Lexicon Valley
Lexicon Valley
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Jan. 2 2013 2:35 PMDo You Creak?Listen to Slate’s show about the much-reviled phenomenon, prominent among young American women, of “creaky voice.”
Dec. 4 2012 2:39 PMTalking Leaves and Lightning PaperThe illiterate Cherokee man who invented the alphabet for his language.
Nov. 1 2012 1:27 PMHow Jews Grew HornsListen to Slate’s show about the all-important role that language translation (and mistranslation) plays in our lives.
Oct. 2 2012 11:19 AMAre Some Languages “Faster” Than Others?Bob Garfield and Mike Vuolo discuss the widespread belief that other languages are spoken more rapidly than your own.
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June 4 2012 2:10 PMWas Honest Abe a Poet?How Lincoln’s speaking style evolved from overly ornate to the brilliant simplicity of Gettysburg.
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July 15 2013 3:02 PMCan a Language Make You More Musical?How tonal languages such as Cantonese might give would-be musicians a leg up.
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Oct. 16 2012 2:58 PMMalapropisms: the Pineapple of Linguistic ErrorsWhat misspeaking might reveal about the way our mental dictionary is organized.
Sept. 18 2012 2:40 PMWho You Callin’ A**hole?Slate’s show about Geoffrey Nunberg’s new book Ascent of the A-Word, now with transcripts.
July 2 2012 2:42 PMTalking About the Past in the Present TenseListen to Slate’s show about Seinfeld’s masterful use of a time-honored narrative technique.
June 11 2012 9:57 AM“Lord Grantham, Don Draper’s on Hold”The algorithm that finds anachronisms in Downton Abbey, Mad Men, and Edith Wharton.
May 29 2012 11:12 AM“The House is Building”?Why you never learned the passival tense, even though it used to be proper English grammar.
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April 23 2012 12:15 PMSo …Bob Garfield and Mike Vuolo on a little word with big ambitions.