on going cashless with Visa, coding boot camps, and Warren Buffett.
July 1 2017 2:01 AMThe Methodologically Problematic EditionSlate Money on Google’s antitrust violations, Italian banks, and Seattle’s minimum wage.