Mom and Dad Are Fighting discuss the ethics of teen text-snooping and how to get your kid to go to sleep already.

Will My Kid Ever Go to Sleep?

Will My Kid Ever Go to Sleep?

Slate's parenting podcast.
Sept. 13 2018 2:01 PM

Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Recovering Fruit Bat Edition

Breaking into teens’ phones and sleep-resistant tots on Slate’s parenting podcast.

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Gabriel Roth and Rebecca Lavoie are out this week, but Carvell Wallace, Isaac Butler, and Ruth Graham are here to discuss the first day of school, letting go of expectations for your kid’s academic success, irresponsible angry-driving with toddlers, and listener questions about snooping on your kid’s texts and how to get a kid to sleep at a decent hour.



Ruth recommends the board game Guess Who.

Isaac recommends the children’s book Julián Is a Mermaid.

Carvell recommends this video of a recovering fruit bat eating a banana.

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Isaac Butler is a writer and theater director, most recently of Real Enemies, which premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. He is the co-author of The World Only Spins Forward, a history of Angels in America, with Dan Kois.

Ruth Graham is a regular Slate contributor. She lives in New Hampshire.

Carvell Wallace is a writer and the father of two teens in Oakland, California. He is a co-host of Slate’s Mom and Dad Are Fighting and has bylines in the New Yorker, GQ, the New York Times Magazine, and others. Before his career in writing, he spent 15 years working with incarcerated youth, foster youth, and at-risk youth in New York City and San Francisco.