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Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism

Kristen R. Ghodsee explains how concepts like socialized child care allow women to pursue the lives and careers they desire.

Dec. 7 2018 9:54 AMWhy Religion?When Elaine Pagels began to wonder why religion was still important in the 21st century, she found answers in her own story.
Nov. 26 2018 5:25 PMLose WellWilling to fail big.
Nov. 9 2018 10:31 AMHeavyKiese Laymon wrestles with the ways that violence infiltrates America and why we have such difficulty with the truth.
Oct. 26 2018 7:00 AMGood and MadRebecca Traister discusses how female rage can power political change.
Oct. 12 2018 7:00 AMDear AmericaJournalist and founder of Define American, Jose Antonio Vargas shares his experience of being undocumented in America.
Sept. 28 2018 7:00 AMStill BeginningCartoonist Jules Feiffer fulfilled a childhood dream by learning how to draw graphic novels in his 80s.
Sept. 14 2018 7:00 AMEvery Day Is Extra After Vietnam, John Kerry felt called to a life of service to honor those who never made it home.
Aug. 31 2018 7:00 AMAmerica: The Farewell TourChris Hedges describes the flashing warning signs of the “inevitable collapse of the American empire.”
Aug. 17 2018 7:30 AMThe Right to Be SafeOur panel, featuring Avery Gardiner, Zion Kelly, and Craig Whitney, discusses how to reframe the narrative around guns.
Aug. 3 2018 7:01 AMOttessa Moshfegh’s My Year of Rest and RelaxationThe author of Eileen reads from her latest novel.
July 20 2018 7:00 AMFrom the Corner of the OvalBeck Dorey-Stein shares her unlikely journey from D.C. outsider to working for President Obama and, briefly, President Trump.
July 6 2018 6:01 AMCall Me AmericanAbdi Nor Iftin’s immigration memoir is a counternarrative to the rhetoric of Trump’s travel ban.
June 22 2018 10:39 AMThe TerribleYrsa Daley-Ward reads from her poetic memoir, The Terrible, and recounts her childhood.
June 8 2018 7:00 AMCan Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?Robert Kuttner looks back to the complementary capitalism and democracy of the New Deal era.
May 25 2018 7:30 AMThe View From Flyover CountrySarah Kendzior speaks plainly and truthfully about Trump, inequality, and the future of our country.
Nov. 30 2018 7:30 AMBernie’s Thinking BigMost Americans support progressive policies, and Bernie Sanders wants to give them what they want.
Nov. 16 2018 11:03 AMAsymmetryLisa Halliday reads from and discusses her acclaimed debut novel Asymmetry.
Nov. 2 2018 9:00 AMA Voice, a Pen, and a VoteDavid W. Blight scoured a little seen private collection of Frederick Douglass’ writings for new insights into the great writer and abolitionist’s life.
Oct. 19 2018 7:00 AMThere Will Be No Miracles HereCasey Gerald’s memoir turns the “rags to riches” tale on its head and questions the cost of success.
Oct. 5 2018 7:00 AMThe Field of BloodCongress may be polarized today, but it’s nothing like the 1800s when brawling and bullying were the norm.
Sept. 21 2018 7:00 AMWe Fed an IslandJosé Andrés helped feed hundreds of thousands after Hurricane Maria, but he thinks we can do better.
Sept. 7 2018 7:02 AMUnder FireDespite being targeted by Sean Spicer, Omarosa, and Trump himself, April Ryan refuses to back down.
Aug. 24 2018 8:30 AMSpying On WhalesPaleontologist Nick Pyenson examines the past of whales for clues about their future.
Aug. 10 2018 7:00 AMIbtihaj Muhammad’s Unlikely American DreamIbtihaj Muhammad shares her journey to become the first American woman to compete in a hijab at the Olympics.
July 27 2018 7:00 AMAmerican Sonnets for My Past and Future AssassinTerrance Hayes reads from his collection of sonnets written in response to the Trump presidency.
July 13 2018 7:30 AMThe Only Band That MatteredMark Andersen and Ralph Heibutzki on the final years of the Clash and the sociopolitical climate of the 1980s.
June 29 2018 4:24 PMBad BloodJohn Carreyrou covers the rise and fall of Theranos and its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, in his new book.
June 15 2018 12:20 PMLauren Groff’s FloridaLauren Groff reads from her new collection and talks about getting fan mail from President Obama.
June 1 2018 7:30 AMAdults in the RoomYanis Varoufakis thinks each citizen has a duty to understand how the economy works.
May 18 2018 10:34 AMSing, Unburied, SingFor our special 200th episode, Jesmyn Ward discusses her 2017 National Book Award–winning novel.