Podcast for America on GOP presidential candidates, Friends of Hillary, and Rand Paul’s fauxlibuster.

Podcast for America: The GOP’s 10-Ring Circus

Podcast for America: The GOP’s 10-Ring Circus

The crazed culture of politics.
May 26 2015 4:48 PM

The GOP’s 10-Ring Circus

Listen to the new campaign podcast on the ever-expanding Republican presidential field and the many Friends of Hillary.

Podcast for America.

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Just in time for the (runup to the start of the prelude to the) 2016 election, Slate’s new Panoply network presents Podcast for America! You’re welcome, America.

The show takes an inside look at the crazed culture of politics during the quadrennial ritual known as a presidential election. Your hosts are three serious journalists—Mark Leibovich of the New York Times Magazine and author of This Town; Annie Lowrey of New York Magazine; and Alex Wagner, host of Now With Alex Wagner on MSNBC—all of whom were looking for a place to be a little less serious. This is that place.

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Mark Leibovich is the chief national correspondent for New York Times Magazine and the author of This Town and Big Game.

Annie Lowrey is a contributing editor at the Atlantic.

Alex Wagner is the host of MSNBC’s Now With Alex Wagner.