Slate's Bad Movie nominees.

Slate's Bad Movie nominees.

Slate's Bad Movie nominees.

Slate's audio offerings.
Feb. 21 2006 3:17 PM

And the Nominees Are …

The Slate Bad Movie Award nominations.

A few weeks ago on the Slate podcast, we asked listeners to send in their nominations for the worst of the cinematic arts. We put out the call for contenders in three categories: Worst Western, Worst Biopic, and Worst Musical.


A large number of you wrote in, pointing us toward some wonderfully woe-begotten films, and at last our Bad Movie Curator, Mark Jordan Legan, has assembled the list of nominees. Now's your chance to vote for the winners (voting deadline: Thursday, March 2). The podcast has all the details.

Click here to download or play the MP3 file on your computer. You can also click here to subscribe to the podcast (for free) at iTunes.

Note: A reminder about podcasting—the misleading name notwithstanding, you do not need an iPod to do it. These are simple MP3 audio files that can be played on almost any computer.

Andy Bowers, the creator and executive producer of Slate podcasts, is the co-founder and chief content officer of Panoply.