Secret History of the Future
Secret History of the Future

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Tables of contents, indexes, and encyclopedias were invented to let us keep up with a deluge of information. What new inventions can help us today?

Oct. 31 2018 6:02 AMA Little Less ConversationSome people thought the trans-Atlantic cable would bring world peace. It didn’t.
Oct. 17 2018 12:02 PMA Clock in the SkyIn 1714, the British government offered a huge prize for a way to determine longitude at sea. Can prizes spur innovation today?
Oct. 3 2018 6:00 AMHuman InsecurityThe French telegraph system was hacked in 1834. What does the incident teach us about modern-day network security?
Sept. 19 2018 6:01 AMFork Fashions and Toilet TrendsIt took a long time for the fork to go from oddity to ubiquity. What does that say about Google Glass?
Sept. 5 2018 6:02 AMThe Box That AI Lives InHow could an 18th-century robot win at chess? By using a trick that big tech firms still pull on us today.
Oct. 24 2018 6:02 AMVR or It Didn’t HappenThe Victorians used plaster casts to preserve important artifacts in 3D. Can virtual reality do the same for us?
Oct. 10 2018 8:30 AMFrom Zero to SelfieWhat happens the first time people see themselves in photos?
Sept. 26 2018 6:00 AMThe Fault in Our CarsWhat can the advent of horseless carriages a century ago tell us about our driverless future?
Sept. 12 2018 4:00 AMThe Body ElectricEver since the Romans put electrogenic fish on their heads to cure migraines, we’ve wondered what electric shocks can do to our brains.