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The New Lost Generation

Danielle Allen discusses the impact of mass incarceration on her cousin, who was imprisoned at 15.

Sept. 15 2017 7:24 AMCrash OverrideWhen Zoë Quinn’s life was upended by Gamergate, she built a system to help other victims of online abuse.
Sept. 1 2017 10:55 AMHow to Be a MuslimHaroon Moghul has some thoughts on being Muslim in the 21st century—and they involve Star Wars analogies.
Aug. 18 2017 10:40 AMA Coming of (Middle) Age StoryTom Perrotta reads from his novel Mrs. Fletcher and explains why he wanted to call it The Milf.
Aug. 4 2017 11:23 AMTalking PicturesWashington Post film critic Ann Hornaday on how to evaluate and discuss movies.
July 21 2017 10:48 AMWorth the WaitMatthew Klam returns with his first book in 17 years and explains the delay to CNN’s Jake Tapper.
July 7 2017 10:19 AMSecond Chances and Second LanguagesNina George practices her English and charms our audience.
June 23 2017 9:45 AMThe Accidental ActivistManal al-Sharif was arrested for driving in Saudi Arabia.
June 9 2017 10:30 AMThe Trouble With RealityBrooke Gladstone pulls back the curtain on the media in the age of fake news and alternative facts.
May 26 2017 2:03 PMMicrocosm, USAAmy Goldstein on the impact of the 2008 Great Recession in Janesville, Wisconsin, and how it reflected the entire U.S.
May 12 2017 11:30 AMFailing GracefullyCory Doctorow on his new novel Walkaway and how the measure of a society is how well it falls apart.
April 28 2017 11:09 AMWhat to Do About Climate Change?A panel of experts discusses how to thwart climate change and politicians’ antipathy toward it.
April 14 2017 7:36 AMMadame PresidentHelene Cooper on how Liberia’s women banded together to elect Africa’s first female president.
March 31 2017 9:44 AMThe Right Way to Run a White HouseAlyssa Mastromonaco discusses her work in the Obama White House.
March 17 2017 7:41 AMA Human CivilizationMohsin Hamid reads from his new book Exit West and shares his vision for a unified future.
March 3 2017 7:14 AMThe State of Immigration in AmericaScott Michelman, Nithya Nathan-Pineau, and Faiza Patel discuss Immigration with Politics and Prose co-owner Lissa Muscatine.
Sept. 8 2017 11:29 AMDeath LotteryMark Bowden and Bob Woodward discuss Vietnam—and why war is an unfair and deadly game.
Aug. 25 2017 10:24 AMA Brief History of RacismIbram X. Kendi on the history of racist thought and how racist policies are the cradle of racist ideas.
Aug. 11 2017 10:26 AMMilitary HerstoryTracy Crow and Jerri Bell share the words of women in the military from the Revolutionary War to now.
July 28 2017 7:07 AMPolicing the Black ManAngela J. Davis leads a panel of legal experts in a discussion about race and criminal justice.
July 14 2017 10:55 AMFighting for the NarrativeAlexandra Fuller on how America’s dominant narrative was shaped by white supremacy.
June 30 2017 12:01 PMDon’t Ask Me About the Wall!Crime novelist Don Winslow on the war on drugs, police reform, and Hollywood.
June 16 2017 10:34 AMAnatomy of TerrorFormer FBI agent Ali Soufan on the past, present, and future of Islamist terrorism.
June 2 2017 10:55 AMRace in America 2017April Ryan returns to moderate our fifth Race in America Today panel.
May 19 2017 12:12 PMRichard Rothstein speaks With Ta-Nehisi Coates About Forgotten HistoryThey discuss residential segregation and the myths that obscure it.
May 5 2017 11:58 AMKillers of the Flower MoonDavid Grann on the Osage murders, a racist, avaricious conspiracy in the last days of the Wild West.
April 21 2017 10:38 AMThe Moral Argument for ChoiceDr. Willie Parker explains how his Christian faith lead to his belief in a woman’s right to choose.
April 7 2017 10:54 AMNixon: The Man Behind the CaricatureJohn A. Farrell on the complicated life and legacy of Richard Nixon.
March 24 2017 9:53 AMHooked on TechAdam Alter explores our seemingly helpless attraction to modern technology.
March 10 2017 7:13 AMResisting Tyranny: Learning From 20th-Century EuropeTimothy Snyder compares totalitarian Europe to contemporary America in his new book, On Tyranny.
March 1 2017 11:54 AMRoxane Gay and Viet Thanh Nguyen on Race, Gender, and Writing in 2017The literary luminaries share a conversation in support of their books Difficult Women and The Refugees.