Spoiling Talladega Nights.

Spoiling Talladega Nights.

Spoiling Talladega Nights.

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Aug. 7 2006 4:12 PM

Spoiling Talladega Nights

Slate's "post-view" of Will Ferrell's latest.

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Will Ferrell meets NASCAR. No doubt the pitch was that simple, and the appeal of the pairing was a no-brainer. Over the weekend, audiences agreed. Talladega Nightstopped the box office with $47 million in ticket sales.

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Which means there are lots of people out there who've seen the movie and can now enjoy Slate'sSpoiler Special about Talladega. Our movie critic Dana Stevens is joined by Slate's resident NASCAR aficionados, Josh Levin and Seth Stevenson, to dissect the film. Among the topics they discuss: the massive amount of product placement, the treatment of homosexuality, and a couple of star cameos.

Click here to play or download the Talladegaspoiler.

Remember, these spoilers give away key plot points and details about the endings, so only listen if you've seen the movie or if you don't care about knowing such details in advance.

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