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Microcosm, USA

Amy Goldstein on the impact of the 2008 Great Recession in Janesville, Wisconsin, and how it reflected the entire U.S.

May 19 2017 12:12 PMRichard Rothstein speaks With Ta-Nehisi Coates About Forgotten HistoryThey discuss residential segregation and the myths that obscure it.
May 5 2017 11:58 AMKillers of the Flower MoonDavid Grann on the Osage murders, a racist, avaricious conspiracy in the last days of the Wild West.
April 21 2017 10:38 AMThe Moral Argument for ChoiceDr. Willie Parker explains how his Christian faith lead to his belief in a woman’s right to choose.
April 7 2017 10:54 AMNixon: The Man Behind the CaricatureJohn A. Farrell on the complicated life and legacy of Richard Nixon.
March 24 2017 9:53 AMHooked on TechAdam Alter explores our seemingly helpless attraction to modern technology.
March 10 2017 7:13 AMResisting Tyranny: Learning From 20th-Century EuropeTimothy Snyder compares totalitarian Europe to contemporary America in his new book, On Tyranny.
March 1 2017 11:54 AMRoxane Gay and Viet Thanh Nguyen on Race, Gender, and Writing in 2017The literary luminaries share a conversation in support of their books Difficult Women and The Refugees.
Feb. 3 2017 11:24 AMLessons From Black MothersWhite House correspondent April Ryan compiles warnings and wisdom in her book At Mama’s Knee.
Jan. 20 2017 11:57 AMThe Power of MeaningWriter Emily Esfahani Smith discusses crafting a life that matters.
Jan. 6 2017 11:01 AMHow Play Shaped HistorySteven Johnson chronicles the impact of popular entertainment on the modern world in Wonderland.
Dec. 27 2016 1:10 PMThe Optimist’s Guide to a Rapidly Changing WorldNew York Times columnist Thomas Friedman takes a light approach to the age of accelerations in his new book, Thank You for Being Late.
Dec. 9 2016 11:15 AMDebunking Myths About Native AmericansRoxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker, authors of All the Real Indians Died Off, discuss Standing Rock and indigenous activism.
Nov. 28 2016 9:30 AMTrevor Noah on Being Born a CrimeThe Daily Show host talks to Sen. Cory Booker about growing up in South Africa.
Nov. 11 2016 10:41 AMWhat a Dog’s Nose KnowsBarnard College professor Alexandra Horowitz details the canine’s olfactory abilities in her book Being a Dog.
Oct. 28 2016 11:15 AMJames Gleick, on TimeThe science historian explores the evolution of time travel with Franklin Foer.
May 12 2017 11:30 AMFailing GracefullyCory Doctorow on his new novel Walkaway and how the measure of a society is how well it falls apart.
April 28 2017 11:09 AMWhat to Do About Climate Change?A panel of experts discusses how to thwart climate change and politicians’ antipathy toward it.
April 14 2017 7:36 AMMadame PresidentHelene Cooper on how Liberia’s women banded together to elect Africa’s first female president.
March 31 2017 9:44 AMThe Right Way to Run a White HouseAlyssa Mastromonaco discusses her work in the Obama White House.
March 17 2017 7:41 AMA Human CivilizationMohsin Hamid reads from his new book Exit West and shares his vision for a unified future.
March 3 2017 7:14 AMThe State of Immigration in AmericaScott Michelman, Nithya Nathan-Pineau, and Faiza Patel discuss Immigration with Politics and Prose co-owner Lissa Muscatine.
Feb. 10 2017 7:04 AMTrees as Urban CitizensAuthor Jill Jonnes explores the relationship between trees and the American city.
Jan. 31 2017 4:56 PMThe State of Women’s RightsFatima Goss Gaves, Jennifer Klein, and Rebecca Traister discuss feminism with Politics & Prose co-owner Lissa Muscatine.
Jan. 13 2017 11:14 AMBooks for LivingWill Schwalbe sees reading as the way to make sense of the world.
Jan. 3 2017 1:59 PMPolitics & Prose’s Best of 2016Trevor Noah, Yaa Gyasi, and Siddartha Mukherjee discuss their acclaimed works in this compilation.
Dec. 16 2016 11:50 AMCaitlin’s MoranifestoThe British columnist calls for polite revolution in her sharp, funny new book.
Dec. 5 2016 3:03 PMLaura Jane Grace on Her True SelfThe Against Me lead singer speaks with Dan Ozzi about her memoir, Tranny.
Nov. 18 2016 11:13 AMA Battlefield View of Moral InjuryDavid Wood takes an unflinching look at the psychological impact of war in What Have We Done.
Nov. 4 2016 2:47 PMFlorida’s Chance for RedemptionHumorist Dave Barry defends his home turf in his new book, Best. State. Ever.
Oct. 21 2016 2:51 PMWalter Mosley’s “Untopia”The novelist takes on the system in his new essay collection, Folding the Red Into the Black.