Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The new SAT and Sheryl Sandberg’s “ban bossy” campaign.
If Girls Are Bossy, Maybe We Should Call Them Bossy
Slate's parenting podcast.
March 13 2014 11:08 AM

Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The “Don’t Be Bossy” Edition

Listen to Slate’s parenting podcast about the revised SAT and Sheryl Sandberg’s “ban bossy” campaign.

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In this week’s edition of Slate’s parenting podcast Mom and Dad Are Fighting, Slate editors Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois interview Todd Balf, author of an excellent New York Times Magazine piece on the story behind the revised SAT, and debate the merits of Sheryl Sandberg’s new campaign to ban the word “bossy.”


Other items discussed in the show:

Mom and Dad recommend:

Dan took his daughters to see a Story Pirates show, and loved it. (The show featured our awesome producer, Chris Wade, who Dan also recommends.)

Allison suggests checking out the “Classic Starts” series of children’s books, which features classic stories, slightly modified (and with illustrations!) to appeal to younger kids. She wants to read The Secret Garden to her kids next.

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Allison Benedikt is Slate’s news director. Follow her on Twitter.

Dan Kois is Slate’s culture editor, co-host of Mom and Dad Are Fighting, and a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine.

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