Slate Money
Slate Money
Sept. 19 2017 10:28 AMThe Delicious Mexican Dirt EditionA Slate Money bonus episode on gaydar A.I., L'Oréal for men, Facebook advertising, and Ray Dalio.
Sept. 9 2017 2:02 AMThe Peripatetic Headquarters EditionSlate Money on concert ticket scams, the sale of legacy media brands, and Amazon’s new headquarters.
Aug. 26 2017 2:04 AMThe Bet the Farm EditionSlate Money on passive investing, strawberries, and bananas.
Aug. 12 2017 2:01 AMThe Disney World EditionSlate Money on pink slime, Disney’s Netflix deal, and open seating plans.
July 29 2017 2:05 AMThe Bad Eggs EditionSlate Money on Anthony Scaramucci, productivity, and Hampton Creek’s eggless mayo.
July 15 2017 2:02 AMThe Cash Offer EditionSlate Money on going cashless with Visa, coding boot camps, and Warren Buffett.
July 1 2017 2:01 AMThe Methodologically Problematic EditionSlate Money on Google’s antitrust violations, Italian banks, and Seattle’s minimum wage.
June 17 2017 2:02 AMThe Scams EditionSlate Money on rich scams, poor scams, and email scams.
June 3 2017 2:00 AMThe Dinosaur EditionSlate Money on the Paris Agreement, credit scores, and Venezuelan bonds.
May 20 2017 2:00 AMThe Spinning Wheels EditionSlate Money on the auto industry, artificial intelligence, and Apple’s new headquarters.
May 6 2017 2:00 AMThe Talking TED Talks EditionSlate Money on Cathy O’Neil’s TED talk, what goes on at TED Talks conferences, and the industry of highly paid speeches.
April 22 2017 2:00 AMThe Pet Cause EditionSlate Money on PetSmart’s acquisition of Chewy, Arconic CEO Klaus Kleinfeld’s resignation, and Portland’s decision to divest from all corporations.
April 8 2017 2:00 AMThe “You Say Beeta, I Say Beta” EditionSlate Money discusses the popularity of smart beta investing and potential racial bias in auto insurance.
March 25 2017 2:05 AMThe Thinx Twice EditionSlate Money discusses Thinx founder Miki Agrawal’s sexual harassment allegations and how venture capitalist J.D. Vance is looking to invest in startups—in Ohio.
March 11 2017 2:02 AMThe Soft Power EditionSlate Money discusses State Street’s plan to place more women in executive roles, Swift’s banning of North Korean banks, and the eccentric billionaire owner of SoftBank.
Sept. 16 2017 2:02 AMThe Homicidal Sexbots EditionSlate Money on Equifax, SoFi, and sex robots.
Sept. 2 2017 2:02 AMThe Rebuilding EditionSlate Money on Hurricane Harvey, construction productivity, and tax reform.
Aug. 19 2017 2:01 AMThe Only Way Is Ethics EditionSlate Money on the CEO council disbanding, companies’ responsibilities to shareholders, and impact investing.
Aug. 5 2017 2:00 AMThe Shared Values EditionSlate Money on the stock market, index composition, and Etsy.
July 22 2017 2:02 AMThe Fake Loans EditionSlate Money on private student loan debt, Donald Trump’s ties to Deutsche Bank, and hedge funders evading taxes.
July 8 2017 2:00 AMThe White-Collar Crime EditionSlate Money on The Chickenshit Club, sexual harassment in Silicon Valley, and Hobby Lobby.
June 24 2017 2:04 AMThe Independent Directors EditionSlate Money on Uber, Amazon buying Whole Foods, and initial coin offerings.
June 10 2017 2:01 AMThe Mayday Mayday EditionSlate Money on the U.K. election, the Spanish banking crisis, and Qatar.
May 27 2017 2:01 AMThe Bureaucrats Gone Wild EditionSlate Money on corruption in Brazil, Saudi Arabia’s oil prices, and Paul Romer’s war on Bankspeak.
May 13 2017 2:00 AMThe Disappearing EditionSlate Money on the mortgage interest deduction, the volatility index, and Snap’s first earnings report after going public.
April 29 2017 2:02 AMThe Pointless Vanity EditionSlate Money on Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s substantial payout, Sheryl Sandberg’s new book on grief, and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s massive data project.
April 15 2017 2:01 AMThe Liquidity EditionSlate Money discusses South Africa’s credit rating downgrade and how markets are responding to recent economic events in unpredictable ways.
April 1 2017 2:04 AMThe Pour Decisions EditionSlate Money gets tipsy talking to Bianca Bosker, author of Cork Dork, about the economics of wine.
March 18 2017 2:04 AMThe Scary White People EditionSlate Money discusses the uncertain future of the European Union and Blumhouse Productions’ run of smash-hit horror flicks.
March 4 2017 2:02 AMThe Hedge Funds Behaving Badly EditionSlate Money discusses eccentric hedge-funders with Sheelah Kolhatkar, plus Herbalife and the insider trading allegations at the heart of her book Black Edge.