Mom and Dad Are Fighting on talking to your kids about the Confederate flag and sexist grandpas.

What Do I Tell My Kid About That Giant Confederate Flag?

What Do I Tell My Kid About That Giant Confederate Flag?

Slate's parenting podcast.
Aug. 23 2018 2:00 PM

Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Bad Grandpa” Edition

Confederate flags, chauvinist grandpas, and calendar fails, on Slate’s parenting podcast.


Carvell Wallace, Dan Kois, and Katherine Goldstein discuss calendar fails, the mundane unfairness of paying for day care with a health savings account, and how and when to teach kids to clean up after themselves. Plus, listener questions about dealing with a chauvinist grandpa and how and when to talk to your kids about a conspicuous Confederate flag on the side of the interstate.

In the Slate Plus segment, the panelists discuss the things they learned on their family vacations this year.



Katherine recommends the Dear Sugars podcast episode “Talking About Privilege—With Catrice M. Jackson

Dan recommends Stephen King

Carvell recommends the book Ocean Meets Sky by Terry Fan

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Katherine Goldstein is a journalist who’s worked at Vanity Fair, Slate, and the Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter.

Dan Kois edits and writes for Slate’s human interest and culture departments. He’s the co-author, with Isaac Butler, of The World Only Spins Forward, a history of Angels in America, and is writing a book called How to Be a Family.

Carvell Wallace is a father, writer, and podcaster in Oakland, California. He is a co-host of Slate’s Mom and Dad Are Fighting and has bylines in the New Yorker, GQ, New York Times Magazine, and others. The complete first season of his podcast on race in America, Closer Than They Appear, is available now.