A full list of Slate podcasts.

The List of Slate’s Current Podcasts

The List of Slate’s Current Podcasts

Slate's audio offerings.
April 25 2016 11:34 AM

Slate Podcasts

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Slate is one of the pioneers of podcasting. Since launching in 2005, our topical podcasts have been singled out for praise by Stephen Colbert and Ira Glass, among many others. Find out what they and millions of listeners already love about our shows. Browse through and subscribe to our current offerings below, visit our Apple page from your iPhone or iPad, or subscribe at panoply.fm.

Slate is also the flagship partner in the Panoply podcast network, which The Slate Group launched in 2015. Discover Panoply’s shows on iTunes and learn how to partner with us.


Slate's Political Gabfest (Fridays): A weekly discussion of politics with Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz. 


Slate's Daily Podcast: All of Slate’s regular podcasts along with special features.
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Slate's Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick: A program about the law and the Supreme Court justices who interpret it for the rest of America (posts several times a month).
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Slate’s Whistlestop (Wednesdays): Tales from campaign-trail history, as told by Slate political columnist (and Political Gabfest panelist) John Dickerson. 
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Slate's The Gist with Mike Pesca: A daily afternoon podcast about news, culture, and whatever else you'll be discussing with friends and family tonight.
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Slate’s Working: A podcast about what people do all day. Interviews have included a Los Angeles–based waiter, a farmer, a Google coder, a principal, a flight paramedic, and some guy named Stephen Colbert. 
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Slate Presents Lexicon Valley (Every other Monday): A podcast about all aspects of language, hosted by Bob Garfield and Mike Vuolo. 
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Slate’s Hang Up and Listen (Mondays): A weekly sports podcast with Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Mike Pesca.
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The Moment With Brian Koppelman (Tuesdays): A podcast about the risks and rewards of creative life. Hosted by filmmaker Brian Koppelman, the show features actors, writers, comedians, and others talking about the critical moments that have fueled their careers.
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Slate's Culture Gabfest (Wednesdays): A weekly debate over culture both high and low with Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner. 
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DoubleX Gabfest (Every other Thursday): A discussion of issues affecting women, featuring the editors of Slate’s DoubleX section.
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Slate's Mom and Dad Are Fighting (Every other Thursday): Slate editors Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois review and debate the latest parenting news—and try to stay civil.
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Slate Money (Saturdays): A weekly roundup of the most important stories from the worlds of business and finance, hosted by Felix Salmon.
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Slate's Live at Politics & Prose: Readings and discussions featuring today's best authors in appearances at the famed Washington bookstore.
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Slate’s Audio Book Club: A monthly discussion of current and classic books.
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Slate's Spoiler Specials: Dana Stevens and her guests discuss plot twists, surprise endings, and everything else you can't reveal in a movie review (posts several times a month).
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